oradachi replied to your postspeaking of laughing at things harder than you intend to:

HURR warrick’s class is really fun I want to take it again but.. i had to have him in the shortest semester of this world

mclean/warrick. best religion duo ever. :B did you have warrick for csj/ethics or christian life choices?

I forgot to say – I really wish catholic social justice was a year long course (same with clc) because that stuff was really interesting. but it’d get very bad with the wrong teachers… cough kiely and remington cough cough




Hii everyone… Sorry I know I’ve been kinda in active lately, and I probably will be for a while. I’ve been trying to find a job too, but it hasn’t been working out and there’s a lot of complicated process involved too… But in the mean time I can work on some drawings, made specially for you if you like!!!!!! 

Sorry the only examples I have are from Christmas, but the quality should be the same, if not, even better since I have improved so much!!!!!

What I’m offering:

4.5’ x 6’ watercolor drawing of your choice for only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Additional Characters +$3

I’ll send you a 300dpi resolution scan image of your drawing thru email ( if its how it works? haha)

Mailing option?????? If you’d like these mailed to you, you just need to pay for shipping, and I’ll try to deliver it to you when I have access to my car (probably during mid-June tho)

I only accept Paypal, and just message me or email me at: Oradachi@gmail.com if you don’t have a tumblr.

I’ll take commission until I run out of paper hahaha, but you can expect it in a few days, unless I am busy or something. .

Hope you guys are interested!!! >o< kyaa~~~~~~!!!!!!


Smile - a comic


Finally after the delay I am finally uploading the comic I did for class from early 2013

It was done for a final project, and with the limited time I had I managed to complete the story. I was very proud of it when I finished, and of course there were a lot of things that I wish I could have done differently. It might not be the best comic you’ve read, but I hope you guys enjoy it.


edit: reedit the colors should be better now