hey ladies, so I am a Big Time fic reader, honestly, truly, so lately it’s been like upsetting to me how often I refresh AO3 and nothing has updated/there’s no new fics ESPECIALLY when this season has given us so much that we can use (only one fic where bellamy and clarke fuck on that couch?? really??) 

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but i realize, this isn’t the fic writers fault! it’s ours! because another thing i notice about bellarke shippers is that we just drop a kudos on a fic and never fuckin comment! we gotta step our game up hoes!!!!!!! so i was thinking of maybe like a rewards system

i know my stuff ain’t shit but some people like it so if any of y’all are interested:

if you can give me proof that you commented on a fic (you have to tell me what fic you commented on and what your pseud is on A03) i will do any of these

  • comment on 5 fics - personalized icon for tumblr/twitter
  • comment on 10 fics - pic spam based on your url/whatever else you want
  • comment on 20 fics - i’ll make you a gifset that you request 

reblog 2 spread the word/if u want 2 participate pls and thank u


uhh girlie you’re fucking delusional if you think anyone is forcing you to be anyone’s anti. you decide on your own who you like or don’t like. you were called out because you were passing off your so called “opinion” as a fact when it was filled with false information so sit there and cry victim all you want- it was a fact check.

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i need more blogs to follow because i feel like my dash needs to be rebuilt. who are you favorite mutuals and why?

Oh god. Unless I talk to people on a daily basis or I see them on my activity a lot then I have not a single clue who my mutuals are off the top of my head. Honestly. But these are the people who put up with me pretty frequently either here or on separate groupchats. This is in no particular order so don’t feel less loved if you’re near the bottom by the way. There’s plenty of Kryzz to go around :p

@hedawolf - My little Vitus. Probably one of my oldest mutuals. We’ve been mutuals for years and have been enemies for just as long. We bicker like an old married couple and call each other names, but I know she loves me (more than I love her. I don’t love her at all. yuck! GROSS)

@taryondarringtons and @acrocera - This groupchat is the worst but I somehow put up with them. It takes a lot of courage and patience, but I do it anyway. Mostly because we really have a burning hate for a lot of the same people/things jkhgskjldfg

@everybodyhatesjroth, @queenluthor, @longlivetheheda, and @cohenisabadass - I’m pretty sure I have over 300 unread texts from this groupchat that I keep forgetting to check into for like…a month now??? but I SWEAR it’s not on purpose lol. I LOVE YOU FUCKS!

@elyzas - She lied to me about being Asian so our relationship got off to a rocky start and even though she loves to put trash men on my dash I’ve forgiven her because now we have two children (shoutout to Leroy and Billy Bob) and go on the MOST INSANE internet adventures that we can never tell anyone about jksdfhgskjdfg

@destroyrofnations - My rant buddy! She’s the best. We agree on most things, disagree on some…but we’re adults and we know how to handle that. 

@darlingheda - Someone I have really intelligent conversations with because she’s such a cool, smart, rad pal. 

@uninhibitedimagination - Just…the absolute best of the best. I like you and Ali likes you even more ;)

@biclarke - We made one of the best AUs of all times. Of All Times!

@racoonhearteyes - Her reactions to my fic make my day every single time. 

@fuckyeahhayleywilliams - Someone who loves Paramore and Clexa as much as I do? Winner.

@lovelikesongbirds - We’ve never talked but I feel like we’re always reblogging/liking stuff from each other. It’s one of those silent friendships lol

Mix - She changes her URL more often than my cats eat and they eat every fifteen minutes so like…whatever your new URL is today Mix, I love you. Whoever knows where she’s at tell her I love her salty ass lol. 

@lezbeanieluv​ - Almost forgot my wife had tumblr lol. She’s rad…I guess :)

I think that’s all the people I can come up with without having through like dig for names. All worth a follow and a chat to say hello. They’re the raddest people. 

Stop deleting your accounts!!

I’ve noticed a few people have accidentally deleted their accounts rather than their side blogs. 

So here is a little helpful thing to tell the difference between the two. 

What you see here is the page after you press settings on your blog. Obviously I’ve erased some things for privacy reasons but overall this is what it should look like. 

Once you click settings it automatically takes you under the “”ACCOUNT”” heading (circled in red) 
Account means everything you own on tumblr under the email you used to sign in on. 

When you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a button that says “”Delete account””
This will not only delete your sideblog but also your main blog and everything else. 

If you do decide to click on it, it gives you this very good warning. If you read through it you will clearly see that it means EVERYTHING. However, if you think it just means your side blog and you decide NOT to read it there is a big red button that says ““Delete everything””
And it means
this will delete your entire account. Main blogs and side blogs will be all gone including everything you’ve ever posted on any of them.
if you decide that is not what you want just click nevermind under neath the big button and you should be good.

Now the difference between “”Delete account”” and “”Delete blog””
From Account Settings you just have to click on the side blog you wish to delete which is on the right hand side. (I’m using my main blog as an example because i don’t feel like showing off any side blogs but don’t try and delete your main blog because it will just delete your entire account.)

Once you’ve clicked on the side blog you wish to delete you’ll see a page that looks like this. Of course not exactly the same, it’ll be your hover over/screen for mobile(if you haven’t changed that). Now just scroll to the bottom of the page and—-

Woah! Look at that! It says “”Delete blog””
Just what we want! Make sure you are on the correct side blog and the little bottom button says “”Delete blog,”” once you’ve made sure go ahead a click on it.

This screen looks a lot different in word choice than “”Delete account”” doesn’t it? The red button here will say “”Delete _____”” Whatever the url of your sideblog is. it will NOT say “”Delete Everything”” 
Also the warning screen doesn’t look as serious. Of course you always have the chance of saying nevermind but this is what you will see (with your blog name of course) if you are trying to delete your blog.

