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How about that Roadrat Unmasking Scene (tm) but at the same time Junkrat's doing his whole thing, Roadhog just kind of looks at Junkrat and goes, "what the fuck, are your eyes /orange/???" because smoked lenses meant he just assumed they were brown that whole time.

I’m like really tired but this is so fucking funny hndnansfhdjsjs imagine the look on roadhog’s fucking face when he realizes he’s fallen in love with a fucking deviantart character

MORNING LIGHT (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a bellamy x reader based on the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars?? please??


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Darkness is just the absence of light. This is common knowledge, you know this. But as you stand completely still in terror, you lock your eyes onto the shadow before you. It’s something different, something you haven’t seen before. You don’t know who or what it is and it leaves you petrified. 

The shaking trees are surrounded by an uneasy quiet and you, surrounded by the trees, wonder how you’re going to survive this. It seems there’s no way out as the tall figure approaches you. Narrowing your eyes, the orange glow of the setting sun gives you enough light to see what the shadow really is. You’ve seen grounders before, they’re your friends and your allies. But these aren’t like the grounders you know. They’re from Ice Nation. You’ve heard enough about them to know when you’re looking at one of their warriors. 

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M!A: Wisque is a human for a week

Wisque looked to the anon in surprise.
“Wait! no not another!! W-a” Her words were cut off before she could finish the room filled in darkness. When it drifted away there was a small human in Wisques clothes. [I added cloth cuz shes to innocent to be showing that much skin]

“O dear” she chirped in panic, the echo in her voice was gone. She sat on the ground and looked at her human feet and hands.
“So this is how things feel!” she cheered gleefully and started touching random things in her house.

Suddenly there was crying outside her door and the door was pushed open by a small boy.

“Mommy!! W-whats g-going on!” He cried rubbing his eyes and nose. A very confused Pumpkin. Wisque realized it was Pumpkin when she saw his bright orange eyes.

“O no I’m sorry dear” she cooed rushing over to him and hugging him.

I’m crying over this rn like just imagine roadhog takes off his mask and actually looks rat in the eye for the first time and is like “haha, what the fuuuuuck dude” when he sees junkrat has just right orange eyes

Uzo Aduba (CFA’05) was one of BU’s top sprinters long before she became famous for her Emmy-winning turn as Crazy Eyes on Netflix’s hit show Orange Is the New Black. Aduba, here in 2002, ran 55 meters in 7.07 seconds against a long-standing record of 7.03. Photo courtesy of BU Athletics

Staaaay fresh~ ✌️️

Here’s Callie! I hope you’re all looking forward to Splatoon 2 as much as I am