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Barbara Gordon never expected to become a mother. She never even considered the idea before. Not out of a distaste for the concept of motherhood, but merely a blindspot in her mind. A child was simply something she never planned for. But nothing in life goes according to plan.

Cassandra Cain entered the clocktower slowly, the moonlight filtering in through the window, casting a spotlight on Batgirl as she crept inside. She peeled her mask off and freed her hair from it’s tightly wrapped bun, allowing black locks to rest freely just below her shoulders. Her hair was growing long these days, last being cut shortly after she was adopted by Bruce Wayne and brought into his family. Despite being surrounded by a new family, Cassandra still found herself lonely at times. A loneliness that could only be alleviated by visits to the clocktower, or rather the woman who spent her nights inside it, watching the city below.

Barbara’s head turned from the computer towards the girl sitting in the window, holding her mask in her hands and staring at the floorboards. Gotham was quiet tonight, no major crimes warranting the intervention of vigilantes, but something was eating at the girl regardless. Barbara pushed her chair across the room, until she was close to Cassie, and placed a hand on the girl’s knee.

“Cassie, are you doing alright?” She asked gently.

“Lonely,” Cassie whispered, gripping her mask tight.

Barbara sighed softly. “You’ve been lonely a lot lately, huh? Do you want to talk? Come on, I’ll make some tea.”

Cassie nodded her head, and followed Barbara. They had settled into a routine lately. Every time Cassie came to the clocktower, Barbara would offer her tea, and they’d sit on a couch in the corner and talk about whatever Cassie had on her mind. Barbara offered the girl her favorite mug, a black one with a golden bat symbol, and watched as Cassie curled up on the sofa and pulled a blanket around her small frame. Barbara pulled herself from her chair to the couch, and smiled softly when Cass gave up enough of her blanket for the older woman to cover herself as well.

“So, what’s going on?” Barbara questioned.

“I’m lonely,” Cassandra stated again. “I miss you. During the day.” She paused, and looked at Barbara nervously. “Can you… Come live with us?”

Barbara was quiet, though not surprised by the question. She had been expecting it for a few days now. “Cassie, that’s… Not an easy question to answer. I know we’re close, but I can’t just move into the manor. I have my own home.” Barbara took Cassie by the hand and looked her in the eye. “But I promise, you can visit me whenever you like, okay? Whenever you miss me. Just let me know ahead of time, in case I’m busy. Does that work?”

Cassandra hugged Barbara tight, squeezing the breath out of the woman. “Thank you mom.”

Mom. The word should have shaken her, thrown her off balance, but it didn’t. It made her heart swell, and Barbara found her lips curling into a smile as she held Cassandra close. She never planned to be a mother, but she was glad life didn’t go according to plan.

Story of Ravus

Ravus Nox Fleuret

A lot of people miss out on Ravus’ whole story even if you watch Kingsglaive. To some people the movie makes things even more confusing actually.

But here is Ravus’ purpose and what he was trying to accomplish the entire time while working with Niflheim:

  • M.E 744 (12 years ago) - During Noctis’ stay, the Niflheim Empire conquers Fenestala Manor and set it ablaze, led by Imperial General Glauca. Ravus (16) had to helplessly watch his mother being murdered in front of him. Regis is doing nothing to help but just run away with his son and Lunafreya. 

Luna stayed behind because she would only endanger them. Tenebrae already became part of Niflheim in M.E. 359 (397 years ago) but Fenestala Manor was a hidden location out of Niflheim’s sight. If Lunafreya went along with Regis, it would be seen and used as an act of cowardice by the Empire; taking hostage. Niflheim would have reason to be more aggressive and attack the nation of Lucis entirely instead of just the Capital Insomnia alone. The Oracle is an important figure Niflheim wants to keep alive to learn secrets about the Six.

