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It's not wise to be rude to your ride to the airport.

This was around Thanksgiving 2015.

My family gets together at a rural-ish cabin. I had agreed to give my younger sister a ride to the airport on Sunday, since she was on a short break from college. and had important classes and tests to get back to after Thanksgiving. I’d also agreed to lock up the cabin for my parents, since they had to leave on Saturday to get back to pressing work matters.

During the post-dinner bullshitting on Thanksgiving, my sister decided to give me sh*t about the bad couple months I’d had. A long-term girlfriend of mine and I had broken up and the company I worked for folded. This went beyond normal sibling sh*t-flinging, including her saying something to the effect of “Who’d date or hire a worthless failure loser like you anyway, b*tch? Your girlfriend was probably f*cking your boss and dumped you both when she learned you were both failures.”

She was called out on her crude remarks by several family members, but refused to apologize. I seemingly let it slide. I had plenty of emergency funds, had a few job prospects lined up (was hired shortly after and got a nice salary bump, actually) and was okay with being single. Her vehemence was out of left field though, and uncalled for.

Sunday morning, I waited for her in the kitchen with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Hey, Heather.” I said when she entered the kitchen. “Wanna apologize for your sh*tty comments the other night?”

she laughed. “About your being a d*ckless failure? Nope. Now let’s get going I have a flight to catch.”

“Fair enough!” I responded, and poured myself a double, then knocked it back.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” she screamed. “*I have a plane to catch!”

“You sure do!” I responded, cheerfully. I paused, and repeated the pour-and-slam. “Well, f*ck, it looks like I’ve had too much to drink to drive! I guess we’ll have to wait until you’re f*cking civil, won’t we?”

She pulled put her phone and screwed with it for a few seconds before I said: “There aren’t any cab companies or ubers around here. I’m your only ride. So you can apologize for being a b*tch, or you can miss your flight.”

“F*ck you!”

I grinned and took another shot.

In short: I got absolutely sh*tfaced, she missed her flight, missed some tests, and her GPA plummeted. It was f*cking hilarious.

Space Blanket Toddler Beds

I’ve made a toddler version of the single bed that came with the City Life Expansion. For your more stylish toddlers I guess. ^_^  

  1. Toddler conversion of CL “Space Blanket” single bed. Comes in the original swatches.
  2. Separated “Space Blanket” toddler bed frame recolored in Poppet’s True Romance colors.
  3. Separated plain toddler mattress in Poppet’s True Romance colors. 
  4. Separated “Space Blanket” mattress in Poppet’s True Romance colors.

Everything is Base Game compatible.

Extra: I’ve created my own separated toddler mattress which can be used as a recolor base. You just place it in Documents\Sims 4 Studio\Mods and choose “Create 3D mesh” when creating new toddler mattress recolors. I’ve removed the doubles of this version and it will also work well with my Rustic Dream bed without any clipping. The mattress comes in a white base texture and I’ve included a .psd for easy recoloring. Have fun with it!


Space Blanket Beds+Mattress: simfileshare
Plain Mattress: simfileshare
Separated Toddler Mattress (Recolor Base): simfileshare

Seeking Paintings | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: You, a muggle-born artist, have been hiding your feelings for Draco Malfoy for years now. Though, after an unplanned meeting in the astronomy tower things between the two of you start to change. Even more so after finding each other in the Room or Requirement.

Word Count: 3,573

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: not my gif credit to owner

You stare out into the vast horizon from the astronomy tower. This was your favorite hideout during your free period. You much rather enjoyed the view when it was light outside. Sure you love astronomy class and looking up at the stars but this was just different. Better.

You pulled out your old, hard-cover, weather-beaten sketch book and began to draw the landscape before you. You made sure to grasp and add every detail to your drawing. You began shading in the sunset when you heard a voice behind you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a rotten tone and you already knew who it was.

“You don’t own the astronomy tower, Draco,” you say blandly while continuing your work.

“You know this is were I go in my spare time,” you hear him huff.

“I know,” you blush, hoping he doesn’t know that besides the view one of your favorite part of this spot is that it’s that it’s his spot too. Then again, how would he even know that, it’s not like you two are exactly close.

You hear him start to walk away and your heart sinks. Just once you’d like him to stay up here when you’re here. Maybe then, you too could become close. You’d had this battle with having a crush on Draco since first year. Now here you are, sixth year and the most interaction between you two is fighting over the astronomy tower.

“You know you can stay right?” You boldly say. You swallow hard when you hear him stop in his tracks.

You hear his footsteps begin again but this time coming back towards you.

He sits a few feet from you, “Just don’t expect me to talk to you.”

You just smile and shake your head continuing to look down at your sketch book. For a few minutes you two stay like this, you drawing, him (probably) thinking. You wonder what could be going on in his head, he seemed to be thinking pretty deeply.

You feel him inching towards you at a snail’s pace, from the corner of your eye you can see him watching you draw everything from here to the horizon. You hate yourself for the blush creeping up on your face, by the time he’s within a foot of you your face is bright red.

“Why are you blushing?” You look up at him and see he’s smiling, a genuine smile.

Because I’ve been hiding my massive crush on you for nearly six years.

“I just get embarrassed at people watching me work,” you shrug.

“Why?” He asks seeming genuinely interested. “You’re really good.”

“Thanks,” you’re blush gets even deeper.

You break eye contact and look back down at your sketchbook. The rest of the period is made up with you finishing your sketch and Draco watching intently. He’s completely mesmerized at how you can just see an image and recreate it perfectly on your page.

It’s Saturday and you aren’t needed nor expected anywhere, which is why Saturdays are your favorite days. You usually spent these days roaming around looking for inspiration for a new art piece. Which is exactly how you plan to start today.

You roam the school grounds aimlessly, constantly moving your head around to grasp every aspect of the school. You step into the one of the many courtyards and feel inspired to sketch it, until you realize you’ve already done that… Ten times…

You sigh and realize that after six years of constantly working in the same space it’s going to be hard to find a completely new area for your art. Just this year and the following before you can finally start travelling and finding more inspiration worldwide.

In your attempts to find a new spot you’re again not looking forward. causing you to slam right into someone.

“Hey, watch where- oh, hey Y/N,” you hear Draco’s voice quickly turn from intimidation to delight.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” you ramble.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughs at how cute he thinks you are when you ramble.

A blush creeps onto your face, “Well, I best be going.” As you turn to walk away he grabs your wrist and turns you back to face him.

“Hey, are you going to the Quidditch match today?” He inquires.

“Um I wasn’t really planning on it,” you scratch the back of your neck.

“Oh,” his face slightly falls. “Well, I’d like it if you went,” he says his cheeks turning slightly pink. “Even though you’d be rooting for Y/H and not Slytherin,” he looks at the ground.

“I mean I probably should go, it's sixth year and I haven’t gone to a single match,” you shrug and he looks at you dumbfounded.

“Not a single match? Well, you definitely have to go now,” he laughs and so do you.

“Well, I guess you can count on me being there,” you say before turning and walking away. You look over your shoulder, “And I guess I can root for Slytherin just this once,” you wink and quickly face forward as your face turns crimson red. A crazy amount of adrenaline must’ve been rushing through you for having the courage to wink at Draco Malfoy.

You take a seat in Y/H’s section for the Quidditch match, all your housemates do a double take when they see you arrive. Which were followed by ‘finally’, 'it’s about time’, 'I didn’t even know you knew how to get here’ and more sayings around those lines.

You don’t know to much about Quidditch, especially since you’re a muggle-born. Not that you know much about muggle sports either. Your friends have explained the game to you many times, you got the logistics but you just didn’t know why it was such a big deal. Maybe you’ll actually figure it out through watching a match.

Draco rose up into the air on his broomstick to prepare for the start of the game. On his way up he scanned the crowd for you and a smile creeps onto his face when he sees you sitting in Y/H’s section. He can tell you look slightly out of place in the stands and is glad to see you actually showed up. He keeps up the hope that you’re actually here for him.

