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Elvis Sighting in Warwick, NY

It has come to my attention that this tumblr site is the only one in existence without a single image of Elvis Presley or James Dean. Well, that WAS true.

This mural painted on the side of a barn operated by the Manno Dairy Farm in Warwick, NY, takes care of three mid-last-century icons of hipness and coolness.

And where else would one find a 15-ft. tall image of The King in Orange County, NY? On Kings Highway, of course! Right at the intersection of Belcher Road, which itself is appropriate. What else would you do after ingesting a dozen peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches? Right.

I’ve justified my Elvis, Dean and Brando inclusion in this blog on the grounds that these three original American Idols were all known to have ridden motorcycles on the silver screen. Elvis even rode a Japanese bike — a piddling Honda — in Roustabout for chrissakes. Brando, of course, terrorized a small, California town bestride a Triumph Thunderbird in The Wild One, and Dean — well, I’m sure he rode two wheels in ONE of his movies. I mean, they tell me the guy was COOL. Just can’t come up with an image at the moment.

GPS coordinates: 41.279258, -74.321308
About 60 miles out of Midtown Manhattan. A much better ride approaching the barn heading northeast on Kings Hwy. out of the Warwick town center.


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I got the idea for this from hailtomshadows so thank you.