oracle mystifying playing cards

@asiderealwings put up a picture of their tarot family so here’s mine. (Including my hubby’s 3 deck cause I borrow them when I want different ways to think of an image)

Starting with the Phoenix in the bottom left corner

The Phoenix Cards > the Vertigo tarot > the Wooden tarot > UFO tarot > Silhouettes Tarot > Tarot of the Cat People > the Earthbound Oracle > Arcana Tarot Playing Cards > Oracle Mystifying Playing Cards

Second line starting with the blue with chalice back cards

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle > Wild Unknown Tarot > the Zombie Tarot > Crystal Visions Tarot (I think, got it used, no longer had box) > Welcome to Nightvale Tarot > Robert Hansen Tarot (? Again no box, I’m sure I knew 15 years ago when I got it but idk now) > the Archeon Tarot > Firefly playing cards > the Seekers Lenormand

Top row starting with the dark brown/maroon deck

the Druid Craft Tarot> The Robin Wood Tarot > Morgan’s Tarot > Rider Waite Smith Tarot > the Thoth Deck > The Winged Spirits Tarot > The Rohrig Tarot > the Sirian Starseed tarot

I have a blank deck somewhere in storage and a Prisma on the way. The Prisma Visions Tarot just came back into print, I regretted not getting it before so I decided to get it.

I may have a  tarot problem. But I’ve been collecting for 18 years so deck per year it may not be that bad? (although 11 of them are from the past 2 years) Just laying them out on the table like this is a touch overwhelming.  That and I have let some decks go in the past so idk… My deck wish list would be another 12 decks on top of this too

but I love my decks.  I love seeing so many solutions to the same visual image of one card…