He has been trying to convince himself since second year that he doesn’t have feelings for you. That he could never have feelings for a muggle-born. Except as he’s grown older through his school years he’s realized that muggle-borns aren’t that bad. He’s realized he was just told to think that way, not that he actually believed it.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the blow of the whistle signaling the beginning of the game. Slytherin immediately takes hold of the Quaffle and manages to score within the first minute. A chorus of boos and angered shouts comes from Y/H’s section. Draco looks over to see you remaining silent among your peers. He smiles, hoping you may be rooting for Slytherin…for him…silently. Even if you’re not, at least you aren’t booing.

Draco circles around the field, scanning for the snitch. He’d be lying to say that he wasn’t losing his interest in Quidditch, squinting into the distance searching for a flying ball of gold gets boring after awhile. Of course, he didn’t know if the sport itself was actually starting to bore him or the stress recently rested upon him was making him lose interest in the things he loves. Apparently stress can do that. 

He sees a flicker of gold in the distance, shocked at how early on he’s spotted it he doesn’t fully believe he saw it. That is until he sees the seeker for Y/H dive in the direction of the flash of gold. He quickly follows and the two chase after the golden blur, neck and neck. Draco shoves the other seeker, causing him to spin off course and leaving Draco to be the only one in pursuit of the snitch.

He’s extremely close, he takes a hand off his broom and reaches towards the snitch. He feels cold metal on the pads of his fingers, he just needs to get a grip around it. Almost…


He’s nearly knocked off his broom as pain seers through his ribcage. He got hit with a bludger milliseconds before he could grab the snitch. He holds a hand over his ribcage and groans in pain. He rises back into the air to find he’s near Y/H’s section. He looks over at you and you mouth to him, 'Are you okay?’. He nods and manages to give you a faint smile as reassurance.

When he starts to move upward he hears many whispers, “Did Draco Malfoy the Draco Malfoy just smile?”, “Did he smile at you, Y/N?”, “Is there something going on between you two?”, and things of that nature.

He looks back in your direction to see your cheeks turning pink while multiple people start to question you. Though more importantly he sees a smile on your face at the thought of people thinking something is going on between the two of you.

Suddenly, his interest for Quidditch returns. Except rather than loving the sport, wanting to be the best, and move towards winning the House Championships, his goal and motivation to win comes from you. He wants to impress you, and suddenly he finds himself squinting at the field and scanning it as if his life depended on it.

Ten minutes pass with no sign of the snitch. Y/H is currently in the lead, sixty-twenty. Draco continues to scan the field, keeping an eye on the other seeker to see if they look to be in pursuit. He finds himself glancing over at you often as well, trying to make sure you aren’t growing bored. Good thing he’s doing this because it is when he shifts his eyes to you that he spots the snitch once again.

This time determined to get he speeds off in the directions of the flicker of gold. He soon gets close enough that the snitch is hardly a blur anymore. He stretches out his arm when he feels someone bump his side, not strong enough to knock him off his path though. It’s Y/H’s seeker, Draco gives them a menacing stare before turning his eyes back to the snitch. The two race around the field with their arms reaching towards the snitch, they’re neck and neck. Draco, determined to win, jerks his hand out so roughly he fears he might’ve dislocated his shoulder. It would be worth it though, he feels his hand close around the snitch.

He slows down and waves the snitch above his head, wearing a proud smile. The rest of the Slytherin team flies over to congratulate him. He hardly notices their presence as he starts to look for you, to see your reaction. His smile fell, you weren’t in the spot you had previously been in. You weren’t anywhere to be seen.

A look of disappointment washes over Draco’s face as he moves back to the ground. Where did you go? Why did you leave? Did you just not care enough to stay? Did you leave because Slytherin won? Was it foolish of him to think you were here for him? He was disappointed that he ever let that thought into his head.

The rest of the Slytherins were celebrating in their common room, but Draco was in no mood for a party. Though every time he tried to move towards the dorms one of his friends would pull him back to the center of the crowd.

“Dude, what up with you,” Blaise leans onto Draco. “You know you can’t vanish from a party after a win.”


He hadn’t been to the room of requirement in ages. If he was already disappointed with himself he might as well make it even worse by working on that cabinet.

“I actually have to go do something,” Draco mutters before peeling away from the crowd, this time being successful.

He begins the journey from the dungeons all the way to the seventh floor, left corridor. Constantly, he finds himself dodging behind corners at the sight or sound of a teacher. When he makes it to the entrance of the Room of Requirement unscathed he begins to pace and think deeply about what he needs.

I really need to work on this cabinet. If I don’t fix it in time I’ll probably get myself and my family killed. To work on this cabinet though I’m really going to need some privacy. No one else should be able to go in or out. I really just need to be alone, even though I’d rather be talking to Y/N, figuring out why she left the natch early… But I really need to go work on this cabinet in private.

He thinks to himself, allowing him access to the room. He steps inside and begins to make his way to the vanishing cabinet. He examines a feather from the last time when he used that cabinet on a small bird. He begins to realize it’s spending days on end staring at this cabinet that he truly begins to hate what he’s become. He knows he had no choice, it makes him hate all those who did. All who didn’t have people pressuring him to be evil. To kill or be killed. It makes him hate all those who had good people in his life.

He just wanted one good person in his life, he needed one good person in his life.

Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life?

He’s pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a crash from somewhere in the room, faint whispering follows. Someone else is in here.

He draws his wand from his pocket, becoming extremely alert. He swallows hard, the last thing he needs is to be caught in here. He slowly moves towards the sound of the crash, pashing piles and piles of randomized objects. The faint whisper becomes a distinct mutter, a girl’s mutter.

He jumps out from behind the last pile of things before him and the unknown girl and raises his wand. However, he immediately lowers it at the sight before him.

“Y/N?” He questions putting his wand back in his pocket.

You look up at him and gulp. You are kneeling on the ground in front of a puddle of spilt paint to the side of a canvas. Your face turning a bright red to match the paint covering the floor.

“Draco,” you say wide-eyed. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he tuts.

“Well, I needed a canvas and some oils,” you shrug. “So, I went to the room that would supply me with my needs.

"Well, I needed privacy as in no one else being in here,” he says coming off more hostile than he wants to be towards you.

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re actually needs are,” you look down at the ground, saddened at his hostility towards you. Just when you were beginning to think he could actually like you, how silly.

He remembers what he was just thinking about. Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life? “Maybe you’re right,” he admits.

You look up at him and try to suppress any thoughts of him needing you from your head. You look back down at your paint puddle and go back to cleaning.

“You know there’s this thing called magic,” he chuckles before pulling out his wand. After giving it a little flick all the paint moves back into the container.

You tut before letting out a muffled thanks and standing back up. A slight frown forms on your face as you dip your paintbrush into your now unspilt paint and get back to working on your canvas.

“I thought you’d be a little more thankful,” Draco raises an eyebrow.

“I don’t like to mix magic and art,” you huff.

“How come?” he presses on, sounding as though he genuinely cares.

You sigh, not sure if you’re completely comfortable about divulging your childhood to Draco, your muggle childhood. If you even wanted to dream about having a chance with him you figured it wouldn’t be best to remind him you’re muggle-born. However, he’s expecting an answer and you only have the truth.

“It just when I was younger I was told I had a gift when it came to art,” you sigh. “They said my art made my talent seem like magic,” you smile at the memories. “I guess I wanted to keep it all down to talent not literal magic,” you shrug,

“Oh,” is all he has to say. “Well, can I see what you’re painting?”

At that you freeze, brush in midair dripping paint onto the ground. You swallow hard and your face becomes a deeper red than Draco, or anyone has ever seen you as. You slowly turn your near paralyzed head to look at him wide-eyed, You do not even want to imagine Draco’s reaction to your current work, yet alone see or hear it in reality.

He chuckles, “I’ll take that as a no.” You slightly nod and turn back to your work. “If I can’t look at it can you at least tell me what it is?” Your face is burning at this point, it feels so hot you fear you may need to go down to the hospital wing.

He appears next to you and you nearly choke on the lump forming in your throat. You set your brush down and timidly turn your head to look at him. You get a side view of his head, slightly tilted with a flattered expression resting on his face.

“Is that me?” He smiles brightly and you swallow hard.

“Is that weird?” You timidly ask.

He turns his head to look down at you, a smile still plastered on his face. “Not at all.”

