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Okay, I’m going to make a list of all the times Noctis talks about Luna in media (though I’m not counting the times he actually talks to her herself), so here I go:

Feel free to add to this if I miss anything!

Them talking about Luna in the car at the end of Kingsglaive.

The actual game:

Noctis, before heading out, “I don’t know about you, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” And then when Regis tells him it’s not too late to turn back, “You think I would?”

Oh, and Noctis teasing his father when he reminds him to mind his manners around his “charming bride to be”.

Cindy - “Lady Lunafreya’s groom, right here in Hammerhead.” Noctis - “Not hitched just yet.”

The waitress from Golden Quay asking Noctis if he’s hitting on her, and him denying it (this isn’t him talking about Luna, but proving what Ray Chase said about Noctis never flirting with any other girls–same thing with Iris, and Cindy in Episode Duscae).

Edit: @moonlight-at-dawn Prompto saying something along the lines of, “Now that you finally get to marry her…” to Noct, which shows that this is clearly something Noctis has been thinking about for a long time and wanting.

Prompto asking Noctis how he feels about getting married to Luna. And he says something along the lines of, “Any guy would be super excited to marry her.” To which Noctis replies, “No big deal.” And Prompto responds, “Oh, come on!”

Gladiolus reminding Noctis that even though he’s getting married, he can’t let himself go.

Noctis telling Prompto he’s not going to tell him anything, despite Prompto wanting him to, about what Luna wrote to him and what he wrote back.

And speaking of which, Noctis writing back to her “Finally going to see you after all these years,” most likely.

Noctis listening intently to what Luna says on the radio about their upcoming marriage.

And speaking of that, much thanks to @oraclesoul for this tip: “There’s also a time where the guys tease Noct in the car at the beginning of the game when the radio station is discussing his and Luna’s marriage. Ignis basically states that Luna is all about the idea, Gladio points out that Noct likes it too, and Prompto says ‘What’s that? I do?’ And Noctis responds with ‘Buzz off’ lol. Too cute.”

Noctis being upset about reports of Luna being dead, I believe.

Noctis being super relieved to hear from Iris that Luna is okay.

During the “stroll for two”, Iris telling Noctis, “And you already have Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis looking super happy/proud in front of this “Long live the Oracle” graffiti in Lestallum:

Stuff during the battle with Titan: “That was Luna? You spoke to her?!”

Noctis writing to Luna in their notebook, “I received the blessing. Thank you, Luna.” And then him telling Umbra, “Tell her I’m safe, and that she won’t have to wait much longer. We’ll be together soon.”

Noctis saying how he “can’t wait to thank her in person” for all she’s doing for him, when the Chocobros bring her up.

I think Gladio even says, “That’s an amazing woman you have,” or something like that. And Noctis’ answer is, “Don’t I know it?”

Coctura asking for certain berries from Noctis, because she wants to honor his and Luna’s wedding that way–by combining some Lucis and Tenebrae flavors together: this is actually the dessert that Noctis kept wanting in Brotherhood, and so the chocobros talk about that a little bit (and Luna) here.

Noctis’ reaction to Prompto offering to take sultry pictures of Lunafreya for him. “Oh, no you will not.” @prynacle “In the photo session with Prompto, he tells Noct his plans to give the pictures he took of Noct to Luna, and Noct goes, ‘If you want to…’ Looking to his side, playing it cool 😂”

…Doesn’t Iris seem kind of mopey, when you part with her being in your party, because she knows Noctis is going to go have to join Luna soon? And I don’t think Noctis says anything here, which probably says everything.

Our prince being angry about Ravus, for the empire targeting Luna.

This is the description for chapter nine: “Noctis receives a warm sendoff as he sets sail for Altissia in high spirits. The prince goes forth ostensibly to seek the blessing of the Hydrogen, which will enable him to challenge the empire’s might, but his true heart’s desire is to find Lunafreya, his betrothed.”

On the way to Altissia, Noctis saying how Luna comes first–even before Leviathan–and stuff.

People in Altissia feeling bad for Ravus, and saying how “he just looked at the church teary-eyed”, or something like that. And the friend goes, “Can you blame him? His sister was supposed to get married there.” And this is after it’s revealed that the wedding conditions had all been a ruse on Niflheim’s part, of course, and so the wedding is seemingly off the table.

The chocobros reaction to Luna’s wedding dress, and them saying that Noctis and Luna need to make the wedding happen.

