orange cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

svt as things i love.

Seungcheol: the moon lighting the night like its midday, freshly cut grass, jumping into a pile of leaves, muddy work boots, freshly paved roads, fireplaces

Jeonghan: freshly washed strawberries, random compliments, tulips, freshly made guacamole, a quickened heartbeat at the sight of something you love, pillow forts

Joshua: vanilla candles, a long walk in the park at nighttime, rainy summer days, warm blankets fresh out of the wash, chocolate ice cream, holding hands for the first time

Junhui: partly cloudy night sky, throwing rocks in a river, running too fast, cute workout clothes, the smell of fresh soil, fireworks, the feeling when you wake up from a nap

Soonyoung: salty popcorn, the feeling of eating a good meal after swimming all day, ceiling fans, tucked in button down shirts, the game Twister

Wonwoo: the smell of your favorite book, oatmeal, calico cats, warm knit sweaters, angsty poems, winter nights, singing in the shower

Jihoon: clean houses, dishwasher soap, listening to the rain from under an umbrella, first day of spring, car washes

Mingyu: strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, a nighttime shower, a teapot, fairy lights, sucking on a winter green mint, hot chocolate

Minghao: a nice silver car, cartilage piercings, cracking your knuckles, chocolate wafers, a fresh haircut, stretching, dancing in the dark to soft music

Seokmin: orange juice, the feeling of entering an amusement park, freshly brushed teeth, lazy Saturdays, eating raspberries, overly sweet lemonade

Seungkwan: the feeling of drinking cold water when really thirsty, planting a garden, a tight love filled hug, the flee market, feeling the heat of the sun on your skin

Hansol: cherry lollipops, singing loudly in the car with the windows down, visiting an aquarium, silent movies, day long hikes ending in a sunset view

Chan: new sneakers, staying up late, petting a cat, Broadway musicals, unfolded laundry, fuzzy socks

Emo Icons As Desserts
  • Pete Wentz: Triple Chocolate Doughnut
  • Gerard Way: Jello
  • Brendon Urie: Vanilla Ice Cream Covered in Chocolate and Edible 24k Gold
  • Ryan Ross: Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting
  • William Beckett: Caramel and Chocolate Milkshake
  • Gabe Saporta: Red Pepper Dark Chocolate
  • Hayley Williams: Orange Sherbert

Mini Pumpkin Cake

(Inspired by the cake seen in the fourth extra episode (Surprise Halloween!) of Hetalia: The World Twinkle.)

A baked spiced pumpkin cheesecake over a layer of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting spread in-between. The entire cake was then covered in a thin layer of cream cheese frosting before it was coated in a neon orange colored white chocolate mirror glaze.

Spiced yogurt cake was crumbled and mixed with cream cheese frosting, shaped into the form of a pumpkin, dipped into the same mirror glaze, then placed on top of the miniature cake. Diluted food coloring gel was used to paint on the extra little details. (A single elongated dark green sprinkle was used for the pumpkin stem.)