oran high host club


Everybody loves the host club! About this au: x x x x x

In case you haven’t seen this anime the link contains spoiler for the show’s finale. It’s so nostalgic tho! This is a present for my lovely @miryel89, I’m pretty sure it is still your birthday where you live, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Day 14: anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatch it:

                                           ♥Ouran High School Host Club♥

Yes! Most definitely it has to be The Host Club! :3 No matter how many times I’ve watch it it never bores me, actually I find it funnier every single time! It was an awesome story, brilliant jokes, and fully well developed characters. Oh! How I L O V E each of the characters, they all have amazing background story and struggles that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to love each one of them. It is a great comedy, but one also cares for all of them. So no matter how many times I watch this anime, it will NEVER not make me laugh and cry!