I don’t care how silly it sounds, Bob Ross is absolutely part of my pop culture pantheon, so I made this tarot spread in honor of his wisdom.

HAPPY LITTLE TREES: The Joy of Painting Spread

1. This is Your World - Your power in the situation

2. Happy Accidents - A possible positive outcome from the situation

3. Bravery Test - A risk you may need to take to succeed

4. Beat the Devil Out of It - What needs to be cleansed or removed from the situation

5. A Whisper Floating Across a Mountain - Advice from the cards

“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”

$10-ish (and under) Decks

So I’ve put together a list of tarot and oracle decks that are – mostly – $10 and under on Amazon. A few are over $10, but only by some cents, and nothing is $11 or over. All prices are accurate as of the time I grabbed them, and I’m going off of the main prices listed on the page, so you can probably find some cheaper decks in the used section as well!

I included a few offbeat choices, like a set of blank tarot cards and the Tiny Universal Waite – which is honestly too small to use as a deck, but is great for magic. Be sure to check out each listing for yourself if you’re interested!

Also, the prices are definitely going to change – the English Magic Tarot in particular has fluctuated wildly, as you all may remember. And decks that were priced too high at the time of making this list may go down in price, so it’s always worth checking Amazon just in case! Plus there are definitely a few decks that got left off this list.



university/college witch tips

☕️ brew a cup of tea in between, after, and/or before classes. use herbs according to certain correspondences(I personally use lavender & chamomile after class, rosemary & mugwort before or in between if I have enough time). stir in sugar with intention. pour in a thermos if you’re on the go.

☀️ wake up 20 minutes early and meditate. set intentions or goals for the day, say your prayers, give thanks to the universe or to your deity, focus on your chakras. whatever feels right and simple, make it a part of your morning. [alternative: if you have 20 minutes in between classes this can really help you unwind before your next class]

🎧 instead of listening to your regular music, find something spiritually enriching to listen to when you have a moment. there’s plenty of wonderful spirits on youtube, instagram, etc. that speak to me on a daily. listen to an astrology forecast, a tarot reading, info on certain gods or deities, other witches and their practice, anything that resonates with you. [alternative: find witchy playlists on spotify, tumblr, or 8tracks* ]

📔 combine your practice with your planner. jot down the astrological influences of each week/day. track your tea intake. record pre-planned workings/spellwork/rituals/etc. dedicate a spread to your intentions each Moon cycle, at the end of the cycle cross off everything that manifested, migrate the remaining intentions to the next spread. this is a great pastime when you’re bored in class

♥️ shuffle your tarot/Oracle/etc. cards in class. take them with you throughout the day, let them experience what you do. at the end of the day ask them for their thoughts, or any other thing you feel. make sure to cleanse your deck however you prefer after a long day, your cards will absorb all the energy around you and it may lead to them acting wonky

🖊 draw sigils to help you study and prepare for tests. if you’re struggling with lateness, come up with a sigil to help you be more time efficient. if you suck at homework, write a symbol for wisdom or focus on yourself before you start doing it. sigils are an urban witches best friend

💸 to save money, diy items for your altar. if you live on a college campus, there’s plenty of places where people give away unwanted items either or free or really cheap. get them, if they resonate. paint them, sculpt around them, whatever. then put it on your altar

*I have a bunch of songs that I can put together in tailored playlists if anyone wants


Flowers of The Night Oracle Unboxing

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise to perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”     -Sarah Williams

I ordered this deck back in November of last year from Etsy, before the decks had printed, but after the Kickstarter had ended. It was a lovely surprise to come home to, today.

Cheralyn Darcey, the deck’s creator, is a pure ray of sunshine. If you watch even half a minute of any of her YouTube videos, she’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. She’s a lovely human being, and you can see the goodness radiating from her. I love her, and she is precious. Protect her at all costs.

That being said, I turn my attention back to the deck. I’m quite surprised this deck hasn’t been catching more attention from the Tumblr community… As soon as I saw it on Etsy, it was an instant attraction. My first inclination, is that this will be a good oracle deck for shadow-work and introspective meditations. The poem that I placed under the heading for this post is from the guidebook, and I think it beautifully characterizes the deck.

“Come into the Night Garden and explore your powers and passions with this dedicated oracle deck of flowers coupled with the animals, insects, birds and places their original environments.”   -Descriptor on the deck box.

The deck consists of 44 Flower reading Oracle Cards. Some cards also feature an animal or insect along with its flower. The guidebook is conveniently sized, with well-thought descriptions and meanings. Each card also has the proper name of the flowers and animals that appear on them.

The box is excellent! The lid is hinged and sturdy… I don’t think I’ll be making a wallet for these cards, but rather let them live in their original, beautiful home.  As you could guess, the deck comes with a guidebook and a post card where Cheralyn wrote a thank you. 

I really love this deck, and I can’t wait to start working with it!

If you think you might want one of your own, I suggest you head over to Etsy and secure one, as this is a one time run deck… after they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Etsy listing –> Here <–

What to do when you feel a reading is wrong

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed a bit of negativity floating around the divination community. And I wanted to make a quick post addressing it!

