orange county film

ID #60928

Name: Lancelot
Age: 16
Country: Canada

Open to talk about anything and everything. I’m really into music and photography. some of the artists I’m really into are: Mac Demarco, Rex Orange County, Cosmo Pyke, Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Hockey Dad, Skegss, and so much more!! I play the electric as well :) I’m the type of person that likes to go on walks taking pictures of anything. I also shoot film!!!

Preferences: nope


My friends and I will be producing a short film series on YouTube. We are currently in the writing process but we need people from the community to help us out. We would love for help with this film, no matter what size, shape, form, color, or gender that you are. If you would like to be a part of this, PLEASE message me. We prefer to have people that live in Los Angeles County or Orange County so that they aren’t too far from us for the film. The film will be about the LGBTQ+ community, hitting major points and obstacles that we all have to go through. We would love to have people of color help us with this film and possibly tell their story through the film. Our goal with this film is to bring attention to the struggles we all have to go through and we want people to know that it gets better. PLEASE PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. 

Saw Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie at the Angelika Film Center in NYC today. My inner fan girl went crazy!!! Real life bromance!!!!! I was so insanely in love with The OC when it was on.

Oh and Ben held the door for my friend and I. Super nice guy. Would have asked for a picture with them, but I didn’t want to be THAT person, so I took this on the escalator instead. ;-)