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Hello everyone! So pictured here is what I’m selling! I’m also going to give a list bellow of what each alpaca is! Most of these do not come with tags and some of them may not be real alpacasso, but if you would like any close up pictures, please let me know :) also there is an alpaca that is not photographed here that I do plan on selling but I’ll mention him in my list bellow with prices (generally, my prices range from $5-15 USD, but if a series is one I would consider rare, I would have to go higher in my price range). I am only shipping to buyers in the US and Canada because shipping can get really expensive outside of those two areas. To account for shipping, please contact me individually and i’ll give you a price based on your location! (by the way, if it says “Custom” next to it, it means I made it)

EDIT: anything Bolded is still available and not on hold!

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The New Years Fic

[ Happy New Year from everybody at ATA! Please be safe this new year much love from the mun and the artists, and we thank you for your continued support in the coming year.

SFW Cronkri under cut.]

Over break Dirk and Jake wrapped the entire frat house in giftwrap.

Every possible surface had been wrapped, labeled (to: You Losers from: Dirk & Jake <3), and then stuck with a pretty bow. The bananas in the kitchen, individually wrapped. The remote control for the TV. The toilet paper in the bathroom, replaced with sections of wrapping paper still on the roll. The fucking doorknobs.

First, Horuss got back on the 27th and apparently just said, “OH MY GOD.” and walked back out of the house.

Then on the 28th, Cronus and Rufioh got back. Rufioh had done so first thing in the morning and woke everybody else up laughing. Cronus, later in the afternoon, had just gone, “Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuuck is this?!”

Kurloz, on the 29th, took one step in the door and promptly dropped his bag in shock, and Mituna, whom he had picked up before coming back and who had not been to the frat house since Kurloz’s departure, had howled with laughter until he cried.

And then, you, on the 31st, stepped into the foyer to find the Hallmark Hell, just looked around and sighed heavily.


“Kranki! Welcome back!”

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To The Capital

This is Part Two of The Supernatural Games

Read Part One - The Reaping

           “Bobby, what’s gonna happen?” you asked as you, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel were riding the train to the Capital.

           “Well, when we get there, you’ll meet with your stylist and they’ll make you look ridiculous,” Bobby said, “You’ll go through the opening ceremonies and the tribute parade. Then, we’ll do a couple days of training. I’ll be with you guys to tell you what to look out for and I’ll try to give advice. And then it’ll be time to go into the arena. When you’re in there, I’ll be out trying to get sponsors to send you things you may need in the arena.”

           “Do you think we have a chance?” Dean asked.

           “I believe you two would be the ones who have a chance out of the other tributes I’ve had in the past,” he said.

           “Only one of us can get out,” you said, looking at the table sadly.

           “That’s how things are,” Bobby said, “I know the two of you are best friends, but these things can’t be changed.”

           “I think they can,” Dean said.

           “Dean,” Bobby used a warning tone, “The game makers are brutal. They don’t care that you’re best friends. They want one or both of you dead.”

           You took a deep breath, “This just isn’t right.”

           “I never said it was right,” Bobby said, “Just that it’s how things are now. The two of you have to go in there ready to fight.”

           “I don’t want to fight Dean,” you said.

           “Then don’t be the last two,” Bobby said, “Or if you’re going to rebel, you better make it something good.”

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It’s Spirit Week at John Quincy Adams, and it’s hipster day. Imagine Farkle coming to school, dressed in a black dress shirt, suspenders, orange bow tie, and of course, glasses.

And Riley keeps staring at Farkle, not just because he hasn’t worn glasses for a long time, but because, well. He’s attractive.

Not the Prom (Teencast Sjips)

Words: 2,600

Warnings: Alcohol Mentions

I’ve had this fic in my folder for almost three moths now, and I didn’t now how to finish it, so I just kind of left it at a really shitty ending, sorry.

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anonymous asked:

Swapped Identities With Twin-brines

Swapped Identities: The muse and twin-brines have been swapped! Body-wise, that is. Their minds and personalities are the same, but their appearances are certainly different. The only way to revise the curse is true love’s kiss–or something close to it. (Better yet, if the two body swapped muses are each other’s loves, they must try and find each other)

Pika and Ethan were talking as then POOF a little bit of smoke appeared and now the two were different.

Pika had short black hair as the orange bangs were still there. He/she now wore a black vest with an orange bow tie, black pants and some nice orange shoes.

Ethan now had longish black hair as the green bangs were still there. She/he now wore a greenish dress, a high-low one. {Think that’s what they are called.} And black heels..

The two looked at each other as they gulped.
“Guessing now my name has to be.. Hm.”
“I-Im Pip.”
“That was easy for you.. My name will be.. Heart? Michelle?”
“H-How about, J-Just stick with Heart I guess?”
“Heart it is!”
“N-Now how do we cure.. T-This.”
“Uh.. I dunno?”