He looks back to examine the painting even deeper as you rock on your heels as an anxious tick. The painting is a site you captured in your head at the match. Draco with his hand outstretched towards a golden blur, you seeker right at his heels. You painted the world around them as a fuzzy haze to show they were moving at top speeds. In the background one could distinguish the field, goalposts, stadium full of students, as well as the other players flying about.

“Is this why you left the match early?”

“Yeah, I just got the idea and rushed here to go and paint it,” you shrug. Then, you fully process what he just said. “You noticed I left?” Your eyebrows knit together and you move your gaze to him.

“Of course,” he says looking at you. “I did it for you,” he states. “I woke up this morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go looking for a golden blur. Then, I remembered you said I could count on you being there and I knew I had to play.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out, so Draco continues. “I was planning on inviting you to the after party as my date but you weren’t there,” he shrugs. He’s trying to play it cool but truly he heart is beating a mile a minute. He was not intended to profess his love for you but before he could stop himself the words were slipping from his mouth.


“Yeah, is it so weird for me to take the girl I’ve liked since second year to be my date?” There’s no going back now. It’s out, the secret is out. Draco Malfoy has feelings for Y/N Y/L/N.

He waits for you to say something, anything. He heart is racing and his cheeks are turning pink. He hopes you’ll say you feel the same but you just stay silent.

Your mouth hangs agape, you can’t believe what you’re hearing. “You’ve liked me since second year?”

“Is that weird?” He timidly asks as you did previously.

“N-not at all,” you smile wider than ever, your face only turning slightly pink. “I mean I’ve liked you since first year.” You see his eyes light up at that, he looks as if this is exactly what he needs to hear.

You two stay silent for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. Both of you wondering what to do next. His eyes slowly move down to your lips, linger for a second, then dart back to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” He breathes out so quietly you barely hear.

You nod and try to suppress the butterflies in your stomach. He takes a step closer to you and lightly grips your elbows. He pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes. He starts to lean in as do you, both closing your eyes. His lips gently connect to yours. He softly moves his lips against yours, his hands moving down to your waist as yours get tangled in his hair. Neither of you pull away until you both are gasping for air.

“So did you win?” You giggle once you’ve caught your breath.

“I have now.”

Special Swedish words

I decided to do a post with some special, weird, funny Swedish words. Some are dialectal (don’t exist in some parts of Sweden, or mean different things etc.). Here they are!

Fårgråt-Eye discharge. You know that goo in your eyes in the morning? That. There are many words for this (ögonvar, ögongegga, ögonsömn, etc. etc.), but sheep cry is possibly the best one, just for being ridiculous.

Skavfötters-A lying position with two people where each person’s feet are juxtaposed to the other person’s head. If you share a bed with someone (a friend) it is very common to sleep skavfötters instead of sleeping with your heads next to each other. Skavfötters = sore feet’s. Illogical, I know.

Tjafs-Fuss. Unnecessary talking, hassle.

Idas-have enough energy (to do something). Example: Jag ids inte gå till affären-I don’t have the energy to go to the store. Ids is probably, I’m not sure, but probably only used in the northern part of Sweden.

Orka-have enough power, energy, strength (to do something). Same as idas, but not restricted to the north. Example: Jag orkar inte städa nu-I don’t have the energy to clean up now. Another word for this is palla. Idas, orka and palla all mean basically the same thing.

He-Put, lay, turn (on/off). Best Swedish word ever, but it is only used by Swedes from the north. The Swedes of the south often don’t know what it means. Example: He på tvn-Turn the tv on. He nyckeln på bordet-Put the key on the table.

Börs/portmonnä/plånbok-Wallet. For some reason we have several words for this, and which word you use often depends on where in the country you are from. I use börs and I am from the north. Portmonnä is an older word. Plånbok is probably the most common in for example Stockholm. Plån is a small flat surface that can be used many times (like on a match box), and bok of course is book.

Skräcködla-Dinosaur/unnatractive woman. I don’t think I have to explain this further really. Skräck is horror, ödla is lizard.

(Att) bjussa på-To offer someone something/to treat someone (normally). Bjussa is another word for bjuda. Example: Kan du inte bjussa på biljettkostnaden?-Can’t you treat me to the ticket charge?

Leg-Identification card. Leg is short for legitimation. I have this in this post because it can be good to know that if someone is asking for your leg in Sweden, it’s not the body part they’re after. Pronounced basically the same tho, but more Swedish.  

Fara-Go/travel. This is a dialect word. If you say fara in the south of Sweden it ONLY means danger. In the north it means both danger and to go somewhere. Dra or åka is used in the south, and they have the same meaning as fara. Example: Kan inte vi fara till disney world?-Can’t we go to disney world?

Grina-Cry. Another word for gråta. This is a word with double meanings. In Scania (and maybe around Gothenburg as well) it means to laugh, basically. In the rest of Sweden it means to cry. I guess Scania has taken the English meaning for grin, almost. Funnily enough, the translator of the HP books used grinade when it said grinned in the original versions, which made for some ridiculous sentences for most of Sweden. Grina can also mean to make faces. To grina illa means to twist your face in pain (mostly).

Haffa-Catch/arrest/capture/get a hold of. Common use is for example that the police haffar bad guys. Slang use is for example att haffa brudar-to pick up chicks.

Tupplur-Nap. Tupp means rooster and lur is an old word for a phone. Put together it becomes a nap. Example: Jag ska ta en tupplur-I’m gonna take a nap.

Latmask-Slacker/lazybones/dawdler/lazy. A lazy worm. That’s the meaning of that word. Example: Sluta vara en latmask och kliv upp ur sängen-Stop being lazy and get out of bed.

That’s enough for this post. Feel free to add words, or send me comments or requests :)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fic where Betty's dad turns out to be the killer of Jason, and because of it the fallout is her getting bullied and harassed by students at school. But she still has Jughead by her side to help her. Her friends too, but mainly Jughead.

Here you go, hope you like it! 

A/N: Even though I only wrote about Jughead being there to support her through this, we can safely assume that her friends are supportive as well. I just didn’t include it for length purposes 

“Can you believe she showed up today?”

“There’s no way I’d show my face around here after what happened.”

“She’s a disgrace to Jason’s memory, someone should talk to the principal about getting her expelled.”

“She’s such a freak. Total head case.”

“You know what they say. Like father, like daughter I guess.”

Betty slammed her locker door shut as hard as she could, hoping that the sound of metal on metal would block out the whispers that had been following her around all morning. As soon as she entered through the double doors of the high school, it was as if every eye turned to watch her, following her every move and waiting for her to snap.

“Cheryl!” Betty caught a glimpse of the silky red hair bobbing down the hallway and she pushed past the sea of classmates to catch up to her.

“Get away from me, you spawn of a heartless murderer,” Cheryl snapped, quickening her pace as her two obedient minions formed a protective shield around her, blocking Betty from coming too close. “Hasn’t your family done enough? Just leave us alone. Leave me alone.”

“If you could just let me explain then I could-” Betty struggled to get the words out before Cheryl’s sidekicks stopped short, stepping together to form a blockade to prevent Betty from creating a path to Cheryl.

“Psycho,” they spat at the same time, their words sliding off of their lips like venom as they removed the lids from their coffee cups and threw the lukewarm contents all over Betty’s favorite baby blue sweater.

“No!” Betty gasped, pawing at the sweater with her fingers in the pointless attempt to prevent a stain from forming on the fabric. “This isn’t happening.”

Betty turned back to the locker she had just left in hopes of changing into her gym shirt before first period, but as she finally made her way back through the crowd to her section of lockers, she came face to face with the word “MURDERER” written in thick red letters all across the metal surface.

“Who - who did this?” Betty asked no one in particular, her voice barely audible as her pulse started to quicken and her breathing came in panicked spurts. She could feel that anger rising up in her - the darkness she couldn’t control. As her classmates passed by, reading her locker, watching the girl who’s father had just been arrested for the murder of the beloved Jason Blossom, she felt herself digging her nails into her palms deeper, deeper, deeper until-

“Hey,” Jughead came into Betty’s view, taking her fists in his hands and prying them open so that her nails dropped away from her palms. “Shhh, Bets, you’re okay.”

