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The Morning After - Jake Peralta x Reader

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This is a sequel to A Long Time Coming. Enjoy! 

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You’d had worse hangovers. The sun streaming from the window had woken you up and the headache it triggered was mild compared to other times. Despite this, you had still been drunk enough to forget most of what happened last night. Temporarily. You couldn’t believe it had taken this long to notice the extra weight slumped around you nor the feeling of someone else’s legs intertwined with yours. This was new; you’d never come home from the bar with someone before. Except from Jake. Your heart rate quickened as you slowly turned onto your other side. Laid beside you was the man himself with a sleeping face so peaceful that you couldn’t help but smile. The whole situation felt surreal and became even more so when last night came flooding back to you. The first kiss then more kissing and a cab ride back to Jake’s apartment. More kissing and then – oh, God! You’d had sex! After months of secretly wishing something would happen between the two of you, it had all happened in one night. You knew you should both be getting up for work at any moment but you wanted to treasure this for a little longer. So you rolled back over and took in the sensation of being enveloped by him.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED that we have a show with a Jewish person as the main character. I am beyond happy about that. But speaking as a Jewish person who really just doesn’t get to see that side of herself represented in mainstream media a whole lot, I kind of wish that Jake were more involved with his religion and his culture. Give me Jake Peralta who goes to services during the High Holidays, and who goes to his mom’s house every year for a Passover seder, and who celebrates Chanukah, and who asks for Boyle’s help when he tries to bake Hamentaschen and it doesn’t come out right (and then, once he gets it right, spends hours trying to perfect the recipe that’s been passed down through his family for generations (the secret is a little bit of orange zest in the dough)). Or alternatively, because Jake is not necessarily organized enough to be that character (and because I recognize that not every Jewish person is involved with their religion their whole life), give me another character who does all that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would like to see myself portrayed in mainstream media in a way that’s about more than just mentioning Chanukah or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah once or twice. And yes, so far Jake Peralta has been more vocal about his Jewishness than most Jewish characters and I am very appreciative of that. But I feel like there’s still a long way to go toward representing in media what it’s like when someone is wholeheartedly, unapologetically Jewish.

(Sidenote: if you do know of good stories with Jewish characters, please let me know! And if you want to come into my inbox asking about headcanons for Jake being Jewish, by all means come scream at me about them.)

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It's finally Hannukkah in the Goldstein-Kowalski household! What's Jacobs secret to the perfect sufganiyot? Who spins 'gimmel' every time? The menorah, what does it look like, where did it come from? Who winds up with latke burns, every-single-time? How does a wizarding celebration of Hannukah differ from a NoMaj one? What was it like blending the two? Goldstein sister traditions? What are they? Who made the first move to invite the other to hannukah? Queenie or Jacob?


What’s Jacobs secret to the perfect sufganiyot?: He adds a touch of orange zest into the dough and he ALWAYS makes the jelly filling from scratch. It’s his grandmother’s recipe, of course. After their first Hanukkah together, Tina and Queenie became a little addicted to the best sufganiyot they’d ever had, and even when Tina and Newt are off on adventures, Tina always makes sure to come to Queenie and Jacob’s for hanukkah for her favourite treat.   

Who spins ‘gimmel’ every time?: Jacob. He perfected the upside-down spin and it works every time. Tina suspects he cheats. Queenie gives him a kiss for every 5th Gimmel in a row.  

The menorah, what does it look like, where did it come from?: Queenie and Tina have their mother’s old wizard’s menorah. It’s an elegant, gold Victorian menorah with delicate swirls leading up to the candles. Wizard menorahs never spill dripped wax and stay lit much longer than muggle/NoMaj menorahs.      

Who winds up with latke burns, every-single-time? Jacob and Queenie are both such excellent cooks that it’s usually not an issue. Except that time Jacob tried to teach Queenie to make them the NoMaj way. She burnt herself and Jacob made an OUTRAGEOUSLY BIG DEAL about it. He felt terrible, even through Queenie healed it in about a second. 

How does a wizarding celebration of Hannukah differ from a NoMaj one?: The menorahs don’t drip and stay lit longer, as described above. Wizard Dreidels send up blue sparks when you spin a gimmel (much to Jacob’s delight). When kids are still young enough to get a present every night, many Wizarding Jewish parents make the presents appear on the window sill next to the menorah as the candles are being lit. There are several Hanukkah songs that are unique to the Jewish Wizarding tradition. Queenie’s favourite is “Light of the Dreidel”, which is about a wizard betting for a kiss, spinning a gimmel, and kissing the witch he loves in the light of the sparks set off by the winning spin.  

What was it like blending the two?: Jacob and Queenie teach each other their favourite Hanukkah songs. Queenie cooks with magic, and Jacob cooks the NoMaj way. They have a lot of fun in the kitchen together, whipping up latkes and sufganiyot. Jacob loves all the magical additions to his Hanukkah celebrations, and Queenie loves the NoMaj ones to hers.  

Goldstein sister traditions? What are they?: Queenie and Tina always light the menorah together, and think of their mother when they do. They alternate nights being the one to hold the shamash (the centre candle used to light the others). Even though they’re too old for the tradition, Queenie and Tina never stopped giving each other a gift every night. The first 7 will be small gifts (lipstick or a bookmark or a beaded necklace or something simple) and the gift on the last night will be the main gift. 

Who made the first move to invite the other to Hannukah? Queenie or Jacob?: Jacob thought about it first, but got nervous about asking, feeling anxious about possibly imposing. Queenie, hearing his thoughts, invited him to join her and Tina. She had been hoping they’d spend the holiday together, anyways.     


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My dear friends I think that I’ve had my first panic attack. I am a relaxed person, trying to enjoy my life and each small element of my day (that’s why I’m crazy about breakfast). It’s not always easy, but I believe it is possible. But I have only few weeks left to become a mother for the very first time and yesterday I started a day from thinking too much. Thoughts were swirling in my head and I couldn’t stop them from going in a wrong direction. And then it has happened. I am afraid that you’ve read this phrase far too often lately, but I’ll write it again - poor Tomasz. He’s my personal hero lately, as he knows how to handle me in every new situation.

i am also super grateful for this blog, where I can create something, share it with you and jump into my small personal word for few hours. And obviously for you! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my Instagram . I felt much better after reading them.

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