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The Crownless Prince of Tenebrae

Alright, so I finished FFXV and Ravus is my favourite character. Even if he only gets about 40 minutes of screen time. Therefore I wrote this thing. It’s a long-one. This is also my first time writing in the first-person perspective but I think it turned out ok.
This story contains mentions of murder, non-con/dub-con and other not so good things.
As always edited by @corrupted-spirit.
Enjoy the story.

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Steph glared at the back of Barbara’s chair. From her vantage point on the floor she could just see the screens over the redhead’s shoulder. Her annoyance was with Babs though, so she was ardently trying not to look at those screens. Finally, Steph just decided that even the glaring was too much of a toll on her exhausted mind and body. She flopped backward and ended up sprawled across the Clocktower’s floor.

“You ok?” Barbara asked. She had glanced back at hearing Stephanie’s collapse from seated to starfish.

Steph rolled her head back and forth in what was supposed to be a shaking motion. “Noooo,” she finally groaned.

Babs smirked. “Oh? And why is that?”

“Because,” the younger girl whined. “All my friends are on missions and patrols and whatnot and I’m benched due to being ‘overworked’.” 

Barbara turned her attention back to her screens as she chuckled. A few keystrokes and a smile was growing across her face, unnoticed by the teenager on her floor. “Well Stephanie, things are calm for now so I’m going to catch a few winks quick. You ok down there?”

Steph held her arm up with a thumbs up as Babs rolled past. She just chuckled at the current Batgirl in response.

Stephanie was studying the eaves of the Clocktower while silently bemoaning her current fate when she heard a slight noise and felt and sudden breeze. “Who’s there? Whoever it is I’m warning you, this girl has cave-fever! Or is it tower-fever? Doesn’t matter! Cause I will whoop your butt!” she called as she sat up.

A laugh came from by the window normally reserved for Nightwing entrances and late night Chinese deliveries by the city’s various bats and birds. A blonde girl with a blue mask and a star-spangled costume stepped out of the shadows designed for Batman lurking and grinned. “I mean, you can try but between the cosmic converter belt, my staff, and your exhaustion I don’t think you will.”

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