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Ouija Boards

I see many differing opinions and theories about these oracle boards, and figured I would add my own to this. Many see these as dangerous items that attract evil to a place or person, others acknowledge them as portals, and as such, unpredictable at best. Others see these as merely a game made to play and spook friends, and others use them as a staple of their Spirit world contacting. I personally don’t feel there is a right or wrong answer, as it is always a matter of perception, but my opinion is that it is no more dangerous than any other oracle used to contact the other side. Allow me to explain this:

People who use and view these as just a game are not entirely wrong. It is marketed as a game, and can be played as such. They are oracles, this is true, but most often people who play with a Ouija board for fun are not genuinely contacting anything. They are punking each other for laughs or to mess with someone that may believe in it. So many people play with these at parties with no ill repercussions. That is not to say as something cannot or does not happen sometimes, but I do feel that it is pointless to tel others not to do something. That doesn’t help anyone, and often only leads to frustration.

I think the only danger that comes from this is if you genuinely want to contact the spirit world, but don’t have a particular direction or knowledge of how to close the portal once it is open. Open portals are often a great unknown, and sometimes something less than savory may be what slips through, parading as a friendly. Really, all you have to do, sensitive or not, is know how to send a spirit back to the other side, and close the portal down again. The mistake people make is that they will get up and leave the board or destroy it, should something come through and spook them. 

What should be done if you are using a spirit board for spirit communication is to seal the room, and make it known that any spirits that come through are not to cause harm or bring ill intent to the session. Make sure the barriers you program will enforce your rules, and when the session gets too intense, command the spirit to leave back through the portal. Once this is done, focus your energy into the board, and close the door. Visualize a door closing and locking, or put your intention fully into making that happen. This is the same as if you were to travel or use oracle cards. If something meets you there and wants to chat, friendly or otherwise, make sure you maintain the controls over the session. Never let a spirit take your power or dictate how the sessions start and finish, and you should have no problems. You called or invited them, you have the power and right to dismiss them as well. 

Destroying the board while it is still open is always a bad idea, as that leaves the door open indefinitely, but even this mistake is not something that cannot be fixed. If this happens, then all that has to be done is to return to the area where the door was initially opened, and seal the open door the same way. Send the spirits back through, then close the door with your energy and intention.

After any session where spirits are contacted, especially any unsavory ones, it is always advised to clear the air. Burn some herbs or herbal oils, sprinkle some salt, salt water, or rose water, or any herbal water that you find potent as a cleanser and protective source, and you should be fine. Some even find no need to clear the air after a session, because they are content with simply sending the spirits back and closing the door. 

I suppose my point is that each person has their own methods or beliefs, and that is just fine. There is no need to police others for their thoughts/feelings/beliefs. If you believe that there is no safe way to operate a Ouija board, that’s fine, but there isn’t a need to shame those that don’t agree. Same goes for those that believe them to be perfectly safe, even without any real precautions. That’s fine, and likely works just fine for you, but for some they feel more secure or in control with certain etiquettes and procedures. It, as with any other practice, will vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some cleanse before and after always, some never do. Some use visualizations to close a door and send spirits packing, others don’t find this necessary. It always varies, and just because one method or belief works for one and not another, does not make any one more correct than the other. You never know what it is that an individual is capable of with belief alone, so why not leave it as to each their own? If you believe this is dangerous and can only lead to trouble, that’s okay, but you likely will not convince anyone who doesn’t share that belief. In that case, should you feel that way, just let the person in question find out on their own. After all, personal experience is often the best teacher.

This is in no way meant to start fights or pick on anybody. This is just my viewpoints, and I accept fully that some may agree or completely disagree. That is perfectly fine, but let’s just agree to disagree. I am willing to discuss this or any other questions as always, but please leave any hate or inflammatory comments at the door.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


DC Fancast (Ladies of Figure Skating) | Meryl Davis as Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle)

“You know at the end of the day, when you close the door and you’re all alone… And you strip off your armor and lower your guard and peel away the mask… When there’s nobody watching and nothing to hide… And you no longer need to be strong or clever or pretty or brave… There’s just you. That’s it. That’s the soul.” –from Batgirl; Vol. 1, #45

Ok but why isn't anybody talking about Percy's impressive ability to decipher prophecies?

