There are some smells… unique to working in healthcare. Smells that you don’t (or really shouldn’t) smell elsewhere. Once you learn what they smell like, you never truly forget.

Deal with one of them, and even when you’re home and showered, you might get the feeling you can smell it still. Even thinking about them is enough to conjure a vivid sensory memory.


1998.03.24 - forever
Happy 19th anniversary ..19 years of love & friendship with Shinhwa ♥ .. Thank you Shinhwa for staying together for 19 years & many more years to come .. thank you for being this loyal & dedicated to the group throughout years .. you make me so proud of being a Shinhwa Changjo. I love you so much ♥♥
Wish you all success & we celebrate together the 30th, 40th anniversaries & more to come, eternal promise, 2gether 4ever ♥