Off work, a little bloated, and 21 weeks.

We find out what we are having in a few days. A lot of my co-workers are trying to guess what our little baby is, I’ll have to find some fun way to surprise them with the news. (I have no life, my work life is my social life. lol)

Things have been pretty good. I don’t feel bad or anything except for when I eat soy and it reeks havoc on my gut. :( Oh and the usual feet hurting from work if I don’t walk around enough. I have been really trying to eat the best foods I can cause my little baby deserves the best it can get. No crap. So I have been really into reading food labels too, if it doesn’t have some sort of nutritional content than I won’t eat it. And I am grateful I work somewhere where I have access to 100% organic produce.(which is so much tastier then “normal” produce and so much better for me and my baby.) I want to get a blender because I have been really into Strawberry smoothies lately and making some with the strawberries from my work sounds sooo good!

 Being pregnant makes you really think about what you put in your body. It makes you think about a lot of stuff. Sometimes I get really lost in my head thinking about what things I want to expose our baby to. Like what music, movies, tv shows, toys, etc….I just want our baby to be healthy and happy and have a happy childhood. I know a lot of people who didn’t have the best childhoods and I feel sorry for them. Mine was pretty good, I admire my mom for all that she did for me and my brother.

On my other blog I talk a lot about how people are getting stupider and idiocracy is really happening. Maybe we are having this little baby so we can help save humanity by not bringing another stupid/ignorant person into this world. I think the world would appreciate that. :)