orange crayon

By Jonathan Heaf

The star-wrangling DJ takes Kanye’s meltdown and Bieber’s moods in his stylish stride at Luca

Is Nick Grimshaw still cool? This is, after all, precisely the reason why he was hired by the BBC in 2012 to host The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, taking over from the old, unfathomably uncool Chris Moyles. He certainly looks pretty cool as he hops from the back of a cab outside our lunch destination, all teeth and sports luxe.

Navy suede bomber, blue tailored trousers, black Vans and dark shades. He’s trendy yet clean, sort of Shoreditch via a bath, if you will; a hipster who’s made some decent wedge. The idea that authenticity (what young people think of as cool nowadays) can be upgraded for Joe Public via a little luxury befits our location, Luca, on St John Street in Clerkenwell. It’s run by the same team who run The Clove Club, a restaurant that brought sophisticated food - rather than just triple-cooked chips with aioli - to Shoreditch several years ago. This is their attempt at a posh Italian.

We begin by talking about Justin Bieber. Grimshaw and I - only school kids call him “Grimmy” - have something in common in that we both adore gossiping about famous people we’ve interviewed. Bieber, Beyoncé, Beckham, he’s done the lot. I tell him my worst interviewee by far was Christina Aguilera during her Stripped period. She was wearing so much fake tan that she left a trail of brown radioactive sludge wherever she perched. At the time, I remember thinking she resembled an enormous melted orange crayon.

“I’ve done Bieber every year since he was 14, so I’ve probably had deeper conversations with him than I’ve had with my own family,” he chuckles. Is he a terrible brat? “He used to be. But then every teenager is a dickhead, aren’t they? This year he came into the studio for a prerecord and he was monosyllabic and disinterested. I stopped the interview and asked him what the problem was. He told me he was hungover. So I got him a pint and a Nando’s. Celebrities are just dogs who need petting. Show them some love and they’ll be humping your leg before lunch.”

Speaking of which, we’ve ordered already: shaved fennel with pear salad and carpaccio of Hereford beef with oyster emulsion to start; for mains we choose pasta entrées: garganelli with pork sausage, tomato and anchovy (for him) and tiny pheasant milanese swimming in a peppery, sepia-coloured broth (for me). We drink lager and pale ale and agree the food is, although refined, broadly unexceptional.

Getting back to the gossip, I want his take on Kanye West - meltdown or precision press strategy? “Kanye might be having a nervous breakdown or he might just be really bored.” He’s bleached his hair, I say. Like with Britney Spears, extreme grooming is always a cultural cipher that indicates a celeb is one sad-face emoji short of self-immolation. “I like Kanye, or I like his music. I asked him once if he got lots of free stuff sent to him and he took it as an insult. ‘Do you think I’m cheap?’ he shouted. 'I drink champagne all day. Do you?’ No thanks, Kanye. It gives me dog breath.”

You can see why stars like Grimshaw. He’s brilliant fun, smart and utterly self-deprecating. “What I do isn’t work - it’s talking to myself in a room really early in the morning.” He doesn’t take talent, or himself, too seriously, thus he’s able to sweetly pop celebrities’ ego bubbles and talk to them like a normal person, something the swarming teams around megastars all too often are unable to do.

“I hate a kiss-ass,” he agrees. “Any celebrity that comes into the studio at 7am in the morning to be grilled by me and tells me how happy they are to be here is lying.” His realness has meant he’s been able to make friends with some of those he’s encountered along the way, Harry Styles, for one. Has he heard from Harry recently? “Sure, we texted this morning. He’s worried I won’t like his new solo record. He recorded it in Jamaica so I am praying it’s some awful white-man reggae.”

