DC needs to figure out wtf it wants to do with babs

Like i see a lot of iterations where she’s younger and batman is more like a mentor, which is nice, but then dc uses that to ship her with Dick which is gross because i feel like their relationship would be more like siblings if that were the case and i feel like that dynamic only exists because DC uses her title “BatGIRL” as an excuse to infantilize her without toning down all the weird sexualization.

Personally i like the path The Lego Batman Movie took (which was based off her original dynamic from the 66 tv show) where she’s portrayed as an older woman and a platonic, competent, partner to batman, as well her own character. but now THAT feels weird too because of things they’ve done to her character recently, like her relationship with dick ( and the BS that happened in the killing joke movie)

Like, How about keeping her age consistent, not shipping her with anyone in the batfam and just letting her kick ass

in fact lets just turn lego babs into canon babs and call it a damn day

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to formally introduce Galon to the blog!

Thanks to @ask-bonfire-the-charizard who suggested the name ‘heart’ and @dailyswablu who suggested I translate it into Welsh because it sounds pretty!

Both of you, feel free to request a sketch from me for your input~

50 Followers thing mcguffin

(Before I start I wanna say a few things, Sorry for the quality my phone is a real dipshit and wont focus correctly. Secondly the first thing I wanted to do wasn’t gonna work out so I just drew some of my favorite oc’s, sorry if yours wasn’t in here!) BAM! Some of my favorite oc’s all of them are beautiful and I’m sorry if I fucked up drawing yours, I rushed to get this out before I hit 70.
Oc’s Used In order
Shotty - @ask-shotglass - I love Him SOOSSOSOSOSOSOSO much, he’s one of the main reasons I made this blog actually!


Coffeepot - @question-coffeepot - FUCKING GREATTTTTTTTTTT (I’m running out of vocabulary to use in explaining why I love these precious beans)

Mermaid Rambles~

I just wanted to make a post for my dad. He was the first person who ever supported me with my practice and he was the first person to get a Tarot reading from me. He knows how to always make me feel special and it’s times like this that I truly appreciate that. I hate seeing him back in the hospital and I can’t wait for him to get right back on his feet! He taught me how to be strong and now I’m here to be strong for him 💓

I remember the first reading I gave him like it was just the other day. He was skeptic and didnt really believe I knew what I was doing. I shuffled the cards and had him pull a few. When I read them for him he laughed and was shocked at how right on they were. His laugh and smile made me feel so proud and accomplished. After that he had me right down all his questions and the answers and he was jumping around teary eyed at the messages he was recieving. I must’ve read the cards with him for hours and I felt so happy to be able to give him that guidance he was searching for and to be there in the moment with him.

After that I started doing more readings and created my Tarot shop. My dad supported me and believed in me before any one else did and if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have this blog. I want to thank each and every one of my followers too you’re support means a lot and keeps me moving forward with my Tarot journey.

Tonight’s card reminds me that my prayers are being answered. My dad has come a long way and he’s been so blessed to receive his transplant and gain another chance at life. There’s been little bumps in the road since the surgery and lots of surgeries that came after but he’s getting the best care and all the help he needs to get better.