What happens when you request a tarot/energy/rune/oracle reading (especially a free one) and you feel like the reader got it wrong. That’s ok! It happens! But what’s important is how you respond to this! Most readers like myself ask for feedback so we know what we’re doing right but especially what we are doing wrong! So here’s a little how to guide on how to let a reader know that their reading didn’t meet your expectations without being rude!

1. Say thank you- even if you feel the reading was completely bogus say thanks! The reader used their time and energy to deliver a reading to you. They don’t have to offer these services but they do and you, whether you realize it or not, benefitted from this reading. Even if it’s wrong at least you are now certain what is not going on!

2. Express that you thought the reading wasn’t interpreted correctly in a KIND manner. Saying something like “your reading for me was dead wrong” isn’t helpful and is rude to your reader. Instead begin your feedback in a different way perhaps like “thank you for the reading! I wanted to leave some feedback as not everything you stated resonated with me”.

3. Back up your statement- we ask for feedback/constructive criticism! If you say we’re wrong but don’t say why you feel that way how are we supposed to learn? Readers make mistakes, we’re human! But we can’t learn if you rudely tell us were wrong but won’t support your claim.

4. Acknowledge potential error on your end- Was your question super vague? Is this a question you didn’t want the answer to? It’s possible you’re blocking yourself from accepting the full meaning of the reading. Make sure you analyze that as well.

5. Don’t have an attitude- I know it’s disappointing when you receive a reading that doesn’t resonate. You ask yourself “what the heck is this reader doing, this can’t be right”. You might be angry or upset to hear something negative. Try to keep that to yourself. If you can’t, it’s best not to leave feedback! Diviner are people who work hard at what they do. It can be really discouraging to get overly harsh negative words about our work.

If you express yourself correctly the diviner may be willing to revisit your reading and re-interpret it in light of the new info you provided. Like I said we’re human. I know that if I get info that might change things I give a reinterpretation of the reading. However,the reader may stick to their original reading as they may be picking up on something you can’t quite sense. Sometimes readings take a while to make sense or as mentioned you’re blocked to the message. Meditate on it and decide for yourself if you’re gonna accept this reading or let it go. If you get a negative reading and you don’t like it you don’t need to accept that as your final outcome. The future is malleable and you are in charge of it. Readings are never 100% accurate or set in stone. You can always make the change you are hoping for!

That’s all! I hope this helps! Remember to be kind to your diviners!

Solar Eclipse Magick

The solar eclipse reigns on Monday August 21, a shadowy goddess of truth and awakening. This eclipse is an illumination of the shadow self, a time where our awareness dives inward. It will reign under Leo, a fiery sign of courage and compassion. Deep radical love will rise and the emotional body will be tended to.

Cosmic Rituals:

Mantra Practice: I Trust. This is a powerful expression because it forces to release, let go, and to honor the flow of your life. Say this mantra throughout the day. Write it down, post it somewhere you can honor its reminder.

Candle Prayer: ignite the flame and watch it burn with such elegance. A divine notion of illuminating the darkness and your unconscious. Say a little prayer into the heat the rises, a whisper of your desire and intentions. Once you finish your prayer, blow out the cancel. Watch the smoke blend into the night.

Crystal Work:

  • Crystal Bath: soak with the crystals, their energy will infuser into the water. Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Moonstone are the perfect combination for a goddess bath. Add in Peppermint or Lavender bath salt to enhance the healing energies.
  • Mediation: Hold your crystals, feel their energy. Spend time easing the mind into your haven, use your crystals to access chakras, past lives, and emotions that you feel need tended to.
  • Crystal Circle: cast a circle using small crystals or a crystal wand. Crafting or drawing the circle of energy for you to sit in will give you the space to work with your shadow self.
  • Alter: choose a goddess, crystals, and herbs that embody what you want to manifest. The solar eclipse is a time of change, growth, and bravery.

Journal: Write it all down. Every emotion, thought, and memory. Savor it all, embrace the pain and happiness that rises to the surface. Be kind and open with the emotional shadows that step into the light. Healing starts with vulnerability.

Listen to Your Cards: seek guide from your oracle and tarot cards. This is the perfect time to see what your guides/spiritual counsel want to say.

Yoga: step onto the mat and flow, sweat, and breathe. Connect your body and mind with each movement.


Stephen Hawking ( 8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018) was an inspiration to me even as a young child obsessed with learning what lay beyond the solar system we learned in school. I have books upon books of astronomy and cosmology encyclopedias, all of which I hold dear to me. Hawking’s passing left me heartbroken, but determined to keep that passion for space alive. He shot for the moon, and landed among the stars.

This tarot spread is inspired by a quote from Hawking with the purpose of having a goal you already want to reach, but not knowing where to start. 

  1. Your roots: Where do you stand now? Step back and observe this point in your life.
  2. Find your footing: Where do you need to look to find the start to achieving your goal?
  3. First step: How and/or when should you start this journey?
  4. You challenge: What will block your path?
  5. Lesson to learn: What experience will you gain from this obstacle?
  6. What to hold onto: This will help you reach your final goal. Don’t let go of it.
  7. What to let go: This is only holding you back, and it’s time to move past it. Don’t look back.
  8. Leap of faith: What risk, sacrifice, or choice will you need to make to reach your goal?
  9. Where you land: Who will you become when you finally reach your goal?