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ok u must get this a lot but what are your favorite books with queer protags???


- Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith – teenage boy explores his bisexuality as he wrestles with his guilt over a) having feelings for both his best friend and his girlfriend and b) accidentally starting the apocalypse-by-giant-preying-mantis. (literally my favourite book.) 

- The Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox – grumpy vintner bumps into an angel one night when he’s pickled and wandering around the vineyard, and winds up making a date to meet once a year, on the same night, forever. you will probably cry yourself to sleep afterwards. 

- As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann – sociopathic romp through Civil War era England accompanied by THE WORLD’S SLOWEST BURN and MURDER. even if you’ve been an English Civil War nerd for 15 years before reading this book, this book will forever be the first thing you think of when you think of the English Civil War. a scourge. 

- Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters – cute girl leaves home and becomes a music hall male impersonator. lesbian shenanigans by the barrowful follow. set in Victorian London and actually has a happy ending! yay! 

- Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs – a memoir documenting Augusten Burroughs’ teenage years living with his mother’s psychiatrist and his madcap family. I took this in stride when I first read this book at the tender age of 14, but now it gives me PALPITATIONS and a BURNING URGE to ring Esther Rantzen. 

- Call Me By Your Name by Andrew Aciman – THE PEACH BOOK!

- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – I love this book so much I have to forcibly stop myself from buying a copy every time I see one in a secondhand bookshop. you go into it thinking you’ll be FINE because everyone KNOWS what happens to Patroclus, it’s not like you WON’T SEE IT COMING… and yet. no one is ever fine. 

- Maurice by E. M. Forster – astounding and wonderful book that was, surprisingly, written in 1912. there’s sex, it’s a happy ending, it has something very snotty to say about British attitudes towards homosexuality – it’s a joy. plus, the Merchant Ivory film version is full of totty. (yes, that’s Rupert Graves. you see him starkers. just saying.) 

- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz – two Latinx boys falling in love. I read the entire thing in one sitting. it’s won so many awards you can barely see the cover art. deserves all the accolades and love, as it is HEARTBREAKINGLY GORGEOUS.

- More Than This by Patrick Ness – there is absolutely no way to explain this book without spoiling everything about it, so here’s the bare bones: Seth drowns, and then wakes up, alive, but completely and utterly alone. I had to put it down and go for stress walks at least 3 times. so good. 

- The Charioteer by Mary Renault – a soldier wounded in the evacuation of Dunkirk recuperates in hospital and tries to choose between two dudes: a young and innocent conscientious objector and a saucy and experienced naval officer. can I get a HAIL MARY? 


Study Notes    | |    July 2017 

Notes from my summer school Pharmacology class. 😜 I don’t know about other people, but using different colors for topics helps me remember information better. 

Mind Palace  //   When retrieving information for tests my mind palace is like a large wheel. I spin to a specific color, then topics and information pop up underneath. My mind palace works the same way with memories where eveyrthing is a continuous stream. 

I’ve asked friends and family how they retrieve information and it’s kinda interesting. One friend said his mind is like a file cabinet and each individual file folder is pertinent information. Instead of a continuous stream of thought, it’s isolated events and topics. 

What is your mind palace like? 

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Finally finished the drawing that started off as a shitpost. I started off drawing him without the tights then I remembered he had them and I wanted to add an appeal of orange so the two versions! One with the tights/orange and without. Also the first two are transparent~

I’m tired of the snowbarry fandom bruh. They were amusing before, but now that westallen is happening (if you had been watching the show you would’ve known this was always the writers intention) they acting up. There’s a sense of entitlement among snowbarry fans. Constantly asking why snowbarry isn’t happening? What about snowbarry? Okay, now that westallen had their moment, can we get snowbarry now? Calling the writers idiots for following comic canon. Let’s get it straight. It’s your fault that you’re twisted in knots over your ship not happening. Snowbarry was founded on racism. Plain and simple. People were shipping snowbarry before the show even started. People started shipping snowbarry from 2 seconds of Caitlin asking Barry to pee in a cup before the show even started. People started shipping snowbarry from promotional photos before the show even started. Despite knowing that Iris West is Barry Allen’s wife and she would be his main love interest, people looked at photos of the cast and decided that snowbarry would be their ship. Why? We didn’t know what these characters would be like. We hadn’t seen them in action yet. What was so different between Iris and Caitlin to make people dislike Iris (Barry’s future wife) and choose to ship him with Caitlin? Before the show even started. It’s cuz Iris was black. Plain and simple. Iris/Candice received a lot of backlash when her casting was announced. The producers even had to tell her not to read any comments about her or her character for a while because they knew she was going to get a lot of racists. And she did. People calling Candice/Iris n*****, monkey, black b, mutt, used goods for sleeping with Eddie and therefore not good enough to be with Barry, etc. They were throwing all kinds of vile insults at Candice/Iris and the idea of Barry and Iris (despite the fact that they’re comic book lovers). And guess freaking what? In the same sentence of those vile comments, people were saying they much preferred Caitlin or snowbarry ftw. Do you know how many comments I read where people called Iris a black b or n***** and in the same sentence said they preferred Barry with Caitlin? These racists basically outed themselves as snowbarry shippers. They didn’t like that Iris was black, so they shipped Barry with the nearest white girl (Caitlin). So no. Not all snowbarry shippers are racist, but all the racists are snowbarry shippers (read this a few times over if you can’t immediately figure it out).

