Links to watch the Miraculous Christmas Special:

Hey there fellow miraculers. LittleMissSquiggles here. As you peeps may know by now, the Miraculous Christmas Special premieres tomorrow morning in its homeland of France. As we’re just hours away from the premiere, I took the liberty of sharing some info on streaming links that way we can all tune in to view and fangirl over this awesome special together. Wouldn’t that be just awesometastic?

Here are the streaming links where you’d be able to view the French premiere of the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special alongwith the scheduled timezones. Credit for links and information regarding timezone schedules goes to @Miraculous_US on Twitter (be sure to give them a follow if you’re on Twitter too).

Streaming Links:

  1. Streaming Hub
  2. OKLiveTV
  3. Stream4Free 
  4. Stream2Watch

Information on Timezones:

The time the special starts in Paris is at 9AM or 9:10AM

What times to benefit on, when you are in the US:

  • Eastern Standard: 3AM (Dec 11th)
  • Central Time: 2AM (Dec 11th)
  • Mountain Time (Arizona too): 1AM (Dec 11th)
  • Pacific Time: 12 AM (Dec 11th)
  • Alaska Time: 11 PM (Dec 10th)
  • Hawaiian Time: 10PM (Dec 10th)

Other Timezones:

  • EET: 10AM (Dec 10th)
  • ART: 10AM (Dec 10th)
  • EAT: 11AM (Dec 10th)
  • MET: 11:30AM (Dec 10th)
  • NET: 12PM (Dec 10th)
  • PLT: 1PM (Dec 10th)
  • IST: 1:30PM (Dec 10th)
  • BST: 2PM (Dec 10th)
  • VST: 3PM (Dec 10th)
  • CTT: 4PM (Dec 10th)
  • JST: 5PM (Dec 10th)
  • ACT: 5:30PM (Dec 10th)
  • AET: 6PM (Dec 10th)
  • SST: 7PM (Dec 10th)
  • NST: 8PM (Dec 10th)
  • MIT: 9PM (Dec 10th)
  • IET: 4AM (Dec 11th)
  • PRT: 5AM (Dec 11th)
  • CNT: 5:30AM (Dec 11th)
  • AGT: 6AM (Dec 11th)
  • BET: 7 AM (Dec 11th)
  • CAT: 9AM (Dec 11th)

If you’re a Trinbagonian miraculer like yours truly, the special will start at 4AM Trinidad and Tobago time tomorrow morning (Dec 11th) 

See you fellow ladybugs and cool cats later for the special!

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)


Martin Freeman at Stephen Colbert Late Night (HD video from the official Stephen Colbert YT channel)

(including the new Sherlock S4 clip)


*somewhere in the non-canon distance the Smash Link, Link in Zelda II, Soul Calibur Links sigh.*

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Finally finished this piece for cutiesaturday!! This has been sitting in my files and the back of my head forever?! Link to the Past is my favorite LoZ game - and as such, pink/magenta haired Link is always my fav too <3


❄️  Nintendo Christmas Cards  ❄️

These cards and without a doubt the cutest, most adorable and creative cards I’ve ever seen! 😻 The triforce tree is really nice touch!

They’re a little costly, so you probably wouldn’t be mass-buying them to send to everyone, but if there’s a special someone that you want to get the perfect card for, this might be it!

Nintendo Christmas Cards
by JojostoryArt

In 1982 international agencies assured Haiti’s peasants their pigs were sick and had to be killed (so that the illness would not spread to countries to the North). Promises were made that better pigs would replace the sick pigs. With an efficiency not since seen among development projects, all of the Creole pigs were killed over period of a thirteen months.

Two years later the new, better pigs came from lowa. They were so much better that they required clean drinking water (unavailable to 80% of the Haitian population), imported feed (costing $90 a year when the per capita income was about $130), and special roofed pigpens. Haitian peasants quickly dubbed them “prince a quatre pieds,” (four-footed princes). Adding insult to injury, the meat did not taste as good. Needless to say, the repopulation program was a complete failure. One observer of the process estimated that in monetary terms Haitian peasants lost $600 million dollars. There was a 30% drop in enrollment in rural schools, there was a dramatic decline in the protein consumption in rural Haiti, a devastating decapitalization of the peasant economy and an incalculable negative impact on Haiti’s soil and agricultural productivity. The Haitian peasantry has not recovered to this day.

Most of rural Haiti is still isolated from global markets, so for many peasants the extermination of the Creole pigs was their first experience of globalization. The experience looms large in the collective memory. Today, when the peasants are told that “economic reform” and privatization will benefit them they are understandably wary. The state-owned enterprises are sick, we are told, and they must be privatized. The peasants shake their heads and remember the Creole pigs.

It snowed a few days back, so I wanted to draw something warm and cozy-feeling.

I headcanon that Blue is the best of the Links at sewing.  He’s giving Red some pointers :)

(He’s also repairing one of Green’s tunics for him.  They can all sew a little bit - the Hyrulean knights are expected to at least be able to mend their own clothes - but Green’s uneven stitching bugs the heck out of Blue, so it’s easier to just take the task on himself.)