orange afro hair


Android Oshún, The Africana WomaNINJA as her own private dancer… In the words of Janelle Mobae(Monae)

Decided to make this since I find just few tv networks personifications out there, and I really wanted to add up. So… how I portrait them:

Cartoon Network: the coolest bro on the block, master of some of the greatest cartoons ever;

Disney Channel: used to be into cartoons, but the dream of becoming a “pop star” spoke louder, now whenever some cartoon comes to her, she gets bored and hands it to her sister, Disney Ecks-Dee;

Disney XD: Dee-Cee’s younger, tomboy and cooler sister. She masters nearly all the awesome cartoons her older sibling withdrew.

Nickelodeon: Just look at this bright orange afro hair, walking aloof by her fellow TV networks. She’s going through a phase in which all she cares about is her little yellow cartoon poriferan, and poor him, btw… She used to be more open though.

Well, that’s pretty much all, I’m not sure how accurate the designs and the descriptions are, but eh, chill. I was going to humanize the greater companies too, like Paramout, DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar, etc, buuut for now that’s what I got, I’m lazy. Enjoy~


Black Girls Can’t Wear Blonde Hair?