Bubby Page 8/8:

At the beginning of the first semester of my sophomore year in college, I cut out a picture of Chubby Bubby and taped it to the wall near an elevator in my residence hall. A few days later, it was taken down. This went on for a couple more Bubbies before I declared an all- out war. I sat down and drew fifty Chubby Bubbies over the course of an hour and a half or so, and I wanted to paste them all over the elevator! It was the Battle of the Bub. However, I didn’t want all of my hard work to be taken down and thrown away, so I scanned in the pictures first in order to have a digital copy.

.. I still didn’t want my art to be thrown away, so I wimped out and kept the pages, too. This is the eighth page of the Bubbies!

Thus concludes my adventures with the Battle of the Bub.