orange amps,

making a stance on hairgate: dirk’s hair is dark auburn.

it’s not just brown bc there’s some serious red undertones, and even chocolate brown doesn’t match that. mahogany has more purpley undertones that dirk’s hair doesn’t have. mousy brown is kind of similar in darkness, but the undertones are more grey than red. russet has more of the red undertones but it’s too light & too orange. auburn in general is a lil bit too light for his hair, so dark auburn is the closest match. i can’t add a pic bc i’m on mobile but if you google “auburn hair colour chart” & look @ the first pic you’ll see what i’m talking about. opinions, anyone?

Hollerfield Moodboard - orange & blue

Okay, maybe orange and blue is not the best. You know, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination that end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination. Like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together. Ever.

V Headcanons

I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE REQUEST & ANSWER FOR THIS (but I made it extra long to make up for it)

▪V loves The Beatles, and has every single album both downloaded onto his phone and each of the vinyl albums (they were a gift from Jumin)
▪Like just imagine him in a robe, messy haired and flipping pancakes on a griddle while he listens to “Here Comes the Sun”, “When I’m Sixty-four” and “We Can Work It Out”
▪adores orange juice & eats things like Special K and fruit parfaits for breakfast
▪it’s canon that V likes plants so let me expand on that
▪he probably got sad when he lost his sight because he couldn’t really appreciate their beauty anymore but if he got the surgery he’d have plants EVERYWHERE
▪like, every countertop, his nightstand, his bathroom, living room, and balcony (if he has one) are all covered in plants, plus he’d have some hanging from the ceiling
▪he’s super gentle with them and cares so much for them, so if one starts to wilt it depresses him my poor child
▪has a little bistro chair and two tables on his balcony. He likes to sit there in the mornings while drinking his coffee and listening to the heavy bustle of the city traffic
▪deserves love and happiness
▪hangs all of his photographs on the walls and if there’s not enough room, he’ll just stack some against the walls (semi-canon?)
▪likes flea markets!
▪once he lost his sight completely, he started buying furniture and decorations based on what they feel like
▪if you tell him something is ugly, he’ll just smile and brush your hands over it
▪"close your eyes, MC. Beauty isn’t what something looks like, but what it feels like. I don’t know what you look like, but I imagine you’re very beautiful.“
*ugly sobbing*
▪would never ever complain when you’re with him because he cares for you very much and loves you like he deserves to be loved & cared for

▪V adores pie, especially apple cinnamon pie and peach pie
▪doesn’t keep up with current events or slang so if you reference something, he’s most likely going to be confused
▪it genuinely breaks his heart when he logs onto the chatroom to see Yoosung or the other members dissing him or questioning his decisions
▪it makes him sad because he considers the RFA his family but he believes it’s better this way because this way they don’t have to shoulder the pain he has
▪so on days when it gets really bad, he’ll lay on the couch and put a record of either really soft jazz, Elvis Presley, or classical music on and just pay attention to the music
▪probably super nostalgic and would keep a box or two full of ticket stubs (like the one from the night him and Rika met) plus other little memorabilia.
▪got really into scrapbooking at one time tbh and now likes to make his own photo albums with little scrapbooks inside
▪It’d adore him (expanding on my RFA Gives Elizabeth 3rd a Bath scenerio)
▪He’s pretty neat but imagine scatterbrained and messy V
▪like camera lenses and photographs (some waterlogged and with sun damage) strewn everywhere, empty film cartridges and coffee mugs littering his breakfast bar and coffee table
▪his bed never made and there’s this morning’s toothpaste crusted to the sink bowl and his slippers separated and in different places I live for messy V
▪imagine V genuinely happy and smiling


stydia meme: [ 2/2 colours ] orange & blue

Okay, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination.


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