Cool? Yes, Nick Grimshaw will always be cooler than his employers -always has been, always will be. That’s why he didn’t fit in with Simon Cowell on The X Factor: “Everyone told me not to do it as it was so naff. Simon had weird energy: very Machiavellian.” So what happens when he eventually leaves The Radio 1 Breakfast Show? Where do DJs go to die? The pub? “I’m doing an internship,” he confesses proudly. “With Es Devlin, who designs huge stage sets for Adele and Beyoncé. I’ve been using a glue gun! I’ve always liked three things: music, nice shoes and good lighting. I’ve ticked two of those boxes, so why not the last?

"I’ve reached a point in my life where I know all that celebrity stuff is, ultimately, nonsense. What I need to think about is this: am I happy, am I healthy and am I being nice to my family? I guess it’s about being present.” Which is the least cool, but most honest thing Nick Grimshaw says all afternoon. GQ

The Old College Try: Part 2 (Lin/Reader college roommate!AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part Two: In which there are crayon contracts and costume parties, but definitely no jealousy.

Note: Sorry this took me so long to get out! Now that the story is completely outline, it should flow a lot faster. I’m pretty sure this is Part 2 out of 4.

You can find Part One here!

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Rating: T

Words: 4021

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"Igniter" Curse

A curse inspired by Butcher Babies’ “Igniter”, a spell for someone who can’t keep your name out of their mouth and likes to lie and rumor monger.

Now it rips me it fucks me it tears me apart
Just one push and I will ignite
This coiled up anger on you
So be my guest
Stand down, it’s my game and I say you’ll burn out
Your time is on loan
Silence your bullshit, your voice I despise
Don’t say another word, you hemorrhage lies

📌Gather: construction paper, black salt, red pepper flakes, chili powder, a burnt match, crushed glass, a pushpin, red or orange crayon, taglock

📌Perform on the waning moon if possible. I also recommend playing the song while you do this, but it’s not necessary.

📌Make a poppet using the construction paper, making sure to draw a face and mouth. Draw flames on the poppet with the crayon, pouring all your anger into the drawing, and then put the other ingredients inside the poppet. 

📌Put the taglock in last, or, if you don’t have a taglock, write their name on a piece of paper and burn it, imagining that their foul words turn to ash in their mouths. Put the ashes into the poppet.

📌Close it up and stab the poppet in the mouth with the pushpin, saying “Speak ill of me no more, all your lies are needles and ash, to be kept behind your teeth”.

Bury the poppet, or store it in a dark spot. Cleanse yourself thoroughly afterwards and maybe have a nice little treat for yourself.

BANNED: K-girl songs whose dances, performances, outfits, lyrical content, or music videos have been deemed inappropriate and banned from radio or broadcast

Orange Caramel Catallena // Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra // Miryo Dirty // Sunmi Full Moon // Crayon Pop Uh Ee // Yoon Mirae Get It In // HA:TFELT (ft. Beenzino) Bond // Rainbow Blaxx Cha Cha // Dal Shabet Joker // E.Via Oppa, Can I Do It? // 9Muses Wild // Park Jiyoon Adult Ceremony // Orange Caramel Bangkok City // Lee Hyori (ft. Ceejay) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang // HAM So Sexy // Hyuna Very Hot // Dal Shabet Hit U // Gain (ft. Bumkey) Fxxk U // Hyuna Bubble Pop! // Sistar Girls Do It // Rainbow A // Exid Up&Down // f(x) Red Light // Fiestar One More // Gain Bloom // Hyuna Blacklist // Song Jieun (ft. Bang Yongguk) Going Crazy // Sistar How Dare You // 2NE1 I’m Busy // After School Funky Man // G.Na (ft. Swings) Banana // Narsha (ft. Sunny Hill) Mamma Mia // Kara We’re With You // Sunny Hill Pray // 4Minute Heart to Heart // Ivy Touch Me // Park Jiyoon Beep

For @yoichooseno, who wanted dad Jason. Sorry this took so long (and is so short)! I had a bit of trouble with details so it’s purposefully ambiguous about a lot of things.

What the hell am I doing?

He used to think that a lot in the early days. Still does, sometimes. When there’s nobody else around except this tiny child who trusts him so much. And he wonders.

