d i s n e y ladies - Nani Pelekai


                                                              s  ᴄ  ᴀ  ᴠ  ᴇ  ɴ  ɢ  ᴇ  ʀ


That’s my Angel. Don’t usually like people knowing about her.


AU Meme | for bornfreeyunjae
     ↳ Yunjae (criminal/detective)

Kim Jaejoong never meant to be a serial killer, but in his case it was the only way to survive.
One day he gets order to kill the best South Korea’s agent, Jung Yunho. Everything would be easier if Kim hasn’t received the two-month limit. After a series of unsuccessful attacks, he gets an idea to move closer to his target by Yunho’s environment. Soon Jaejoong becomes a member of National Intelligence Service, also Yunho’s partner.
Maybe by accident, maybe it was a destiny, both of them fall in love with each other. However, Jaejoong still puts his job over human’s life. They enjoyed themselves as much as they wanted, looked like a happy couple.

Yunho died two months later. 
 Jaejoong disappeared.