orange blossom tea

Teavana Tea Magickal Correspondants

Herbal Teas - 

White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos Tea: Prophetic dreams, wealth, success, prosperity, healing, passion.

Caramel Truffle Herbal Tea: Passion, success.

Citrus Lavender Sage Tea: Dreams, sleep, divination, cleansing, calmness.

Apple Pie a la Mode Tea: Cleansing, health, success.

Mulled Pomegranate Cider Herbal Tea: Success, wealth, prosperity.

Peach Tranquillity Tea: Peace, fertility (in females/women), success, money, power.

Hot Pink Lemonade Herbal Tea: Boldness, confidence.

Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom Tea: Success, clarity, health, communication.

Blueberry Lemonade Herbal Tea: Confidence, cleansing.

Summer Lemonade Herbal Tea: Confidence, health.

Beach Bellini Herbal Tea: Love, romance, happiness, self care.

Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea: Success, understanding, health, creativity.

Dragon Fruit Devotion Herbal Tea: Cleansing, power, change, strength.

Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea: Strength, peace, knowledge.

Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea: Simplicity, femininity, fertility, youth, cleansing.

Tranquil Dram Herbal Tea: Sleep, rest, dreams, calmness, understanding, health, connection, family.

Mint Majesty Herbal Tea: Success, protection, love.

Berry Kiwi Colada Herbal Tea: Youth, health, protection.

Passion Tango Herbal Tea: Strength, love, communication.

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Herbal Tea: Money, wealth, success, power.

Chamomile  Bloom Herbal Tea: Sleep, dreams, calmness, rest.

Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea: Fertility, success, dreams.

Limeade Twist Herbal Tea: Understanding, cleansing, change, masculinity.

The Wiccan’s Glossary


Black Teas.

5.30.2017 6:00 PM: More Spanish! All the Spanish! And lovely natural light despite the darling thunderstorms. I am drinking orange blossom tea and I love it. Can you believe the month is already almost over?

29 (M). Why did you start a studyblr?

It was a week before prom, I was behind on work because I had the flu and I was stuck in bed anyway. I had been following @adoringstudies and I said, what the hell? I need motivation to not tank my exams, this is it. It worked wonderfully!

30 (Tu). What inspires you?

My mother and my boyfriend both, who have been through huge trials in their lives (my boyfriend in a fourth of the time as my mother!). Mala Yousafzai and Emma Watson are huge inspirations to me, and so is the work of Roald Dahl, a children’s author that had a big impact on me.

╰ 。 ♡ · ˚ JUST ANOTHER graceless night, shoulder to well, broad chests  &  sometimes hipbones, in intimate meetings as the brunet’s senses overwhelmed with florescent coded speaks  &  wonderment with sloppy swifts of their red solo cups, wandering hands in a hurried paint over every exposed bone. she wouldn’t have been here, if she hadn’t been apart of the executive’s board. rather, tucked into bed with some sleepy, rosebud  &  orange blossom tea with the roll of breakfast at tiffany’s on a soundly drawl, maybe a studying book tucked under her arm incase a slumber read was to come over her. slipping on a cashmere, long sleeved  &  shoulder less number  &  pulling back her tresses, with hints of natural, caramel highlights, she created an image of pure bliss at the night’s endeavors to come. even if it were nursing her sisters back to an appropriate, sorority cut-out when the sunrise came up. her cupid’s bow was coated with the cherry syrup of her shirley temple, as she beamed up at a drunken soul who dared to imagine anything less than pure coming of the smaller’s mouth. glancing over her shoulder, she pinpointed someone who without a doubt in her eyes could help her get further from this conversation. or, it was at least a try at this point. ❛   oh, ( y/m/n ) ! so nice of you to show up, you’re only a decade or so behind.  &  that’s coming from me, of all people.   ❜ the standard chair quipped, eliciting an overgrown simper as plead gleamed in her honey brown eyes.

anonymous asked:

mom, can you do seventeen as different types of tea?? also ur boyfriend!jungkook killed me rip

  • S.Coups/Seungcheol - mango black tea 
  • Jeonghan - jasmine oolong tea 
  • Jun - chai tea 
  • Joshua - chocolate chai black tea 
  • Hoshi -  dragonfruit herbal tea 
  • Wonwoo - citrus mint green tea 
  • Woozi - english breakfast 
  • DK - orange blossom tea 
  • Mingyu - caramel almond herbal tea 
  • the8 - jade citrus green tea 
  • Seungkwan - white peach tea 
  • Vernon - cucumber melon green tea 
  • Dino - raspberry pineapple luau white tea 
today yay ♡

- up so early to do some potting of plants <3 including my gorgeous new lavender <33 <33

- went to the craft store and market with Mia <3  then made coffee and watched The Secret Garden together ♡ we took a quick walk since it was so beautiful today and we admired lots of flowers

- orange blossom tea & flora findings while watching OH films ((tonight)) ♡

You and your heart.5

Pairing: Hannah Baxter x Alec Hardy

Rating: teen and up

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Ao3

Author’s note: thank you, thank you, thank you. I am overwhelmed by the positive response to this fic. 


“That’s my taxi,” Hannah says, reaching for the car door at it comes to a stop, “The Waldorf Hilton, please.”

She gets in but can’t help looking back at Hardy. He looks defeated, drained.

“Wait,” she rolls down the window and hands Alec her keys, “guest bedroom is on the second floor.”

 She tosses her head back and takes deep breaths, trying to reign in her emotions. She can’t do this right now. There’s whoring to be done. She takes a pocket mirror out of her purse. All that black eye shadow, fake eyelashes, blood red lips, she barely recognizes her reflection. But Belle smiles at her confidently.

 As the cab approaches the hotel, she receives a text message. It’s from Alec.

“I didn’t want you to leave. I wanted you to come to the doctor with me.”

She feels the blood drain from her face as understanding dawns on her. That morning, back at the train station, he’d told her the time and place of his appointment. She hadn’t made sense of it back then. With everything from Alec rebuffing her kiss and laying far away from her in bed to her increasing anxiety over whether or not he knows, she’d completely missed his point. Her mind had construed his words into what she dreaded the most, disregarding every little thing that spoke of his affection. They say people only hear what they want to hear. It’s true she couldn’t wait to get rid of him but not for the reasons he imagined.

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