Why would the writers or producers ever want to give in to a fandom founded on ad pervaded with racism against their beloved leading lady?

The snowbarry fandom don’t give two cents about the characters either. They don’t care about Barry or Caitlin. Most are under the impression that Barry’s in love with Caitlin. They turn every action of his into some kind of display of his great affection for Caitlin. All that Barry has said and done to contradict this belief doesn’t matter. They don’t pay attention to him. Only when he’s doing or saying something that they could twist the meaning of. And Caitlin! Poor Caitlin gets the brunt of their disinterest. Here’s a little quiz. Name the episode that most snowbarry shippers claim is their favorite. I’ll give you a few seconds………………Okay, you got it? Yes? No? Well here it is: 1x12 Crazy for You. This was my first clue that snowbarry shippers don’t care about Caitlin’s character. Because they’re favorite episode was the episode where Caitlin was written majorly out of character. Caitlin wasn’t Caitlin in that episode, but snowbarry shippers didn’t notice because Caitlin was on a “date” with Barry. Nobody was blasting the writers on twitter for the blatant inconsistency in her character, instead they were praising the episode! This revealed to me that they cared more about the ship snowbarry than the characters themselves. Oh and ooh, the most recent one. Where snowbarry shippers were mad that Iris was patching up her future husband and they accused her of being 100% like Caitlin. They accused her of trying to take Caitlin’s place. They accused the writers of running out of ideas for Iris so they tried to make her into Caitlin. They accused Iris of taking Caitlin’s place despite the fact that Jesse was the one literally replacing Caitlin. Jesse was the one who took Caitlin’s spot in the group as the bio-geneticist. The show flat out says that Jesse would be filling in Caitlin’s spot, yet Iris wrapping some gauze around her hubby’s torso is making her 100% like Caitlin? Caitlin’s career as a bio-geneticist isn’t a big aspect of her character? No? So touching Barry’s body is all Caitlin is good for? Some people were mad that Iris was touching Barry’s body because that’s what Caitlin does. Like? Ew. So nobody else can touch Barry but Caitlin? Caitlin has a right to Barry’s body over anyone else? Caitlin has some sort of claim on Barry’s body??? Snowbarry shippers point blank either ignored or didn’t register that their so called fav was being replaced by Jesse. Snowbarry shippers point blank either ignored or didn’t register that Caitlin’s position as a bio-geneticist was being filled in by Jesse. Instead, snowbarry shippers zoomed in on the fact that Iris had her hands on Barry’s body and that somehow made her one.hundred. percent. like. Caitlin. Dawg. And every action, every word Caitlin says is somehow twisted to involve Barry. Caitlin moving on with Jay Garrick? That’s because she couldn’t be with the Flash she wanted obviously. Caitlin yelling at Zoom not to kill Barry and remember his affection for her? That’s because she’s so in love with Barry obviously. Caitlin standing up from her seat when Barry comes into the room? Dude…..that’s so obvious! It’s because she’s in love with Barry! Haha, silly head you. Caitlin showing concern for Barry? It’s because she’s in love with him. Caitlin looking sadly in Barry’s and Joe’s direction as she contemplates her tragic love life? *whispers* she’s so in love with Barry. Caitlin standing next to Barry? She wants to be near him because she loves him. Caitlin getting all dolled up at that gala and dancing with Jay? She’s in love with Barry so she’d rather be dancing with him. As a matter of fact, she got all dressed up like that for Barry.