What did I do to deserve this?

He told Stephanie first. Certain members of the family - he doesn’t want to point fingers but, what starts with D, ends in k and rhymes with stick (in the mud)? - never quite forgive him for that. But, in Jason’s defence, he had no fucking idea what to do and according to rumours (aka Oracle) Stephanie is good with kids.

She also happens to be half-way through his window when he realises just how out of his depth he is. Like free-swimming to the Mariana Trench kind of out of his depth.

“Thank god,” Jason breathes when the blonde Bat tumbles off his kitchen bench to land in a crouch on the floor. In the living room, the screaming child throws a book at the TV. Jason winces. “I need your help.”

Stephanie straightens slowly. “If it involves holding a kid for ransom, I’m not interested.”

“I didn’t kidnap him,” Jason snaps. “He’s mine.”

Stephanie blinks, tips her head to the side so she can glance past Jason into the living room. Whatever she sees must satisfy her because after a few seconds she nods her head and peels off her mask. “How can I help?”

Between the two of them, they get the boy calmed down. Then Jason sends Stephanie on a grocery run for child-appropriate food and toys while he child-proofs the apartment. And figures out how to explain the new living arrangement to a distraugt, confused and frustrated toddler.

“Hey sweetie, what’s your name?”


“And how old are you?”

“Three and two quarters!”

“You have to tell B.”

It’s been four weeks and a handful of days since Stephanie rolled through his window, and so far she’s kept her promise not to Bruce or Alfred or his brothers in exchange for letting Cass in on the secret. His sister is currently sitting on the floor with Noah, playing some kind of clapping game that has both their faces taut with concentration.

“I don’t have'ta do anything,” Jason snaps, turning away from the scene on the floor to glare at Stephanie.

“He’s noticed you haven’t been patrolling,” the blonde counters. “And he knows you haven’t left town. So how long d'you think it’ll be before he drops by to check on you?” She nods toward Noah, now showing Cass how to stack wooden blocks to build a bridge. “You really want him to find out you’re affiliated with the Big Bad Bat?”

Jason sighs, runs a hand through his hair. “Not today.” Stephanie opens her mouth to argue and he hurriedly adds, “Soon, okay? Just not now. Let me have today.”

Noah clings tightly to Jason’s hand, both of them staring up at the Manor. One with awe and anticipation. The other with trepidation.

Tim answers the door when Jason finally works up the courage to ring the doorbell, an apple in one hand, his ever-present tablet in the other. He treats Jason to a wary look, eyes widening when they drift down to his small companion. Then he takes a step back. “Um. Come in.”

Noah tugs on Jason’s sleeve so he lifts the kid to sit on his hip as they follow Tim through the Manor to the kitchen. “B here?” he asks.

“He’s in the- uh, he’s downstairs.”

They end up in the kitchen, Jason pausing in the doorway as Alfred turns toward them from the stove and freezes. “Master Jason,” he says, delight overshadowed by surprise. “We weren’t expecting you.”

“Yeah. I…” Jason adjusts his hold on Noah so he can put the kid down on his feet, a reassuring hand on his shoulder when he presses back against Jason’s legs. “Just thought I’d stop by. Wanted you to meet someone.”

Alfred wipes his hands on his apron and comes over to smile down at the child. “And who might this someone be?”

“I’m Noah,” the kid pipes up.

“Hello, Noah,” Alfred says. “I’m Alfred.” He looks up at Jason, question in his eyes, and Jason can only nod. Not like he can deny it; the kid looks enough like him for the relationship to be obvious. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jason just hopes the next meeting goes half as well.


“Well, Bruce, when a man and a woman-”

“Jason. Do you know who his mother is?”

“What makes you think I’d tell you if I did?”



“How’d he come to you?”

“She died. Child Services called, said I’m the only one she listed as family. No idea how they even got my number, but I wasn’t gonna say no. He’s just a kid.”