“Jug,” Betty breathed, her eyes darting all around the hallway, taking in every last person who was whispering, watching, wondering. “I can’t do this, everyone is staring at me like I’m the one who killed Jason.”

“Betty, look at me,” Jughead told her, taking her face in his hands and stroking her cheeks gently with his thumbs. “Come on, just focus on my voice. Think about you and me in a booth at Pop’s. Just the two of us. No parents, no judgmental backstabbers. Just us.”

“Juggie, he’s ruined my life.” Betty’s voice was so small, so unlike her own, that Jughead wasn’t entirely sure that she was the one who had spoken the words in the first place. But as he took in the sad and broken frown and the tears beginning to pool up in her eyes, he knew that it could have only been Betty who had said anything.

“No, he hasn’t,” Jughead assured her. “Don’t give him that kind of power. He might have taken it upon himself to end another person’s life, but that doesn’t make him powerful. He can never take away your life with the sins he’s committed. You’re too strong for him to take anything away from you.”

“I don’t feel very strong right now,” Betty mumbled, her voice breaking slightly as she let the tears begin to fall slowly down her cheeks.

“You proved that you were by showing up today,” Jughead reminded her, wiping away a stray tear with his thumb before it fell to the tiled floor. “Some people would have taken this opportunity to hide in bed all day, shutting out the rest of the world until they felt semi-normal again. But you chose to face whatever life threw at you by actually being here to face it. That takes more strength than you could possibly know.”

“Yeah, well, I almost did stay at home,” Betty admitted. “I was one bag of cheese doodles and a DVD box set of the OC away from skipping school altogether.”

“But you didn’t,” Jughead offered, smoothing back a stray hair from popping out of her ponytail and smiling down at her reassuringly. “That’s what matters.”

Betty tried to return his smile, but her gaze was promptly drawn back to the locker and the coffee stain and the whispers and glares coming from all around her.

“But I can’t even make it down the hallway without feeling that darkness bubbling up inside of me,” Betty said, fear clouding her expression as a terrible thought suddenly flashed across her mind. “Juggie, what if I end up just like my dad. What if I do something like he did to-”

“That will never happen,” Jughead promised her, his eyes pleading with her to believe his words as he held her face in his hands. “Your father did what he did because he chose to give in to his own darkness. You choose to fight that same darkness everyday just by getting up and breathing and doing the very best that you can. That’s more than your father has ever done. That’s what sets you apart from him.”  

“I’m scared,” Betty’s voice cracked as a fresh set of tears popped up at the corners of her eyes.

“Of what?” Jughead wanted to know, his eyebrows drawing together in concern for the girl who had been his entire world for so long. “Cheryl and those girls?”

“No,” Betty breathed, her voice barely above a whisper. “Of ending up alone. Like my father.”

Before either of them said another word, Jughead pulled Betty into his arms, wishing that he could hug and kiss and love away all the pain that she was feeling.

“Betty you will always have me,” he whispered into her hair, pulling back slightly to meet her eyes. “No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, it will always be you and me.”

“You mean that?”

“With all my heart,” Jughead promised, letting his forehead rest gently against hers before stepping away and gesturing to the quickly dispersing crowd of students in front of them as everyone made their way to their first class. “Now, let’s conquer this hallway together. What do you say?”

Jughead held out his hand for her to take, his eyes promising love and trust and hope as he looked down to meet her gaze.

“I say that I’m still scared,” Betty admitted, glancing from Jughead, to the herd of people, and back again. “But I won’t be a coward like my father. And I will never become him.”

With those final words, Betty laced her fingers through Jughead’s, blocking out everything but the other’s presence as they took their first few steps down the hallway and into the unknown together.  

How to Date an Ed Ch. 13

How to Date an Ed
Chapter 13

Kevin grabs the dorks hand and walks through the parted crowd. He tries to think about what the hell just happened, but all that’s running through his head is static. The red head vaguely recalls grabbing the smaller male’s hand and dragging them into an bandoned classroom, where he flings himself into  a desk and stares blankly at the white board at the head of the room. Glazed green eyes search for an answer to what the fuck just happened. His brain slowly kickstarts to recall the past ten minutes.

Okay, so they were outed by Nat. Asshole. What’s his game? The athlete can still feel the panic that sped through his veins, the shock when the dork laughed it off and lied through his gaped teeth, the short relief when he thought they could pull this bluff. And then the teal-haired asshole of a friend demanded they make out like a couple of freshmen in high school. Rage and fear had filled him at that point, he remembers it clearly. He- above all else- did NOT  want to kiss the dork he might be considering a friend. And he wasn’t going to. He even had cooked up a plan claiming about Edd being too shy or some shit. 

But then he looked at the dork. A defeated slump had graced his shoulders, his eyes had dulled- practically lifeless!- and a sad smile had adorned his face. Kevin never knew what people had meant about a sad smile until now: when someone is smiling, but you know that they would rather be crying.  The dork-fucking martyr- had told him that he could take the Eagle anyway. That he would be fine. That, essentially, these past few days of panic, drama, and heavy secrets being revealed meant nothing. 

The rage and determination that had roared inside him at that moment nearly overwhelmed him- the red-head remembers this; he could barely see straight when he had grabbed the sock-headed genius. He remembers saying something about rewards not being worth it or some shit, while mentally psyching himself to go through with the peer pressure. He had tried to imagine the dork as a girl, but that didn’t really work; it was still the dorky genius standing there. Kevin barely remembers thinking, ‘Fuck it,’ and-

Holy shit, he kissed the dork. The memory finally clicks into clarity. He didn’t just kiss Eddward; he almost got to first base with the sock head. That first brush of the lips, he barely felt it, in fact. He honestly thought he had missed and was kicking himself on having to do it again. But then the next kiss happened. And, nope, it was fact- the smaller male’s lips WERE that soft. After that, it was almost as if someone was controlling Kevin; he couldn’t STOP kissing the dork. Over and over, and with more urgency in each kiss, the whole world- and his mind, apparently- had stopped and left the two of them alone.
That was when the genius started to kiss back. Shyly, as if he didn’t know what to do. And, wow, that was much better than just him doing all the kissing. His arms had moved on their own by then- they had locked onto the dork and pulled them closer together, which had caused some sort of bubble of excitement in his chest. The redhead had then changed the angle of their kissing- much more comfortable- and a moan had escaped the other’s throat, sending a pleasurable tingle down his spine. 

The two had to finally part for air, which was a bit of a shame, Kevin had thought at the time. He really could have done that forever. Green eyes had blinked at that thought as a cold bucket of reality was dropped on him. Suddenly everything was too loud, too sharp, too bright. The athlete had turned to look at the crowd that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere- or were they there the whole time?- and he had told them to get lost.
Which brings him back to where he is right now, in an empty room with a genius of a man with the softest lips probably known to mankind. Who just so happens to be looking quite terrified and concerned at him.

“Kevin? Can you hear me??”

Oh shit, has the dork been talking to him this whole time? From the look on his face, he’d put his money on Yes.  He nods at the frantic young man jerkily. He’s not entirely sure what to do or think right now. Two things he knows for sure though: He kissed the dork in front of him and LIKED it, and he is TERRIFIED of liking it. Worse, he is pretty sure he wants to do it again.

“Thank goodness. I had feared you had gone into catatonic shock. Are you alright?” the sockhead asks.

He shakes his head no. He is not alright. Is he alright? Is it okay to like kissing a man- a gay man? His whole world has been thrown for a loop, so more on the side of “trying not to panic” would be a good answer. 

“Kevin, please speak to me. I know a panic attack can leave you speechless sometimes, but you only making head gestures is not ensuring me of your wellness and is raising my anxiety.”

Kevin’s face scrunches up. So much for trying not to panic. Whelp, guess it’s time to try and console the dork- and by console, he of course means look macho and bullshit his way out of this.

“Panic attack? Over what?”

Blue eyes blink at him, looking relieved and confused, “Why over kissing me, of course.”

There went trying to look macho.  Maybe they could just ignore it, like it never happened?

“I do apologize for my inadequence over the action, as well as for you having to fight your morality over it as well." 

