or... tron esque

When I first saw the trailer I thought the person rising from a bow in front of Allura and the Tron/Quarian-esque assassin were the same person, but upon closer look I’m not so sure?

Tron Assassin didn’t seem to be wearing a fanny pack, unlike this one. Plus the armor around the shoulders doesn’t match up. They do appear to be on the same side, though, if the matching color-scheme is anything to go by.

I think the bowing one is Galra (if not both of them). What little we can see of their head shape looks consistent with Galra higher-ups, and Allura’s wary/mistrusting expression would make sense if that were the case. The red stripes are a bit odd, though I think the markings/scars on Haggar’s face are a similar shade - which may have no correlation, but it’s interesting to think about.

Either way I’m interested to see what their alignment is. I’m going to make a wild guess that they’re anti-empire rebel Galra? I could just be grasping at straws, but we’ll see.

P.S. if I’m right about Tron Assassin being female and she doesn’t do anything too evil, you can bet I’m going to be shipping her with Allura.