Yu Yu Hakusho mortality au

AU where everyone is human and finds their way to each other. Yusuke was very sick as a child, basically living in the hospital and was visited by koenma when they were both children. They become best friends which results in Koenma convincing his father, the owner of said hospital, to pay for all the treatment Yusuke needed. Saving his life. Yusuke then vowed himself to be by Koenmas side and protect him forever later going on to get a job as a writer, working with Koenmas publishing company

He signed up for karate under genkai at the age of 14, where he met his three new best friends. Kuwabara, hiei and kurama The four created an inseparable bond that spread into adulthood along with the sisters botan and keiko who went to school with Yusuke in childhood. Kuwabara took up a job as a police officer while Keiko and botan work as Yusuke and Koenmas assistants respectfully keeping the spacey, air headed men in check. After long days, or when they need to hide from responsibility the gang gathers at the bar hiei and Kurama opened

Kurama and hieis own siblings ended up entangled with each other just like the bartenders themselves. Yoko a well known gang leader eventually bumped into yukina the head nurse with a penchant for wearing pearls and drawing animals to her with just a smile, when needing a bullet removed from his shoulder. The timid girl never spoke up or asked any questions and thus the gang leader only ever went to her.

15 Questions - YYH Style

1. Who is your hands down favorite character and why?

Kurama! Not only is he handsome, but he’s also really smart and everyone’s first impression of him is that he’s girly and weak but he’s actually really strong. He’s also a total momma’s boy which is really sweet since he cares for her so much even though she’s not really his mom. Also, flowers.

2. Favorite female character?


3. Favorite male character?

After Kurama it would be Koenma or Yusuke

4. Least favorite character?

I’m gonna go with Keiko because I like almost everyone else in the main and supporting cast better than her, but I don’t dislike her. Make sense?

5. Favorite of the Three Kings? (Yomi, Raizen, or Mukuro)


6. Favorite Villain?


7. Favorite Dark Tournament Team?

Team Masho (for Jin & Touya)

8. Anime or Manga?


9. Favorite Arc?

The Demon World Unification Tournament/Three Kings Arc

10. Favorite opening?

Daydream Generation

11. Favorite ending?

Unbalanced Kisses

12. Favorite Episode?


13. Sub or Dub?


14. Would you like a remake?

YES! but then no. Yes for new art and merchandise but I feel the style of the show would completely change. It’s so dark and gritty sometimes and I feel like a new animation style, while gorgeous, would change the tone of the show. For example, Owari no Seraph is supposed to be kinda dark but the style of the anime really doesn’t convey that to me at all and I think that’s what would happen with YYH if the animators weren’t careful. The HxH remake ended up being great so I think if they could do it kind of like that I would totally love a remake.

15. What got you into Yu Yu Hakusho?

I watched a lot of Toonami when I was like 9 or 10 years old and what sticks in my mind the most is the first ending of Yu Yu Hakusho and getting upset if my parents wanted to go out late at night because I would miss it! At the time, my friend Gabby was also into it so we would be on the phone for hours talking about the episodes we watched and just being total nerds. It was awesome. My love for it followed me up until the end of middle school where I just kind of got out of my anime phase, but it was revived about a month ago when I saw posts for the re-watch on Tumblr, which I didn’t do. Somehow I convinced my sister to watch episode one with me a week or two ago and she absolutely loved it and asked me if I would watch more with her so we’re currently watching it together!

I now tag anyone in the Yu Yu fandom to answer these questions and spread the Yu Yu love!  ❤

soras-majestic-butt asked:

I got into yyh much the same way you did haha. I was watching AS at a friend's house one night and I was hooked. There isn't a character I truly hate in the series, I even like Kuwabara lol. I still go back and watch all the episodes to this day!

Kuwabara is such a precious cinnamon roll though, seriously, he’s so heartwrenchingly loyal and principled and has just the biggest heart and cares about everyone as loudly and obnoxiously as possible.  AND HE LOVES HIS KITTY.  Seriously Kuwabara is the best and he’s so underrated.

But yeah every character in the show is amazing and three-dimensional, Togashi-sensei is really good at giving us side characters and villains and awesome ladies who are all well developed and have their own motivations and desires and goals.  And het relationships that don’t feel pasted on.  I just watched the episode where Yusuke proposes to Keiko and she’s like wtf and storms off and he’s like “I love you!” and she’s like “Yeah yeah me too” and really, could they be any more Han and Leia.  Really.  I love that she doesn’t let him off the hook about anything, especially when he’s being selfish and hiding things.  She’s not able to be involved in his world much but that doesn’t mean she’s going to just sit around and wait to be his prize.  Girl has shit to do.

Idk I love these guys a lot.

I want a relationship like what yusuke and keiko had in yu yu hakusho

i wanna leave for 3 years to punch things in hell and come back and kiss on the beach

Still working on it, but finally put up a tagged page.

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eli-il asked:

Yu Yu Hakusho ^^

I already answered this but I’m happy to do it again!

❤ Favorite Male: It’s a tie between Hiei and Yusuke.
❤ Favorite Female: Genkai (but I love all the girls).
Favorite Pairing: Canon - Hiei/Mukuro or Yusuke/Keiko. Not canon Yusuhi or Kuwama (I can’t pick just one pairing when they’re all so great).
❤ Least Favorite Character: Enma but I equally hate elder Toguro.
❤ who’s most like me: Shizuru, or Genkai (someday, when I’m an old lady).
❤ three more characters that I like:
 I love them all, but here’s a few not in the main four - Botan, Koenma, and Yukina.

dungeonmaster11 asked:

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, Botan, and Keiko!

Dang it you know how to press my buttons on this xDD !!

Push off a Cliff: Botan (cause she floats on a paddle?)

Kiss: Yusuke

Marry: Kurama (I have a weird thing for fox guys)

Set on Fire: Kuwabara (IM SO SORRY !)

Wrap a Blanket Around: Hiei

Be Roomates With: Keiko

Me divertindo a beça com com o segundo volume do #mangá #YuyuHakusho. Relembrando minha #infância. Como não gostar do #Yusuke (folgadãi), #Botan (linda), #Koenma (sacana, mas blz) e #Keiko (fofa).

E que “provação” será essa justo agora que ele conseguiu ressuscitar? 😲

Estou com tanta leitura (mangá, HQ, livro e ebooks) pra por em dia que nem sei por onde começo! 😱

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A Chance to Meet Again, a yu yu hakusho fanfic | FanFiction

My Fanfiction story about Yusuke and his OC sister, Matsurika.

Forty-eight years have passed since the Demon Tournament as Yusuke married Keiko and had a son with another on the way. Our favorite group is all grown up but now a plot twist: Yusukes twin sister is alive and in Demon World.How can one sibling want to reconnect with his twin when she wants nothing to do with him? Will reconnect the two or rip them apart? Yomi/OC/Kurama

Matsurika Profile: http://fav.me/d8i7xd1