orange crowned warbler


Woke up early this morning for some mist netting! The project I’m volunteering with is targeting tufted titmice, but we get some fun bycatch. We ended up with a net full of birds at one point, so we snapped some photos. Ended up with 3 titmice when the morning was over! Worth waking up for in my mind.

Birds shown: Ruby-crowned kinglet, yellow-rumped warbler, blue-headed vireo, and an orange-crowned warbler.

Bonus photo of an unhappy vireo being photobombed by Kayla and me!

Acer macrophyllum “Bigleaf Maple” Aceraceae

Tacoma, WA
April 14, 2013
Robert Niese

The blooming of the Bigleaf Maples coincides with the arrival of many small insectivorous bird species to the Pacific Northwest. Birds such as the Orange-crowned Warbler, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, and Warbling Vireo rely on the insects attracted to these flowers in the springtime.