orange culture


Ajak Deng and Maria Borges by Ed Singleton
January 12th, 2016

(1) coats Omondi; [on Maria] pants Orange Culture, shoes Shem Paronelli Studios for Kenneth Ize, sunglasses Dior; [on Ajak] pants Washington Roberts, shoes Brother Vellies, glasses Linda Derector
(2) [on Maria] top Washington Roberts, pants Tsemaye Binitie;
[on Ajak] Tsemaye Binitie, glasses Linda Derector
(3) tops Bridget Awosika; [on Maria] pants Re’, shoes Loza Maleombho;
[on Ajak] pants Orange Culture, shoes Loza Maleombho
(4) Washington Roberts, shoes Brother Vellies, choker MOKUBA, bag Nomad Vintage NYC
(5) Meena, shoes Brother Vellies, bags Tree Fairfax, glasses Linda Derector
(6) Kenneth Ize, glasses Linda Derector, choker Needle & Thræd


Africa Rising feature designers that have ties to Africa- whether overtly or covertly. It’s a wondrous display of structured flair amazingly displayed by seasoned beauties South Sudanese, Ajak Deng and Angolan, Maria Borges.