The redhead looks at him, feeling very awkward about the conversation, "No, you were fine. I just don’t really know how to feel about it, I guess. I mean, I kissed you, not the other way around, dork.”

Pale cheeks flush at that comment. Can someone still get embarrassed at this stage?

“Yes, well, I still feel a little guilty about it; your one rule about not having to kiss me was quite clear, so despite you initiating it, I still think that maybe-”

Kevin glares at the man standing over him. Did the smaller man actually think he was manipulated into the kiss?

“If you even suggest about ending this now, I’m gonna deck you, dork.”

Double D stares confusedly back at him, “But why? All of your rules have been broken, why shouldn’t we terminate? It’s not fair for you. I had already stated you would still be acquiring the Eagle, why hurt yourself by continuing this farce with me?”

At that, Kevin stands up. The dork was right, though, on all accounts. Why should he keep this facade up? 

Is he bored? Possibly, but that would be a shitty reason to keep doing this.

Curiosity? He knows that’s part of it; the dork is very interesting and he wonders how this is gonna end.

Honor? Another possibility; he really doesn’t like half-assed projects or events. That’s one of the reasons he and Eddy never got along. And if he breaks the deal now, he’s gonna feel sleazy, and the Eagle would be forever tainted with that sleaziness.

…He genuinely likes the dork? As a friend, absolutely. Despite only truly knowing him for a little bit, he can tell that Edd is a good guy. Quirky, but good. As anything else…? He doesn’t know; probably- which scares the shit out of him- but that’s not going to stop him from wanting to be the dork’s friend. He’ll just shut out the weird thoughts and any other unwanted emotions. Like a normal person.

Nodding, he stands in front of the dork, finally noting on how much shorter the other man is- barely touches his chin.

“Because I like you, dork. And I’m curious at what crazy adventures we’ll get into during our two weeks of dating.”

A gasp escapes Eddward once Kevin answers. Kevin likes him?! Even after being peer pressured into kissing him! What alternate dimension did he fall into?? 

“B-but you know that after the stunt we just p-pulled, we’ll be expected to… t-to..” the genius falters, feeling his cheeks aflame. He’s talking about future kissing sessions with Kevin,TO Kevin! Did the athlete not think about this?! To his astonishment, the tan male shrugs.

“Yeah, I know. But you don’t kiss bad, so it’s cool, I guess.”

Edd’s heart jumps into his throat. Kevin doesn’t mind kissing him?!

“Plus, you kinda need to practice on someone before you go out into the real dating world.”

Embarrassment floods the young genius’ system. So he has no talent in the kissing department, and Kevin feels bad enough to give him lessons discreetly. Lovely. Some hope rises in his chest regardless; Kevin DID say he likes him, more logically as a friend than anything else, but just that would be enough, Edd thinks.

“I would appreciate the practice, I suppose. Thank you, Kevin.”

A white grin greets him. Be still, frantic heart!

“Cool. Let’s actually get to class then.”

The sockhead nods and follows the taller male out of the classroom. It’s not until the pair have almost reached to the genius’ next class does he realize- they’ve been holding hands this entire time.

Eddward sits in his class in a daze. He can barely take proper notes; the genius wonders if he’s dreaming. Everyone believes he is dating Kevin Barr, which is in fact false, yet if he squints mentally, even he could believe it to be true. The red head never ceases to amaze him, not only by agreeing to this absurd request, but also by overcoming his own rules-willingly- as well as staying to fufill said request to the appointed date. And becoming more charming by the minute. The sockhead can’t stop himself from grinning. 

Kevin liked kissing him. Or, he doesn’t mind it, which is just as good in Edd’s book. And good Lord, he liked kissing Kevin, despite the germs that come with it. A flash of heat strikes him, causing his cheeks to glow bright red and a warm sweat to break out on his back. His accursed sweater sticks to him as he tries to cool down. 

“Mr. Vincent? Did you need to head to the clinic?” his teacher asks. Eddward glances up at Mr. Daggonait, a tall man with shaggy silver hair, who looks quite similar to one Professor Snape-only with glasses and a much less menacing stare.

“Oh, no, sir, my apologies for any disrupt I have caused,” the young genius chirps, quite embarrassed about being called out. Gracious. He needs to focus on his class work, not be daydreaming about Kevin and their fantasy dating life. Shaking his head, he gets back to the English questions that need to be answered.

Fuck. He can’t concentrate on anything. Not his physics lecture- which he really should be paying attention to- not the many eyes staring at him, not how once again the asshole from yesterday’s class left gum on the bottom of his desk and is ruining his skinny jeans again- nothing. All he can focus on is the memory of pale pink lips on his and wrestling with the urge of wanting the feeling again. Fuck. He’s straight, God dammit! There should be no physical reason he would want to kiss the dork 'til the end of time. Yet, here he is, ignoring his physics teacher (who is starting to walk this way, shit.)

Kevin tries to look like he was paying attention for the past fifteen minutes as the professor steps in front of his desk. Mr. Jagone is a tall slim man, who looks like he stuck a finger in a live socket; his black hair is spiked in all directions. His cold blue eyes are covered by some hippie looking glasses as he crosses his arms.

“Mr. Barr, care to tell me why the rest of the class is so fixated on you today? Or as to why you aren’t paying attention to me either?" 

Tan cheeks burn with embarrassment and rememberence. Couldn’t his classmates be a little more subtle? Okay, let’s see if he can bullshit his way out of this.

"Sorry, sir, but I was trying to figure out a physics problem. I just can’t seem to get to a right answer.” The older male perks up at the answer, smiling slightly.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Kevin, but just like my lecture is about today: there are always exceptions to every rule. Even in physics. Speaking of which, turn to page…”

Unfortunately for the wild-looking scholar, Kevin’s mind checked out right then, pondering over what he’s just learned. An exception to every rule? Even sexuality? The cogs in the athlete’s head start turning rapidly. So, theoretically, he-Kevin- could be a hundred percent heterosexual, and still find a guy attractive?? The red-head takes off his hat and ruffles his hair in shock. It’s the only plausible explanation- he must be attracted to Double D, who is the exception. Green eyes roll into the back of his head as he groans and leans back in his seat; of COURSE his only exception would be the sockheaded genius. It’s completely ironic, if he thinks about it. He terrorized the man when they were younger, and was seriously regretting doing this stupid deal, so now God- or whoever is running this shit show- decided to make the situation worse by making him be attracted to the dork. 


Needless to say, the jock races out of his class the moment it’s over, on a hunt. Where is that teal-haired bastard? His fist has an appointment with the other’s face. Kevin finds Nat in the library, bothering some mousy-looking girl. He sneaks up behind his friend, taps him on the shoulder, and sticks his fist out to the left. He waits for the other male to do his signature feint and watches as he dodges right into his knuckles.

“Ow, what the fuck?!”

All the people in the library shush him as Kevin grabs him by the shoulder and tosses him outside. Sometimes, the red head is very thankful that the areas of the school are in completely different buildings. This is one of those times. He stares down at his friend who is holding his face gingerly.

“Dude, what the actual fuck?” Black eyes glare at him.

“That’s my line, ass. What the fuck was that shit show this morning?” Kevin asks calmly, cracking his knuckles. It’s Nat’s fault. If he wasn’t peer-pressured (honor-pressured?) into kissing the dork, he wouldn’t be having these weird exception feelings or whatever. Him and Double D would have just been friends, and they could have looked back on these two weeks as a laugh.

Nat glares even harder, if that was even possible, “Dude, that was your shit show. I gave you an out; I heard Double Decadent give you an out! Don’t get your man-panties in a twist because you actually liked kissi-”

The red-head covers the other’s mouth with his hand, “Utter one more word and I will end you.”

One teal eyebrow raises haughtily, but he nods. The athlete lets go, then pokes his nose threateningly.

“I told you not to tell anybody, though. So, back to my line: what the actual fuck, bro?”

Nat grimaces, “Well, yeah, you said not to tell anybody, so I discreetly told everybody. So, I actually didn’t tell anyone.”

Kevin face palms, then thwacks Nat upside the back of his head, smirking.

“Smartass. You knew what you were doing. You just wanted the deal to be over so you could get into the dork’s pants faster.”