So just make sure you don’t accidentally delete your account. Good luck. 

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idk if you've written anything like this butttttttt, what about like spirk's bonding ceremony? during or post like an after party or whatever :-)

(I’ve missed seeing your URL! <3 Hi, darling. Thank you as always for the prompt!)

From an objective perspective, and from that which his occupation requires, Sarek decides the bonding ceremony between his son and Captain James Kirk is nothing short of logical. As the Ambassador to Earth, it is his duty to support a course of action which benefits relations between planets. This union, then, serves as a new bridge to the cultural and social gaps between Earth and the planet Vulcan. Sarek, admittedly, is more than content with the idea that his own Spock is so tied to these positive interplanetary relations. Rational, indeed.

The sight before him, however, is not. The Enterprise, which landed safely on Vulcan two moons ago, plays host to quite the “afterparty,” and Sarek finds himself standing quietly in a corner on the bridge.

Mister Scott keeps trying to hand him some “celebratory bubbly” (which he politely declined the second time, after Amanda explained to him that it was alcohol). People are dancing about, acting altogether as humans do: entirely run by their emotions, their instincts, their whims.

Amanda saunters over to him, eyes bright. “Darling, why don’t you come mingle?” she asks, though Sarek has learned over the course of his marriage that she is jesting from what humans call a ‘wink,’ or the rapid shutting and opening of one eye.

“My dearest. You must know…” Sarek gestures ever so slightly to the room around him. “…That this…is not the traditional manner in which Vulcan bonding ceremonies are celebrated.”

She comes to stand by his side, surveying the bridge with him. “Of course it isn’t,” she replies, touching his arm lightly (over his ceremonial robes, of course). “This isn’t a traditional Vulcan bonding ceremony.”

“Indeed not,” he must agree with her, for Vulcans cannot lie, and somehow Amanda has always managed to find the logic in emotional things. “However, I simply cannot fathom Spock’s decision to diverge from tradition.”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, dear,” Amanda says in between blowing a kiss to Nyota Uhura, “But we broke tradition when we bonded fifty Earth years ago.”

“But this, Amanda. This…’party,’ as it is called, is entirely superfluous. An Earth custom in which neither of us participated.”

Amanda steps in front of him, and Sarek is faced with the fierce blue he knows deeply. “Sarek,” she says sharply. “Look at your son.”

Sarek shifts his gaze from his wife to his prodigy across the bridge. Spock stands surrounded by humans and Vulcans alike. Kirk is beside him, beaming with so much overt feeling that Sarek can practically sense it buzzing around the room. His son is not smiling, but there is a hint of one on the corner of his mouth (he recognizes it because it looks like Amanda’s). And he can just make out the first and middle fingers of his left hand–how intimate!–linked with Kirk’s. Kirk leans over and says something in a whisper, and Spock looks at the floor, face flushing a bit green with the attention.

It was so unlike anything he had ever seen, and yet, so familiar.

“Love,” is Amanda’s voice next to him, “doesn’t follow tradition. You should know that.”

She plants a kiss on his cheek, nearly causing him to jump in the surprise gesture (fifty Earth years, and he still cannot predict her…). 

Sarek clears his throat. His son is, despite the connotation of the word in his culture, happy. There are worse things.

He takes a glass of champagne from Mister Scott. In an Earth custom he has seen throughout the evening, he catches his son’s eye across the room, and raises the glass. Spock’s crewmates cheer. The Captain has not stopped smiling for approximately 4.52 minutes.

There are worse things.

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@yourlocalhomewrecker or whatever you changed your url to, describing me calling you on your words and actions a “tantrum” is tone policing bullshit, especially when you are the one who blocked me everywhere for telling you a truth you did not like. I have been public because you need to be held accountable and as I said you blocked me everywhere instead of even having a conversation. I don’t care if you don’t talk to me again but I’m going to take issue with your posts and subposts acting like I am being some kind of vicious terrible friend and spreading lies when I was trying to have a dialogue. It is very telling too that the one time I do not sugar coat things and cater to your white fragility you block me everywhere instead of listening and recognizing your privilege and how you use your voice to speak over people of color and try to take some kind of high stance over them and their activism. I tried for too long to maintain a friendship with you while you made uninformed, bold statements and came to me with hurt feelings when more informed people returned with matched levels of boldness. Don’t dish out what you can’t take. Have fun with your friends who you only know because of me. Go tell their secrets to the whole world and turn everything into a joke. Might wanna ease up on the pettiness and stubbornness if you want to keep them. Reform your positions and activism and stop trying to be some kind of hero/leader of other people’s movements and start paying up on all you owe those who have educated you. Still here if you wanna talk, im assuming you think there was something wrong with my friendship before all this otherwise you might not have had the reaction you did, and I’m actually willing to hear about them if you got things to say that aren’t just petty backlash at me for not “defending” you against maxine’s valid criticisms of your politics. If you need friends who will simply validate your stances on everything unquestioningly though, nah I’m not about that. 

I got a new Wreck This Journal as a late Christmas present/New Years present and as one of my resolutions I want to complete one of these unlike with my last one that I just kinda ruined (but that’s the point of it). Anyway as this page says to hang it in a public place I can’t do that someone might steal it and right profane things in there (more profane than what I hear everyday or say). So with every like and reblog I’ll right your url/whatever you say in the tags. Have fun y'all and stay golden





I hate how people

Are like “oh Naya’s changed” Of course she has freaking changed. She isn’t going to be the same person she was four years ago or even six months ago, she is growing and maturing as a person and an artist. She is moving on from glee and searching for better things, if you’re going to be mad at her for that then the door is to your right.