orange and pink tie

✨🌙 Sailor Moon Glamour 🌙 ✨

inspired by sailor moon, a glamour to feel confident and beautiful, even when nervous and self-conscious

🌙  gather: quartz, a white candle, a pink ribbon, a flower, orange, thyme

✨   tie the ribbon around the candle

🌙   dress the candle with the flower, orange peel, and thyme

✨   burn the candle, chant, “in the name of the moon

🌙   blow out the candle, pass the quartz through the smoke

✨   tie the quartz with the ribbon and keep on your person as a charm

🌙   use charm as needed


The March theme for the Visual Journaling Collective (which meets the 3rd Monday of the month at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts) was speed journaling - sort of like speed dating, only you spend five minutes working in someone else’s art journal instead of assessing someone’s dateworthiness. It was a lot of fun!

I should’ve taken a before picture of these pages - they just had some blue, green, and yellow acrylic paint scraped around on them before speed journaling. Later in the week, at home, I used a rollagraph with yellow, pink, and orange paints to tie things together a little bit, but as usual - I got a little carried away. :) Then I used a pink Gelly Roll Moonlight pen to highlight various things so they wouldn’t just vanish into oblivion. 


(Art by Cicely Mary Baker)

Faery Bracelet 🌿🌹🌸

Flower faeries are some of the kindest and most loving fae. Use this bracelet to remember their positive message.

Fill a sachet with bath salt, lavender buds, pink rose petals, orange peel/zest and lilac oil. Tie under the tub faucet and run hot water. Once full, take the sachet down, place your bracelet inside and let it drift in the water. Now think or say to yourself what the bracelet is for: “when I wear this bracelet, I’ll think of the faeries, and remember to love myself, love others, and love nature”.. you can go into more personal details about how you will show this. After your bath, leave the sachet to dry before you remove the bracelet.

Whenever you’re wearing your bracelet and catch the scent of lavender and rose, this is a gentle reminder from the flower faeries.

beatrush  asked:

buy the suit anyway jd!!!!!!!!

I could not! Generally speaking I look good in orange for about ½ of a minute and then it’s like “ouch JD orange may be your favorite color* but it is very much not your color”

also I had selfie regret and deleted the post because as Jon Wurster points out every time we strike any kind of remotely funny pose in a photo shoot: “this will be the only shot anybody ever uses” and he is always right as further evidenced by the hated JD-with-swoop-pointing-at-the-camera-when-he-has-food-poisoning-and-it’s-July-in-Brooklyn-and-the-photoshoot-is-in-a-gym shot of legend

*orange/pink/black in three-way tie if I’m being honest