The teal-headed male holds the back of his head and sticks his tongue out, somehow being able to chuckle.

“Heh, guilty. What can I say? I REALLY wanna touch his butt. And the King shall have all the butts!” Kevin chuckles and shakes his head.

“Dude, being weird again.”


“Are you even listening?”

Eddward waits outside his English class for Kevin, who isn’t here yet. Perhaps he needed to use the restroom? His pondering screeches to a halt as he spots a familiar figure. Oh, no, not again. It’s Lucas Tucker, and oh lord, the man has spotted him. The sockhead feels his knees lock as the blonde approaches him.

“Hey, loser. Where’s your boyfriend?”

Is the man actually trying to have a decent conversation? Mayhap Hell is a real place and has frozen over after all.

“I don’t believe he is here yet. Erm, how are you today?" 

The taller male brighten up at the civil comment, and leans on the wall next to the young genius. Eddward shifts his weight, slightly nervous. Tucker is in his bubble.

"So I heard you two had your first public kiss today.”

Black eyebrows crinkle in confusion. Why would the bully want to know about that?

“Yes? I don’t understand what the big deal about that is, however. Couples do that sort of thing all the time, correct?” The blonde nods, brown eyes never leaving Edd’s face.

“Yeah, but those couples never stay together for long. Maybe a week; a month at the longest.”

Edd can’t help but gasp, not only in horror, but because the blonde is now officially way too close for comfort. Back up, back up, back up, back up! Tucker blocks his escape with his arm, effectively trapping him. The smaller male can’t help but groan; of course Kevin is nowhere to be found when he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS-

Before he can finish his thought, two different shoes kick Tucker’s side and send the large male flying.


Double D stares in shock at Kevin and Nat, the latter striking some sort of superhero pose. He watches the red head roll up his sleeve- oh dear, his bicep is almost bursting, be still gay heart!- and stroll up to Tucker in obvious anger.
“What did I fucking tell you, asshole?” the blonde on the ground tries to scramble away, but his back hits a corner. Kevin towers over the blonde, looking very intimitading. Tucker babbles apologies and begs for mercy. Blue eyes widen as a tan fist raises in the air, ready to strike.


Kevin freezes, and slowly turns to the younger man. Edd’s blood freezes in fear; the red head has one of the scariest faces he has ever seen. This isn’t just furious, Kevin must be completel bloodthirsty- a feat that not even Eddy has been able to drag out of the athlete. Swallowing thickly, Edd slowly -slowly! Knees, please work- walks over to the redhead and gently grabs the fist. Which was a bit high up, so the sockhead had to get on his tip toes. Gradually, he sees Kevin relax, dropping his fist. Edd holds onto his hand, lightly leading him away from the crumpled heap of pathetic on the floor, Nat trailing behind them.
Once they’re far away enough, Edd lets go of Kevin’s hand and drops to the ground, doing his best not to hyperventilate.

“Holy shit, Double Damn! That was badass!” Nat gushes over him, patting his back a little more than roughly.

“W-what? Me? No, you and Kevin were the ones who saved me; you both looked very heroic,” the sockhead mutters, gaining feeling back in his knees. The teal-headed man shakes his head vigourously.

“No way, dude! I’ve never seen anyone not only stand up to Kevin when he is beyond pissed level, but also calm him down enough to walk away from a fight!”

Eddward looks at Kevin at that statement, who just tucks his hands in his hoodie pockets and looks away from the other two. The genius can feel his pale cheeks flushed. Though by what emotion he is not entirely sure.

“R-really? I just felt that Tucker had more than enough. Not only that, but the school really does not approve of violence; I didn’t want you two suspended because of me,” he mumbles. He hears more than sees the redhead turn towards him.

Lightly, he is startled when the athlete suddenly drops to his level, green eyes locked onto blue. Edd feels his heart racing. It’s just like before; when Kevin had kissed him, the emotional hurricane that is stirring inside him is raging.

“Thanks, dork. I really don’t need a suspension right now,” the tan male smiles at him. He smiles back and suddenly, Kevin gives him a quick peck on the lips and hoists him back onto his feet. The pale man cups his mouth, feeling his face grow hot. Somehow that quick peck felt MUCH more intimate than the kissing session from before.

“C'mon, then. We’re off to Wendy’s today,” Kevin states, grabbing Edd’s hand and leading them to his car, all the while both of them ignoring the jeering Nat.

“Aw, you two are really cute together! Why did I wanna break you up?!”

“Shut up, Nat

Study Blues

A/N: hi it’s been forever I’m aware (this is the busiest I’ve been in my fucking life goddamn) but here’s a little destiel college au fluff to celebrate me finishing a huge project a.k.a. I need me a man like cas lol.

Cas, nose deep in a novel, barely noticed the silence that ebbed into the room. The past 4 hours had been a quiet chorus of keys tapping, complemented by the occasional page turn.

“Oh my god.” Dean’s whisper cut through the newfound silence.

“What?” Cas closed his book, straightening up on the bed.

“It’s done.” Dean cleared his throat. “I mean. I think it’s done. I’ll probably look it over one more time before I submit this but… I finally finished it.” He turned to face Cas, his eyes tired with a small gleam of relief.

Cas smirked. “Well, you know what that means.”

Dean narrowed his eyes at him.

Cas patted on the bed next to him, setting his book on the night stand.

Dean hesitated a moment before getting up and moving to the bed. “What?”

“Come on.” Cas smiled. He scooted over and gestured for Dean to lay down. “I think you deserve a reward.”

Dean fought the blush rising to his cheeks, unsure exactly of Castiel’s intention.

Cas leaned over his resting body, eying Dean up and down before cracking his knuckles. “You know, I haven’t seen you smile once since you’ve been working on that awful project.”

“What can I say, it’s a pain in the ass. It’s tedious. It’s not even required for my job, just school.” He groaned. A moment later he caught on to Cas’ wording. “Hey, wait a sec…”

Cas stretched a leg over Dean’s waist, wiggling his fingers tauntingly. “We both know you will be much happier in a few minutes. I just want to see you genuinely happy.” He replied innocently.

Dean curled his hands into fists on the blankets, wadding them up in anticipation. Cas was such a tease and knew him too damn well. He hated and loved it.

“Where should we start, hmm? This is a reward for all your hard work, after all. Any preferences?”

Dean huffed out a laugh, leaning his face into his shoulder.

“No? I guess I’ll just find somewhere and see where it takes us.” Cas smirked, slowly lowering his hands toward Dean’s middle.

The thin t-shirt did little to protect him when soft fingers descended, lightly scratching and playing over the soft fabric. Dean bit his lip, already squirming. “Yohohou’re the worst.” He giggled.

“I know you mean best.” Cas snickered, leaning down to press a kiss to Dean’s red cheek.

Without much warning, he picked up the pace, growing impatient and wanting to see Dean happy and bubbly again. They both needed to de-stress.

“Ohmygohohod!” Dean squeaked, kicking his feet against the mattress as fingers scribbled along his stomach and lower ribs. A few squeezes to his sides brought nearly undeniable urges to jerk his arms down against him for protection.

Cas slid a hand under Dean’s shirt and he was lost. Giggling, light laughter that hadn’t been heard from Dean in weeks filled the room, an intoxicating sound. Cas hummed along, reaching one hand up to sneak a few tickles under Dean’s arm and around his neck, which he squirmed at.

“Ahahaha Cas! Yohohohou-” Dean whined on principle, not because he didn’t love it just as much as Cas enjoyed dishing it out.

“You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” Cas pressed another kiss to Dean’s forehead. “And when you laugh. And when you giggle.”

“Shuhuhut up.” Dean snorted.

Cas only kept it up for a few more minutes before collapsing down next to Dean, a smile on both of their faces. “Feeling less stressed?”

“Definitely. Well, mostly. I’m still gonna be nervous until it’s submitted I guess.” Dean chuckled.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great with the project. If you want I can peer review a little for you, just double check for any last minute mistakes?”

“I would love that.” Dean replied as he pulled Cas closer to him.