Having the rest of the family know about Noah certainly makes Jason’s life easier, if only because it gives him an army of babysitters to choose from whenever the need arises. He’d been unsure about leaving Noah with them at first since the kid had seemed reluctant to form attachments to anyone. But he’d adjusted to having a slew of new aunts and uncles a lot better than he’d adjusted to living with a father he’d never met before.

The first time Jason left him with Alfred, he’d come back to find him colouring with Damian, both of them sitting on floor in the den with Finding Nemo playing in the background and Dick snoring quietly on the couch behind them.

“Uncle Dami’s fun,” Noah had confided to him in the car on the way home. “He showed me how to draw horses.”

The scribble of orange crayon that, if you squinted, did indeed look like a horse, found its home on the fridge in Jason’s apartment. The first of many childish drawings to be collected there.

The first time Noah calls him Daddy, they’re both so shocked they just stare at each other across the table for several long seconds. Then Noah huffs and holds out his hand, demanding more emphatically, “Salt, daddy. Please.”

Jason obligingly sprinkles salt on his pasta.

And later that night, after Noah is safely tucked into bed, he calls Alfred and freaks out because holy shit I’m a father what am I doing?! Alfred just chuckles and says, “Something right, it would seem.”

They settle into a kind of routine. Jason cuts his nighttime activities to almost none, only going out when it’s absolutely necessary and there’s someone free to take care Noah for him. These days his nights are spent cooking and eating dinner with Noah then watching a movie or reading before the child’s bedtime.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Jason’s whispers to the child cradled in his arms, nuzzling baby-soft blond hair that tickles his nose.

Noah turns away from Snow White’s singing to look up at him with serious green eyes and says, “Mama said you made her safe and that made her so happy she had me to always remember.”

Jason chuckles at the innocent explanation, bumping their noses together. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I love you too, daddy.”


B B U I N G   B B U I N G -  drink banana milk to some cutesy girl group songs


Lion Heart // 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)
Mr. Chu // 에이핑크 (Apink)
Do you want some tea? // Hello Venus
오늘부터 우리는 (Me Gustas Tu) // 여자친구 (GFriend)
Cupid // 오마이걸 (Oh My Girl)
Ok // Crayon Pop (Strawberry Milk)
립스틱 (LIPSTICK) // 오렌지캬라멜 (Orange Caramel)
BAR BAR BAR (Japanese Ver.) // Crayon Pop
두근두근 (Pit a Pat) // 라붐(Laboum)
YooHoo // Secret
Hello Bubble // 걸스데이 (GIRL’S DAY)
Candy Jelly Love // Lovelyz

listen here (x)


Evolution of Kpop 
Students from Wheaton College (IL) perform at annual campus-wide Lunar New Years Festival event celebrating their Korean heritage and paying tribute to the growth of the Korean pop music genre over the course of 20 years. 

94 김건모 - 잘못된 만남
96 HOT - Candy
‘07 WonderGirls - Tell Me
'09 Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
'09 소녀시대 - Gee
'09 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
'11 2ne1 네가 제일 잘나가
'12 Psy - 강남스타일
'12 Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
'13 CRAYON POP - 빠빠빠 (SME // CJ E&M Music)
'13 EXO - 으르렁
'14 Orange Caramel - 까탈레나 (UMG)
'14 2PM - 미친거 아니야 (Go Crazy) (JYP Entertainment)
'14 AKMU - 200%

“I Want That One Daddy!...”

Wasn’t requested. This is a JSP (June Solo Project)

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We all know that Dean loves his career. The man had it all. The voice, the look, and the creativity. Hell, he even had the girls in every place he performed and many he didn’t know about. But he only had eyes for his girls. And yes I said girls. His wife, Y/N, and his beautiful baby girl, (Your Daughter’s Name). He loved no one more than he loved his family. But recently you’ve be becoming more busy at work. So busy to where you’d have to leave Y/D/N with Hyuk. You trusted him with her, it’s just that you also didn’t. Just a little. 

