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Garnet is such a colorful mineral. Although the name means ‘dark red’ in old English, it actually comes in almost every color, including orange, and even green and purple. ❤️💛💚💜 It has been used in jewelry since ancient Rome and Egypt. Also, it’s the birthstone of January. 💎💎💎

Aaron sees a pack of those thin colorful jelly bracelets at the store and buys them for Kevin as a joke but Kevin puts like 3 of them on each wrist and never takes them off

** New! “Homeworld Remix” and “Corruption Crew” Bracelets!

I know I haven’t given you guys an update - and I’m sorry for that, I was in a pretty bad car accident as of recent - but! I’m SO FREAKING excited to show you guys the new “Homeworld Remix” and “Corruption Crew” Steven Universe bracelets - now also sold at my Etsy shop TheBreeShow (click here)! As some of you have seen before, these bracelets have 9 slots, but these are specifically designed for the ‘homeworld’ and ‘corruption’ of the show. Instead of a pastel pink, the backgrounds vary per picture.

Check out the original two as well! (Click here for the Original!) & (Click Here for Fusion Cuisine!)

Homeworld Remix consists of: Diamond Authority Symbols, Yellow Diamond, Blue Pearl, White Diamond, Jasper, Pink Diamond, Yellow Pearl, and Blue Diamond. Of course, any of them can be replaced by another Homeworld gem.

Corruption Crew consists of:  Big Bird, Corrupted Jasper, Centipeetle, Orange Great North Monster, Centipeetle’s Drawing of the Diamond Corruption Song, Green Great North Monster, Watermelon Tourmaline, The Slinker, and Tongue Monster. And as I said with Homeworld, you’re welcome to replace any of them with another corrupted gem!

For anyone that visits the Etsy site, you’re ALWAYS welcome to make a custom order with other screenshots of the show. Heck, even if you want to give me an episode name and have me find faces on my own - that’s fine too! As long as it’s Steven Universe related, any picture is fine!

If you’d like something else (another show, family, manga, etc.) in the picture slots, it’s only a dollar more. c: Thanks for viewing! I hope you guys love them all so far!

Braided Friendship Bracelet Color Ideas

1. Light Blue/Yellow/Black
2. Light Grey/Light Green
3. Light Blue/Red/White/Black
4. Light Blue/Black
5. Dark Green/Light Blue/Yellow
6. Black/Light Pink/White
7. Black/Light Pink
8. Red/Green/White
9. Yellow/Red
10. Black/Yellow
11. Orange/Light Pink/Yellow
12. Dark Blue/White
13. Bright Pink/White
14. Dark Purple/White
15. Red/White


The Legendary ShinDorks!
Started the fansign then played with each other using pikachu bracelets! LOL
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URGENT!! Hiii I am bigender how can I tell my friend that I want to be called a different names

Devon says:

If you want to be called different names interchangeably: “Hey [friend’s name]! I know you’ve known me as [old/current name] for a while, but I’m actually more comfortable with [new names]. You can alternate between using those new names, I don’t have a strong preference between them.”

If you want to be called different names at different times: “Hey [friend’s name]! I know you’ve known me as [old/current name] for a while, but I’m actually more comfortable with [new names]. You can use [one name] when I’m wearing [certain jewelry item, pair of shoes, or etc], and [other name] when I’m wearing [other jewelry item, pair of shoes, or etc].”

For example, you could wear a purple bracelet when your name is Joseph, and an orange bracelet when your name is Lily.

If you’re not out to everyone, and don’t want to be out to everyone, add on: “Please use my old name when [list of people] are around.”

You could tell your friend over text, email, in a letter, on a phone call, or in person! Whatever works best for you.

In my opinion, it’s not necessary to come out as trans when you come out with a new name/ new names. People might suspect that you’re trans, and might ask about it, so be ready for that. Only come out, with name or gender identity, when it is safe for you to do so!

I told my family and teachers that I wanted to go by Devon (freshman year of highschool), before I was emotionally ready to come out as transgender to them. At that point, it was negatively impacting my mental health to be called my deadname, but I would have rather been perceived as cisgender than go through the coming out process with my gender identity. I didn’t tell my family or teachers that I was trans until months after they were all calling me Devon.

Do whatever is best for you regarding your name and gender! Stay safe!!!