Teachable Moments (Coda to 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

Dean’s driving Cas home when Cas has the sudden urge to take Dean up on his offer for one of his ‘teachable moments’. Dean, still dealing with what went down in the barn, does what Cas asks. But will Dean be the teacher… or the student? AO3)

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onlysilentawe  asked:

Nurseydex 8?

Prompt me and I’ll write a drabble for you.

Nursey was laughing at him.

Not full-out laughter, but there was a teasing note in his voice and his eyes were doing that twinkling thing. Not that Dex paid that much attention to Nursey’s eyes, of course, he had better things to do.

Like write a damn paper about poetry. He shouldn’t have asked Nursey for help.

“Forget it. You fucking suck.” Dex turned and stalked away.

“Wait,” Nursey called after him. “You were serious?”

Dex spun around. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Dude, chill. You don’t ask for help, like, ever. I thought you were joking.”

Dex shrugged. “I ask for help sometimes.”

“And I figured hell would freeze over before you ever asked me for anything.”

“Well, Satan must be shivering right now.”

Nursey’s startled laugh made Dex smile.

“Of course I’ll help. I got your back.”

“Thanks.” Dex took out his books and sat down across from Nursey.

“Why are you even taking this class? It’s not a required course.”

“Maybe I secretly like poetry,” Dex said.

“What, there once was a girl from Nantucket?”

“Ha ha. No. I just… I wanted to try to understand it, I guess. Because.”

“Oh.” Nursey smiled and didn’t say anything else.

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Okay everyone's talking about a double date but what about; Sam introduces Cas to Eileen and they get on quite well and as the night progresses they seem to have become friends. Of course, Sam and Dean are jealous, even though there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Haha well I can just imagine the scene: Cas and Eileen talking in rapid sign language - too fast for even Sam to follow, and Sam and Dean standing a few feet away, desperately trying to guess what they’re talking about. Especially because the conversation is occasionally interspersed with laughter from Eileen and bright smiles from Cas.

Of course, what they don’t know is that Cas and Eileen are swapping stories about how exasperating their boyfriends can be at times…

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Ageless!AU

So I was bored in class today and this idea for a cool but kinda angsty AU came to me out of nowhere. And instead of taking notes I typed out like a whole story. I will….figure out how to get those notes from someone later. And I will likely have to edit this later. 

Don’t know what I’m going to do with this because I’m super serious, this came to me like an hour ago only. But it’d be cool if you gave it a read and tell me what you think so I know if it’s good or not :)

Words: 2983

“You know, you need to stop doing this.”

Alya jumped and spun away from the counter just as she was about to give the cashier her credit card. But she rolled her eyes, smacked Nino in the arm, and turned back to bagging her groceries. “Don’t freaking scare me like that, you idiot! And by the way? Answer your damn phone. I needed your help like an hour ago.”

“I was in the middle of a shoot, I had it off,” Nino explained. He leaned against the cashier counter and started peeking through the shopping bags that Alya was trying to fill while her card was being scanned. “But seriously. It was my turn to do groceries. That’s why I’m here. And then I find you totally stealing my thunder.”

“You’re complaining that I’m doing the groceries twice in a row?”

“Hey, I’m just trying to be a good boyfriend and you’re totally ruining my flow. It’s a little rude. Kind of offended.”

Alya smirked and pushed a bag of baguettes into Nino’s arms. “Here. Make yourself useful. Bag the vegetables too.” She patted him on the head before she shoved him away to where the rest of her purchases were. “And anyway, Mari wanted stuff to bake with so I figured I’d come and do the groceries while I was here.”

Nino raised a brow, and looked at the pile of unbagged groceries before he snorted and plucked out a box of brownie mix. “Um, babe. I’m pretty sure Mari makes brownies from scratch.”

“Oh no, that’s for Adrien. Apparently, expecting him to bake brownies from scratch was too much too quickly last time. So, you know. Baby steps.”

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Audio 11: Teasing The Fatty

A long teasing audio :) I didn’t go too mean since that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I did include some name calling and a bit of a mocking tone.

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, piggy. Look at that gut spilling into your lap. Stand up for me. Ha! Just as I thought, almost half way down to your knees. Now walk a few steps if you can manage it. Look at your flab jiggle as you waddle. Stay standing while I examine you. Wow… do you even realize how huge you’ve gotten? How much you’ve let yourself go? Not many people get as fat as you have. And you’re not even done yet, are you? I’m really impressed with how wide you are. I noticed when you sit your thighs spread quite a bit and practically double in width. My poor pig is probably so embarrassed when you have to sit next to someone in public. Your fat ass and thighs overflowing into the seat next to you. Do you get dirty looks because of it, piggy? Someone sees a huge porker like you sitting on a bus or in a waiting room, they roll their eyes and wonder how someone can do that to themselves. I bet it’s not much better riding in your own car. Your gut squeezes up against the steering wheel, doesn’t it? When you pull into the McDonald’s drive thru for the second time that day, the employees all snicker… Your shirt riding up, exposing your stretch mark covered belly, the seat belt extender straining to contain it all. Oh I just thought of a question for you, tubby. What do you do if there are no seats available? A bloated pig like you can’t stand for too long. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how easily you get out of breath just from a few measly steps. It’s quite amusing actually. I like when we go out to the buffet for dinner… You’re so eager to fill up your plate but it’s just so much work now, isn’t it? You come back to the table and you’re trying to disguise all those gasps for air as contented sighs. I really should just start getting your food for you, but it turns me on to watch you struggle. Not to mention you look so cute coming back to the table all red faced and tuckered out. When we met I had hoped we’d be able to go on short walks every night, just to spend time together and get a little exercise. That’s done now though, right fatty? I guess I shouldn’t expect much movement from you at all anymore. You’re lucky I like taking care of fattened hogs. I mean, you can’t even tie your own shoes anymore. I knew I’d have to do a fair amount of the cooking and housework when you started growing, but you’re so helpless without me now. I’m not complaining. I like controlling every single bite that goes into that greedy mouth. Remember when 6000 calories used to count as a stuffing? Ha! That’s a daily minimum for you now. I suppose that’s why funnels were invented. I don’t even need to tie your chubby hands to anything anymore. As soon as you see me walk into the room with a funnel and a gallon of shake, you turn into such an obedient pig. You lay back and wrap your lips around the tube, inhaling it faster than I can pour. Your chubby cheeks and double chin look even bigger when you’re swallowing huge mouthfuls like that. My favourite part is when your hands naturally gravitate towards your gut while you’re eating. It turns you on, doesn’t it? Being treated like a true pig that only eats their meals through a tube? I guess one of the downsides is not being able to find clothes that fit your massive, blob of a body. Oh well… guess you’ll just be stuck in too-small clothes for a while. Does that bother you? I know at home it’s not so bad, having your obese body exposed all the time. But when we go out to dinner or to get groceries, you must be so nervous. Any second a button could burst open or a seam could rip. It’s adorable watching you tug at your shirt, trying to pull it down over your massive middle. Do you think it’s actually possible to cover that? Keep dreaming, piggy.

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One Last Kiss

Hey, @mouserzwuzhere here is your gift from the @mlsecretsanta exchange! Sorry it took a little while to get it to you. It just kept going!

I went with some Marinette and Jagged Stone brotp and fake dating in one, so I hope you enjoy this! It was fun to write! :)

“You want me to what?”

“Please, you’re the only one Fang seems to actually like. We need an evening to rehearse without interruptions.” Penny sighed. “Look, I’m willing to pay you very well. It’s just one night.”

“I’d have to ask my parents. I dont know if we have enough room for a crocodile.” Marinette glanced over at her mother who was looking increasingly concerned by the conversation she was having.

“Oh, we’ve already rented a room in a hotel nearby. You could stay there with Fang. He really just needs someone to keep an eye on him. He gets lonely.”

Marinette smiled. “Well…”

“Please, Marinette.”

Marinette glanced up at her mother. “Mama, could I stay the night at a hotel with a pet crocodile?”

Sabine raised a brow. “What?”