Like, he was the one who figured out that Clarisse needed to fly back to Camp Half-Blood with the Golden Fleece all the way back in SoM. He figured out that the “cursed blade” and the “hero” meant that Luke had to stab himself with Annabeth’s dagger. Heck, in The Hidden Oracle, he figured out that Leo and Festus were returning from the phrase “Happiness approaches”!
I mean, sure he can’t read, but dayum, genius in the house!

To Rocksteady Studios

Let me start by giving some background. I am a huge Batman fan. People often assume that Batman is my favorite character because I am known as Batman, because I own a bunch of Batman gear, and because I really am inspired by Batman. But the truth is, my favorite character, the one who inspires me the most, is Barbara Gordon. And what you did with her is unacceptable to me.

I am a female. I am an engineering student. I love technology. I am a black belt. I love martial arts. I am disabled. There was a time when I thought I had to give up on my dreams due to my disability. But Barbara Gordon inspired me. Through her story I realized that I could be something more, that I could use my apparent weakness as a strength and an asset, that I could redirect the anger and frustration I felt towards fighting my disease. I was inspired by Babs to face my troubles and fears, to accept them, and to overcome them in my own way.

I noticed a decent amount of errors in your scene mimicking “The Killing Joke.” I have read that story multiple times. I generally hate it when games and movies miss details, but I can let those go. What I cannot get over is your character adjustment. I will never understand why you made Batgirl turn and run when facing the Joker. The Joker did not shoot her in the back. He shot her as she faced him, shocked by his unexpected appearance, but not fleeing in fear. Could you do that to Batman? Could you do that to Robin? The one mistake I appreciated from this scene was that you kept Barbara’s clothes on. But frankly, with the way you have objectified and weakened a number of women in this game, I was shocked you didn’t take that opportunity as well.

Let me direct you to one of my favorite issues of Birds of Prey. You use Oracle as one of your characters, but you obviously missed out on a large portion of her character and personality. She is an incredibly intelligent, powerful, and strong badass. In issue #124, Babs takes on the Joker while in a wheelchair, using her escrima and exceptional skills to smash in the Joker’s face. But you made her weak. You made her need to be rescued. Why? Was it your primarily male audience? Was it your disregard for the strength and resilience people with disabilities can exhibit? Or was it just stupidity on your part? I am offended. I am angry. I am saddened by the way such an important character was diminished, shamed, and ruined by your mistakes.

My birthday was the 22nd, and I was so excited when I learned that Arkham Knight came out the day after my birthday. I debated between getting a special edition PS4 or waiting for when I bought an Xbox One. Well, thank you for helping me reach a decision. I would really only buy the PS4 for this game, a game I was really looking forward to. Now that I no longer have any interest in this game, I’m sticking with the Xbox One, although I won’t be purchasing your game for that system either.

I fight for my life every day. I have Oracle’s symbol on my computer backgrounds and on my medical devices. I have an Oracle action figure to my left, and when I’m struggling sometimes, with school, with life, with writing this letter to you, I look at it and remind myself of this major source of inspiration. The things I have seen so far from the game you created are not fair. They are not right, and they are not acceptable. I don’t think you’ll really care that I don’t buy your game, but this issue is not about profit. No, it’s about something much more serious than that. And I could write more about your portrayal of other female characters in your games, but I don’t think you need that. I think you realize what you are doing. But just take a moment to realize that your games do more than appeal to men and bring in your paychecks. They inspire people and allow them to play and connect with some of their favorite characters. They bring stories and ideas to life. And they also spread your horrible depictions of female characters, reduced to sex objects and damsels in distress, and for that reason, I am incredibly disappointed and disgusted with you.