orange cyan

flowey’s world

(the ruins, snowdin, waterfall, hotland, new home, true lab, the end, reunited)

please read my faq page! (tl;dr version: dont use my art for icons/graphics/whatever without getting my permission beforehand, dont tag as kin/me/whatever pls; dont tag frisk/chara/asriel as siblings, use everyones canon pronouns)

For those asking how I pick my colors!

Well, for the most basic of basics,

There’s a lot more than these, obviously, and you can look ‘em up pretty easily.

So off of the 2 colors I chose as an example for Complimentary, (red-orange and cyan, refer to the images above), I’ll make a 7-color palette

Here is what it looks like when I use the above color palettes,

notice how the one on the left, where I moved along the color wheel while choosing the colors, looks more vibrant than the one on the right, where i stayed stationary on the color wheel.





And that’s how I choose my color palettes.

Hope this makes sense to all of y’all.

Also even I tend to stray from the above. I always make sure to balance any cool color with a pinch of something on the warm spectrum and vice versa, just to put balance in the color palette.


i struggle with poses a lot you got no idea

Sort of continuation to this?

And yep got inspired by how those 6 souls helping out Frisk during Omega Flowey battle