Smile - a comic


Finally after the delay I am finally uploading the comic I did for class from early 2013

It was done for a final project, and with the limited time I had I managed to complete the story. I was very proud of it when I finished, and of course there were a lot of things that I wish I could have done differently. It might not be the best comic you’ve read, but I hope you guys enjoy it.


edit: reedit the colors should be better now

oradachi replied to your postspeaking of laughing at things harder than you intend to:

HURR warrick’s class is really fun I want to take it again but.. i had to have him in the shortest semester of this world

mclean/warrick. best religion duo ever. :B did you have warrick for csj/ethics or christian life choices?

I forgot to say – I really wish catholic social justice was a year long course (same with clc) because that stuff was really interesting. but it’d get very bad with the wrong teachers… cough kiely and remington cough cough

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haha grace says she’s making cake pop also, so.. yeah idk overload of cake pops tomorrow???

???? I make truffles, grace makes truffles; I make cake pops, grace also… makes cake pops? I’m sensing a pattern here lol maybe I should try macarons next and see if grace attempts them

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only if you give some to us poor mira mesa kids, my dear

I already spoke to maggie, m'dear. I’m coming around three-ish to drop some off to you lovelies who are not ungrateful like miss chi up there ^ ;1