Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.

Ear biscuits is probably the best thing that I’ve come across in 2017. I’m slowly going through listening the seasons 1&2, but it is so much more interesting to witness this season straight from the oven.

Today’s EB was planned to be the first of the season, but instead it was released today. This biscuit was special in not just being the first of the season, but also in being an unusually personal and deep conversation between Rhett and Link.

It’s easy to forget, watching the guys be happy and care-free on GMM, that they have lives outside the show. They don’t talk about their everyday lives as much as they used to in the early seasons of GMM, and I think it’s healthy and unferstandable to keep parts of their lives private, as much as we fans would like to know everything.

Being too open makes you vulnerable. Then again, being open can also help you get support and maybe help other people in similar circumstances. It’s a two-way road, but like Link said, talking about the difficult things helps you get them out of your head, where they would only be doing these vicious cycles.

The episode started with their stories about having hemorrhoids and aging. They’ve been suggesting having this “condition” on GMM at a point or another, so I wasn’t surprised they actually had it. We always laugh in my family about how old people talk about their health issues when they meet, and in a way, Rhett and Link comparing their experiences at the butt doctor reminded me of all my old relatives. Rhett said that it’s not having the condition that proves you’re aging, but having it checked out by a professional is. Well, I think it’s talking about having it checked out that shows your true age.

I never believed I’d get to hear a story about their rectal exams in quite as much detail as I did today. Link didn’t seem to mind talking about his probing experiences, while Rhett was a bit less open about his. I should probably say it was TMI altogether, but I’ll admit they gave me a million laughs talking about it.

I also think they should consider getting themselves hemorrhoid preventing chairs, since they spend most of their time sitting on their butts. Unless they’ve already got those. (Getting health tips from overly concerned fans must be a major pain in the butt. Pun completely intended.)

The latter part of the episode was deeply touching. There’s nothing as upsetting as seeing a family member suffer or go through painful procedures. I don’t have children of my own, so I don’t know just how hard it is for Link, but it must be a million times worse than seeing your parents in pain. It was heartbreaking to see how Link was almost in tears talking about the upcoming procedure, and how moved he was by Lilly’s mature way of reacting to hearing about it. I know Rhett said that the way a child’s personality develops has very little to do with how they’re brought up, but Link and Christy must have done something right to have a daughter like this. I truly hope that everything goes well with the operation, and that she has a speedy recovery.💟

I love the fact Link chose to share this part of his life with us. I vaguely remember him appearing more serious than usual at some point earlier, and obviously I started to think if it was because he’d just heard the news about the operation. It must be hard to stay positive on screen when stuff like this happens, and it’s good to know Rhett and Link feel able to share things with us and maybe make the burden of keeping the sad stuff hidden feel a bit lighter. It’s ok to be upset sometimes, we all go through bad things in our lives. If anything, it helps you value the good times even more.

I know that I value the way Rhett and Link put all this energy into giving us happy moments every day, even when it feels like a struggle. They help me get through my personal struggles in so many ways. I only wish we had a way of helping them in return.


Another great comic dub for you atomi! I love Phantom’s dubs and follow his channel. So imagine my surprise when I saw this little gem in my sub box :)


I’ve been watching this a few times over now. This is a really fun dub! ^^

So many cool things about this! My favorite part is probably Bendy. I just love how upbeat he sounds in the beginning. You just know from that tone in his voice that he’s up to something. XD 

Thank you for the dub. This was really cool!