Going off of that: @hernkydernky123 “There’s also this cute scene where the boys see Luna’s wedding dress, Prompto said her dress is beautiful (I think) and Gladio said to Noct, ‘I bet the groom can’t wait to see it on his bride-to-be.’ And also the scene in Altissa where they actually see her dress and some people in the background a man and women were saying….Lady: ‘I want my dress to be as pretty as that!’ Man: ‘And it will be, for i am your Prince Noctis.’ Gladio: ‘Looks like the Prince’s got followers.’ And something else in those scenes but yeah…cuteness overboard!

Noctis being angry for Luna during the negotiations. “She’d better be safe.” “I want to see her right now.” “They’ll be a reckoning for you, too,” that you can have Noctis say when Camelia threatens Luna.

Noct asking Ignis about Luna after her death, and then sobbing at the answer as he flips through their book. “The last page is stained with tears.”

Promto saying that they’ll be rolling by Tenebrae, and Gladio then saying that they’re not stopping there.

Gladio yelling at Noctis for moping about Luna, and him being like, “I am over it! I’m here, aren’t I?”, but clearly lying and storming off to clutch the ring and cry some more.

Actually, probably all of Noctis’ anger at Gladio in chapter ten is over Luna. Like when he says, “Can you shut up?” to him and stuff like that.

Noctis undoubtedly listening to the radio as it talks about Luna’s death, like the broadcast that lies and says they were both swept under the waves together (and you know he was probably listening to stuff about her on the radio in general).

Noctis trying to kill Ardyn (though it’s secretly Prompto), for murdering Luna. And also blaming him for everything.

Noctis asking if they can stop in Tenebrae, and Gladio responding, “If it’ll help him get over it”.

Just all of chapter twelve, when Noctis is talking to Maira (even about Pryna, Luna, and Umbra), the little girl (”I lo- Thank you.”, visiting Tenebrae, seeing things about Luna, talking to Gentiana/Shiva, and then finally crying at the ghost-Luna’s feet and apologizing that he couldn’t be there for her.

Noctis having a serious hard time putting the ring on, but finally doing it in great pain.

Him reading the notes that Ravus wrote to Luna. And speaking of Ravus, I think Noctis suddenly treating him nicely in the latter half of the game is for sure because of Luna (or partly, anyway).

Noctis thinking of Luna while in the crystal.

Noctis’ reaction to seeing Luna’s hanged body.

Noctis, perhaps, choosing to take a picture of his journey with him, on the off-chance he can show it to Luna in the afterlife? Maybe?

Ardyn digging the knife further into Noctis in chapter fourteen: “When your beloved died, you could only lay there and watch,” or whatever the exact wording was.

“I love you all: Luna, guys, Dad.”

I’m also going to throw in the Oracle decal for the car, with the description of, “Now you can be together forever.”

I also swear that their are NPCs who say that they’re wary of Noctis and Luna’s marriage, and think there’s more to it than meets the eye (like, they’re probably thinking it’s a power play).


Noctis apologizing to Luna for the hold up in his mind, and promising her that he’ll be there soon.

Noctis freaking out and getting angry, after Ignis moved the lovers’ notebook and told him that he should write back to her soon. “I know that!”

Noct telling Prompto that he can meet Luna on the first episode of Brotherhood… before taking it back on the last one, and saying that she might just want to see him.

Our Tsundere prince telling Prompto to “shut up” when he’s teasing Noctis about Luna at one point in Brotherhood.

Oh! And Noctis also doesn’t flirt with those girls getting ice cream in Lestallum like Prompto does in episode four.

I’ve also seen/heard that when Noctis is reaching in the water, after falling into it in the last episode, it’s supposed to be him thinking about Luna and when they were separated?

And you know what? For the hell of it, I’m going to throw in the removed stuff from trailers, too.

Omen trailer.

The updated World of Wonder trailer, that has Noctis talking in it. And he says, “Where’s Luna?”

Noctis, looking at the moon: “It’s been a long time. Too long. Not much longer.”

Noctis - “Luna says she has something for me.” Ignis - “So she made it out alive?” Prompto - “Don’t want to keep your date waiting!”

Luna - “I can’t stay any longer! Forget about me! Live your own life!” Noctis - “My heart won’t let go.”

I know that that last one was technically Stella. But it was at a point where they’d retconned so much about Stella, that she was now childhood friends with Noctis (which she originally wasn’t, but that was something that became true about Noctis and Luna), so I’m counting it.

Edit: There’s also stuff from the audio drama I should probably add, but since I’ve only listened to it once I’d have to give it another go before I attempt that.


Miniature Noctis being in Luna’s room during the Mystery disc demo, and commenting on it (with fanart of Luna and himself all around him at the time), and a giant Umbra coming up to him and wanting to play. LOL.