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Partners in Crime -MLB AU

Crime!AU where Adrien is a cop by day and goes undercover as the masked criminal, Cat Noir, at night to gain intel and tips for numerous cases. Marinette is a notorious thief known as Ladybug who often runs into Chat Noir on multiple occasions. Marinette’s civilian self also happens to run her family’s café, which Adrien happens to be a regular at. One night Ladybug runs into Chat Noir, whom she considers her unofficial partner-in-crime, and discovers he is a cop - and that he’s Adrien Agreste. Upon discovery she attempts to flee in the other direction, but Adrien tackles her to the floor before she can get anywhere. When he’s above her, he suddenly can’t help but smile. When he leans down closer to her, he whispers, “Well…I guess this means your under Agreste.”

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After Blake is convinced to relax in volume 2, she decides to give the card game they were playing in the library another chance. She ends up nerding out about it just as much as the sisters.

“Hehe, sorry Blake. I know you’re a beginner, but I got you now! Atlesian Paladin army! I not only smash through your boarbatusk guardian but I also do heavy damage to your wall, and I don’t even have to repair it since I’m playing as Atlas.”

“Wow… That sucks. I guess I could play this card though.”

“Bu-wha-bu-bu- SEA DRAGON?!”

“Oof… And since I’m playing as Vale as well it means I don’t have to worry about the downsides if I roll too low because of my Grimm defenses… So if I roll a seven or higher, I’ll destroy your army and damage your wall but have nothing to lose if I roll a six or lower.”

“You’re bluffing. You’d never do that to your leader!”

“heh heh heh… Ten.”


“And I can play resourceful raider to take that card.”


Jumin Wedding Dance: One Shot

Since Jumin won second place, here is his wedding dance one shot. Also, here is Saeran’s one shot in cased any of you guys missed it :D! This is the concept I came up with for his wedding dance, you guys couldn’t agree on a single song so you guys decided to do something different. First half of the wedding dance would be your song and the second half would be his song. He didn’t care that It was cliché the song he picked, he always listened to the song, but now, he finally understood the lyricsAll of Me by John Legend 

I always believed love never existed because everything I loved either left or broke me. It was better to be alone to never ever love. Why give someone the power to destroy you, the power to rip your heart out and take it with them forever. I will never love.

I looked slowly at the clock watching the minute hand move rapidly. Probably it’s my imagination, I need to relax and breathe. If I can do a 4 hour business meeting then sure as hell I can do my own wedding. Who am I kidding, I need wine.  I walked quickly to the mini bar that’s in my hotel room and grabbed the wine and set it on the table. I was making my way towards the glass cabinet until I heard faint knocking. I opened the door and I saw my best man, Jihyun Kim, crying. I helped him inside and sat him down and got him tissues. “Why are you crying Jihyun? Is something the matter?” I asked a bit startled. He looked up at me laughing and I noticed he was fake crying. Him and his stupid jokes, he may appear serious and respectful to everyone else, but Jihyun does have his dorky moments. “The death of a bachelor just sounds so good on you my brother. Now,” he slowly got up and picked up the wine and placed it back inside the mini fridge “ I know you’re scared Jumin, you always been scared of love but you and I both know she wont hurt you.” I walked towards my bed and just sat there. I looked at him and his eyes soften because he knew my real concerned “I’m afraid, no I’m petrified, that I will be the one that hurts her, because what if my love isn’t enough? What if she realizes I’m too broken to love. What if this is just a dream and I would soon wake up to my hell of a reality.” Jihyun walked closer to me and placed a reassuring grip on my shoulder “If this is a dream my brother, take it and live it because not everyone is blessed with a happy ending” he smiled at me and I knew what he really meant. I hugged him and we made our way down so I can marry my soul mate.

I was fixing my sleeve impatiently waiting for my soul mate to enter the through the double doors. The concept of time does not apply to when you are waiting for you love to walk in at any moment. I need wine. I was growing a bit nervous till I felt people hug me. Saeyoung was hugging my shoulder, Yoosung was crying hugging my leg, Zen gave me a smile, while Jihyun was hugging my other shoulder. Why now, I guess they can tell I’m nervous. I looked up and saw Saeran trying to get the other grooms men in line and I thanked him for it. He got in line as well and I heard the double doors open and I was hit with her scent. Im marrying a goddess. 

Time Skip: Jumin Song Choice for Wedding Dance 

I grabbed her hand and kissed it gently “Thank you (y/n) for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart and soul. I vow to always make sure you are safe and protected. I vow to you that you are your own person and I love you for who you are. Thank you for accepting me for who I am while helping me become a better man.” She looked at me with those beautiful (e/c) orbs and she saw past my wall. She slowly put a hand near my cheek and caressed it ever so gently as if my face was made of porcelain glass “Im not going to hurt you Jumin, I love you so much to even think about doing that. Please give me every single inch of you just like I gave you all of mine.” I put my wall down and finally showed her the fragile Jumin Han “ Im scared (y/n” I felt a tear escape me and all she did was wipe it off with her thumb “ I know and I’m here for you Jumin.” John Legend finally showed up on the stage and its time to give her all of me. 

What would I do without your smart mouth?Drawing me in, and you kicking me out. You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down. What’s going on in that beautiful mind. I’m on your magical mystery ride. And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright.

I pulled her closer to me enough for her to hear my pleading heart. I placed by hand gently behind the small of her back and I wanted to pull her closer to me but I didn’t. I need to tell her now before its to late “From the very first moment I met you, your eyes captured my soul but my mind and heart refused. You helped me the light (y/n) and I thank you for that. I thank you for starting a war in my body because if it wasn’t for you, I would be miserable and I would of never given love a chance”. We weren’t dancing fancy, we been moving side to side gently enjoying our hearts speaking truthfully to one another. 

How many times do I have to tell you, Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too, The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood, You’re my downfall, you’re my muse, My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you

“You’re beautiful soul light a fire inside my cold heart and you forced me to open up and love. I need you to know something (y/n), you are a goddess. I know you may not believe me when I say it but I’ve been all over the world but no one, and I mean no one, can compare to your beauty. You are a goddess and I am grateful that I’m going to live the rest of my life as your servant and king. I will worship you till my last breath, when my heart stops beating just know its last beat was made for you.” 

Give me all of you cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts risking it all, though it’s hard

I finally managed to twirl her around and I brought her closer to me so I can feel that our hearts our mending together. I need her to feel that my heart belongs to her, that she is the reason for why I look forward to waking up in the morning. Why I look forward to life in general. I started to break down and hug her while crying. She looked up at me and she had tears in her eyes as well. 

‘Cause all of me, Loves all of you, Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections, Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you, You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I’m winning, 'Cause I give you all of me And you give me all of you

“ (y/n) thank you for everything. I will never be tired of showing my gratitude towards you because if it wasn’t for you, my life would be black and white. You added the color into my life and you made me feel like a person. I always believed no one would ever understand me because I was believing Zen’s words for a long time, I’m just a robot. I was believing that I had no right in this world that I’m just someone who is wasting precious energy. But you (y/n) you saved me. Thank you for killing me. Thank you for killing the old me and for helping me rebuild myself into a real man. I am in love with you forever and always and you’re my end and my beginning. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together and I pray to god that I will die in your arms. I love you (y/n).”

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SARAH! How did you know you're double biased? Jin has been my bias since I've gotten into bts and I love him so much but for a long time yoongis been 'bias wrecking' me. Like they all bias wreck me but yoongis level is something different. I know I'll always love Jin the most but is this feeling towards yoongi double biasedness?? HELP aaaaaaaaaah

WELL I was double biased this the beginning. But the thing is that at first, when I barely knew Kpop, someone told me “U CAN ONLY HAVE ONE BIAS THIS IS THE RULE” So I was like k dude. But I realized that I loved Gigi and Namnam at the same time. So I thought “k well, Yoongi is my bias and Namjoon is my bais wrecker I guess?”. But then I stopped lying to myself.

TBH I don’t understand this concept of bias wrecker. Yall need to accept a thing: u are at least double biased, it’s impossible to only have one bias, like???? ur heart is that strong?????

ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might, be triple biased. But MIGHT.

this was theoretically going to be my contribution for FMA day…we can all see how well that turned out ahahaha. Anyways, here, have Al and Winry making flower chains and waiting for Ed :)

(on a side note, Den is the most precious and I love her)

I hate practically falling in love with anyone who’s really good at their instrument