You had to work late tonight. You won’t get off of work until 10 tonight and Hyuk offered to stay home with Y/D/N. You thought it was the best way he’s learn how to be a better father. So you let him. You took a shower and put on your uniform. As you were getting ready you were greeted to the calling of your name. “Y/N! Y/N!” You walked into the bed room and saw Hyuk sitting up in bed. “Yes baby?” “Why do you have to leave now? It’s so early.” You only rolled your eyes and continued to get ready. After putting on a little makeup you walked into the bedroom to see him still asleep. “YAH! KWON HYUK!” He jumped out of bed and looked at you. “Yes my love?” “Get up! It’s 9 in the morning. I don’t have the time to wake Y/D/N up. Tell her I love her and give her a kiss for me. Okay?” He only nodded. You rushed out of the door, jumped into your car and drove off. 

Hyuk did what you say and walked into your daughter’s room. But she wasn’t asleep. She was wide awake and coloring. “Yah! Y/D/N! How long have you been up?” He asked her. She didn’t answer back. She just continued to color. He knows she heard him. She just ignores him so times. “You wanna go to park?” She looked at him and nodded. Getting ready didn’t take as long as it usually did with Y/D/N. She loved spending time with her father and he loved spending time with her so getting ready was very quick. He of course took her to the park. She was just so amazed with this park, no one knew why. He picked her up and put her on his waist. “What do you want to do first?” He asked. “Ice cream.” “It’s still a little early but I can get you some. Don’t tell Mommy, okay?” He covered his lip with his index finger to represent being quiet. She did the same thing back and smiled. He knew their secret wouldn’t be kept for long but it was worth a shot. 

They walked over to the frozen treats cart. “Which one princess?” “I want that one daddy!” She replied pointing to the (Favorite Ice Cream Flavor), which was your favorite as well. She reminded him of a baby version of you that he loved. He paid for the ice cream of course and gave her the cone. He put her down and held her hand as they continued to walk through the park. “Daddy. I wanna see Uncle Jiho.” “Uncle Jiho is busy right now sweetheart. He doesn’t need to be bothered right now. Okay?” She nodded and finished up her cone. 

After a long day at the park Hyuk decided it was time to take her home. She was falling asleep. It was getting late anyways. He don’t know how the hell he stay at the park for hours. He got Y/D/N ready for bed then himself. Something in his mind was telling him to go in his daughter’s room. So he did. But there was nothing in there but his sleeping baby girl. Or was there. The lamp next to her bed was on. It was as if the lamp was trying to get him to look at what it was shining on. It walked over and grabbed a small notebook. He opened it and look at the drawings from his little girl. On each page there was a drawing then a little caption of what was happening. He was happy at most of them. Her drawings were so adorable. Then he turned to a rather dark page. A female figure drawn with blue crayon, crying in what looked like a bedroom to the far left. And one the left side was a male figure drawn with orange crayon, looking happy with money by his side and and a crowd of people around him. He looked down and read the little caption. “Mommy cries while Daddy is away because she really misses him. So she works really hard to make up for the time lost. Please don’t divorce mommy, daddy.” Hyuk couldn’t describe what he was feeling during the moment. It was a mixture of guilt, sadness, and disheartened. 

He looked at his daughter beautiful sleeping face. She fell asleep with a smile. How could she draw something so sad. He heard the front door open and close. He walked out of his daughter’s room to be face to face with you. You tried to walk around him but he stepped in front of you. “We need to talk, now.” He grabbed your wrist and drug you along with him into the bedroom. He closed the door behind you and let go of your wrist. “Yah! What was that for?” “Do you cry when I leave for work?” The question caught you off guard. You couldn’t answer so you just looked away. “Do you know that Y/D/N has seen you cry so many times, she drew a picture with you crying and me on some tour? Do you know what she even wrote under the picture? Do you Y/N?!” He said his voice getting louder until he was screaming. “Under the picture it says ‘Mommy cries wile Daddy is away because she really misses him. So she works really hard to make up for the time lost. Please don’t divorce mommy, daddy.’ She thinks we’ll divorce! I don’t want her to ever think of that! AND YOU HIDE THIS FROM ME?!” “STOP YELLING AT ME! YOU KNOW I COULDN’T TELL YOU! It’s not that simple. If I would have told you things would have changed for the worst. You’d stop being yourself. You love your music-” “But I love my wife and daughter more!” He interrupted you. 

