orange hair gerard

badcharlotte  asked:

since the collective ~older fandom (aka us twentysomethings who are in this hell) tend to concentrate on gerard's horrible aesthetic choices, let's switch it up: top five times when gerard looked good.

haHA i am cackling, this is definitely mixing it up a little

most of these will be tied to different hairstyles since he is a man of many iconic colors & cuts, some good and many bad

1) i am actually a huge fan of close-cropped, platinum blonde, dead looking, early-black-parade era gerard — it’s like the culmination of everything that shouldn’t work aesthetically with him as a person but i think he pulls it off bizarrely well. he looks like a High Fashion Couture ghost in a marching band uniform and the contrast of the white hair makes his eyebrows look INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL and SOMETHING TO BE FEARED.

2) this one might be a nostalgic nod to my locker in 8th grade but 2005 MTV VMA’s gerard, probably because i think someone else styled him?? like that smokey eye is SO GOOD and that hair is just swishy and flippy enough to break tiny emo hearts but good looking enough that someone (not him) must have actually brushed and then artfully disheveled it. PLUS the ridiculous velvet suit jacket?? 10/10, would swoon at age 14 again.

also, fun behind-the-scenes fact: did you know he is actually VERY SWEATY HERE?? you would never know just looking at the picture here but i saved a super hq image of this and had to resize it in photoshop and decided to zoom in all the way and WOW, i guess leather and velvet are not the best choice for a summer red carpet. i want to travel back in time and throw him a washcloth or a moist towelette or something. anyway.

3) it’s VERY HARD to pick a favorite out of the danger days era because think that’s when he really hit his stride in terms of his newly-minted niche of “trashy pop art comic book character who hasn’t showered in two days, and yet” but i have to go with any look involving the party poison jacket + slightly shitty looking red hair. bonus points for fingerless gloves, extra credit for inexplicable red paint/dye/?? hastily smeared on his neck. party poison mask optional.

4) this is a TOTAL LEFT FIELD wildcard, but gerard in the kevin smith interview? i don’t know how gerard with his natural brown hair and some weird faded hand-me-down cowl neck hoodie cracked the top five list but it did? maybe it’s the dissonance of him without shitty fucked up hair and makeup and costumes made out of heavy velvet and dollar store pleather but he just looks a nice fellow, just like a nice chap you’d see on the streets. this is like the absolute opposite of party poison gerard and he just looks very calm and comfortable and full of ((dad vibes)) like. you do you, small comfy dad.

5) this was a tough one and i ALMOST picked gerard with yellow hair because shitty terrible bleach jobs and choppy cuts actually look good on him (???? i don’t understand what suits his strange alien body), but projekt revolution gerard. the rat’s nest of hair, the inscrutable neck writing, the poor fucked up black parade jacket and his totally shredded jeans. ICONIC, THE KIDS WILL BE TALKING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS, ETC. ya did good.

runners up include: gerard with yellow hair, 2005 warped tour bulletproof vest gerard, the ghost of you gerard, hesitant alien orange haired gerard in black suits, gerard with red hair and an undercut.