This is why I say they don’t understand or really care about Caitlin and Barry outside of forcing them into a relationship. Many snowbarry shippers even think that a relationship between Barry and Caitlin would be magical. Evidence number infinity why they don’t understand the characters. First off, Barry doesn’t love Caitlin. He doesn’t. He never has. The writers have gone out of their way to prove that time and time again. Why would Barry ever get with Caitlin? Someone he doesn’t have feelings for and especially now that he knows Iris feels the same way? Why? Why? Answer me why? But wait. Let’s imagine for a minute that Barry and Caitlin, in some far off imaginary place, did get together. How do you imagine that would go? Well, we have two examples of Barry dating women to go off of. Let’s start with Patty. From the getgo Barry relegated Patty to second best after Iris. Barry didn’t even want to date Patty because she wasn’t Iris. Patty wasn’t the one Barry wanted. It took Joe goading him into it before he decided to give Patty a try. Barry said that for all Patty’s adorableness, she wasn’t Iris. That’s like saying “this apple is really sweet and juicy, but it’s no orange”. Meaning, despite the appealing qualities of the apple the orange is better. The orange is better than the apple and it’s what you’d prefer to have. Now imagine Barry applying this same assessment to Caitlin. Well, Caitlin’s a nice girl and all he might say, but she’s not Iris. She’s not good enough. She’s not who I really want. Barry would measure Caitlin against Iris and undoubtedly find her not up to par. Because in his conversation with Joe, Barry revealed that he holds Iris up as the standard. Barry revealed that Iris has a place in his heart and mind that is untouchable, unreachable by any other woman. He will measure women against Iris, the person he loves and wants most to be with, and find them lacking. Now would you say Caitlin deserves to be treated like that? Instead of wanting Caitlin to be with a man who wants her, you want Caitlin to be with a man who holds another woman above her. Now let’s look at Barry’s relationship with Linda. Linda was treated like straight trash. Barry threw Linda away the moment he learned Iris returned his feelings. He told Joe that even when he was with Linda, he never stopped thinking about Iris. And when the person of his desires returned his feelings, he didn’t hesitate to get rid of Linda and pursue Iris. Now imagine doing the same thing to Caitlin. Even when he’s with Caitlin, he’d still be desiring Iris. He’d still be holding out hope to be with Iris. You can’t erase the great love Barry has for Iris. The great love Barry has always had and always will have for Iris. If you think Barry doesn’t love Iris or will “get over” Iris, then you truly don’t understand his character. Imagine Barry and Caitlin sitting in a restaurant on a date. Barry gets a call from Iris saying that she loves him too much to let their relationship go and she wants them to try again. Do you honestly think that Barry would sit there through that dinner with Caitlin, when the love of his life, the person he truly wants to be with most in the world calls him up, telling him she loves him and wants them to be together? Barry would have breadsticks falling out of his pocket, he’d be gone so freaking fast, all you’d see is a shadow of his outline and a faint aroma of garlic. Like Linda, Barry would still want Iris even when he’s with Caitlin. Like Patty, Barry would hold another women above her. Caitlin doesn’t deserve that. Caitlin doesn’t deserve a guy who still wants another woman.

And why would Caitlin try and date Barry anyways? Iris is Caitlin’s friends and Caitlin knows that Iris has feelings for Barry. Do you know how horrible Caitlin would be if she tried to date the person she knew her friend was in love with? There’s a name for people like that.

Caitlin also knows that Barry’s in love with Iris. Do you know how desperate Caitlin would look if she tried to date a guy she knew was in love with another woman? Why would Caitlin, or any woman, want to date a guy who they knew wanted to be with another woman?

And just imagine how awful Caitlin would look if she tried to come between Barry and Iris. She knows these two people have feelings for each other. For her to know this and try to weasel her way between them………well…..there’s a name for people like that.

But that’s not Caitlin. Snowbarry shippers see Caitlin doing this kind of thing and that’s why I feel they don’t truly understand the characters. If you think Caitlin would do this, then rewatch the show from the beginning.

Caitlin and Barry don’t have feelings for each other. They don’t want to be together. For that to happen it would be totally out of character (but snowbarry shippers don’t mind horrible writing or out of character moments it seems) and wouldn’t make sense. The characters as well would be painted in bad lights, especially Caitlin.

Gosh there’s so much more to say, but I’ve already wasted enough time on this.


Syracuse University’s Orange Appeal-“Gold Digger/Dig It Up” by Kanye West/D-Boyz A cappella mash-up

ahhh these guys! <3


(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You (Acapella) - Orange Appeal

OK so about Dismaland

I’ve kinda been reblogging every single shitpost about Dismaland because I find it absolutely HILARIOUS - BUT I recently saw a post mention that Banksy is actually divulging other artists who use their critical art to talk about rough moments in their lives, criticize the establishment, etc., and that’s absolutely great for those other artists.
However, I think that for what Banksy was trying to do, he was going about it maybe the worst way possible and yes, we should make fun of the skeleton in a bumper car, or the dilapidated Cinderella Castle, or the rest, and (in typical pretentious essay-ish fashion) here’s why I think so.

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