He continued. “Come here. Please.” You walked up to him and he hugged you tightly. “I love my family more than I love my music. I will always pick you guys over my music. Don’t hide things like this from me again. Okay?” You only hummed in agreement. “I also looked at other drawings that Y/D/N has done and I saw one that I wanted to see if you’d approve.” He said sounding a little suspicious. “What was it?” You asked. “She wants a baby brother. And I thought maybe we could work on soon.” His hands slid from your back to your ass. “And you thought wrong.” You told him moving away. “You’re no fun.” He joked. “But you love me though.” 

Hoped you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thanks for reading. Requests are and always open. -Admin June

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two in one post!

The thinking types as other types making fun of other types for making fun of other types:

ESTP: ISTJs making fun of INxxs for making fun of Exxxs 
ENTJ: ESTPs making fun of INTJs for making fun of xSxPs
INTP: INFJs making fun of ENTPs for making fun of INFPs
ISTP: ENTPs making fun of INFPs for making fun of ExTJs 
ISTJ: ENTJs making fun of ExTPs for making fun of INFJs
INTJ: IxFPs making fun of xxTPs for making fun of xxFJs
ENTP: ESFJs making fun of INTPs without them realizing
ESTJ: ISTPs just making fun of everyone as a collective unit 

The feeling types crayons:

ENFJ: an orange crayon that has been left in the crayon bin for so long that it’s been covered in remnants of other crayons and you think it’s blue but surprise! you were wrong.
INFJ: That crayon that looks like burnt sienna but it’s actually raspberry 
ESFJ: purple mountain majesty crayon that has very evident bite marks in it, but you’re gonna choose to deal with that mental image later
ISFJ: slightly melted
ENFP: a crayon that very obviously came from a box with themed names but got mixed in with a normal box so now you have, red, red-orange, and ‘’Sunset at The Highest Point in Wisconsin”
INFP: a grey crayon that has seen too much use
ESFP: Isn’t a crayon, is a blendy pen
ISFP: Mauvelous!

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've done this already... But oh well! Could you please do a reaction to RFA + Unknown to a MC who loves to dance? Like what kind of music would they dance to??? Would they ask others to dance with them??? Thank you!

Since I think this ask is pretty similar to the other ask ( Reaction to MC who is a pretty good dancer )

I will change the ask to “ What kind of music would RFA +Unknown listen to?” I hope you don’t mind!


  • I honestly think that this man likes to listen to classical music
  • Beethoven is his favourite one
  • You once caught him waltzing with Elly
  • It was pretty funny


  • I think she likes either classical music or alternative rock
  • She especially likes female artist because go girls!
  • She doesn’t really dance when she listens to music but moves her foot to the beat


  • He probably listens to EDM and pop music a lot
  • His idol is Michael Jackson
  • Also huge fan of K-Pop Girl groups


  • He loves ballads and is all for the classics like Frank Sinatra
  • Probably likes Celine Dion and Mariah Carey
  • Also enjoys Indie Music


  • Listens to everything
  • Loves Trot songs
  • Also listens to K-Pop and has a lot of fun with songs like Orange Caramels “ Catallena” or Crayon Pops “ Bar Bar Bar “
  • I bet he knows the choreo to Twice’s “ Cheer Up”

Saeran ( Unkown)

  • You may think he listens to metal or heavy rock but he actually loves ballads
  • And musical numbers
  • You had caught him one singing Mamma Mia
  • And everytime you brought it up to tease him he feigned ignorance