Sponsors/previews/bars, whatever you want to call them, from the third and fourth episodes of the second season.

Pink ones are right before the episode title, blue ones are from after the preview at the end of the episode.

A friend of mine is getting a bunch of people, including me, to contribute to making a Zelda zine and I’ve been doodling Link for the past few days to kind of warm up and try and figure out what I want to draw/make to contribute to it. All I know is I’m definitely doing a Wind Waker Link because that is the best Link.

perhaps unpopular opinion time (Glee)

believe me, I’m all for lesbians, but the brittany/santanna thing is stupid. santanna isnt a lesbian, shes just mixed up in the head because no guy wants to date a stuck-up bitch. the gay thing with blaine and kurt is cute, and is perfect for the show to have diverse ways of two people loving each other. the brittany/santanna thing on the other hand si straight-up dumb

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I'm not sure why people aren't paying attention to interviews and spoilers because Michael Malarkey already stated that the people we see characters with in the present aren't who they're with in the forward flashes.

That person contradicted themselve’s by stating first that Michael has only filmed with Candice and Annie and then said that he talked about scenes filmed with Kat. I don’t know what it is that’s making fans dumb, deaf, and blind, but Bonenzo is a go

I guess maybe people are just hoping they won’t have to sit through that. If you want them dumb or deaf for that, then that’s what you should do, lol, but it’s not how I feel.

So yesterday I decided to, finally , watch Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. And kept seeing this person leaving comments (he wrote the same thing like twice, maybe more since I’m only on ep 14). And I’m just here like… They are all children. The 5 main characters are 16 and under. What the actual fuck is wrong with people?
2 of the characters are 10 (they look like 8 and are adorable as fuck. How dare him?) and I almost threw up. Can people not? Can people just stfu? No. He is shouldn’t go “balls deep” in any of them. He is a child, and so are the girls.

I swear this is the 3rd time the anime community had made me want to throw up. And it’s always about the same fucking thing. The sexualization of children. (Two very fucking graphic body pillows of Chibi Moon and Ciel. And I wanted to shoot myself.) Please stop this. This is wrong and horrible. And you’re showing you’re pedophilia.

Ps. Idc if they aren’t real, they are characters that 1) are children, and 2) act like children. (I know Ciel doesn’t act like a child). If you sexualize children, you’re a pedophile to me.

just fyi

if you come up to the counter at Starbucks and ask for “liquid cocaine” or whatever other dumb names are on the “”“secret menu”“” I’m going to stare blankly at you for a thousand years until you actually order a real drink

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In the recent chapter, 683, Ywach mentions Orihime, by full name no less. Since before he always referred to her as girl or human girl. Yet he brings up about why he didn't let her heal him. Do you see any significance in his comments about her or was it just for plot? Does this parallel his talk with Yamamoto? Thank you!

I also received another message along those lines:

“Can I fangirl over the mention of Orihime in this chapter like IR in that chapter or will I be deemed a ‘delusional org'😂🙊 “

You can fan-girl/boy to whatever you want honey, if they call you delusional then ignore them and do you

To the significance of Yhwach mentioning Orihime, it’s most likely just for the plot.

I’m pretty sure he just mentions her because Ichigo went ahead without having her heal him, thus Yhwach comments on his state.

When just a few chapters ago, Yhwach was seeing Orihime protect and heal Ichigo, with such determination. Their struggle to work against him, and her hard efforts even though he could see into the future.

Although I find it interesting how he went from calling her woman, and then Ichigo’s comrade, and now he addressed her by her full name.

I’m impressed she left an impression on him. (I mean who wouldn’t with her powers after all)


Of course, she ended up healing his weapon. Like she didn’t care about her state of health, the first thing she thought of doing was healing his TZ.

Anyways Orihime could still not be full of health enough to heal him, but I would hope that when she is fully recovered her & Rukia can swoop in to heal the guys (or maybe even fight).

Which leads me to another ask I received:

“Do you think Rukia will have some role in fixing Ichigo’s sword? Ichirukis are discussing this theory mentioning sand and rotator and that kind of stuff.”

I may be late on answering this since it was before the latest chapter, but as we can see Ichigo doesn’t need no fixing his sword right now.

I’m kinda of upset that antis are twisting things to fit their ideals of having Ir moments since the manga is finishing.

When a chance like this comes after Orihime with help of Tsukishima healed his TZ:

Or when Ichigo was being drowned in despair & Orihime was down. Instead of being positive, and cheering them on. I only saw antis making fun of Ih fans and waiting for their Ir moments.

( ˘︹˘ )

It’s almost the end of Bleach in what 10 or less weeks, and instead of cheering Ichigo and everyone on. They are more considered whether Ir will happen, instead of wanting other characters to help Ichigo out.

Although I say this, we have seen a lot of Ichigo’s friends gain development whether big or small, and there is no doubt that Rukia will be included (she didn’t train for nothing).

I’m also pretty sure Ishida will also play a huge role.

Thank you for your messages, and damn I answered three in one! 

Score for me and my lazy ass!


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very recently I went through an emotional upheaval to do with my vocabulary, because see, you know those traffic circles? roundabouts? whatever you call them? these things:

well, all my life I’ve called them ‘tortoises’. yep, like the animal. tortoises.weird, right? I never really thought it was. no one else ever called them that, but see, my parents are from a different part of the country than the one I was born in, so I always assumed it was a weird regionalism. like “sick as a dog” or “hotter than Hades” or something else that my parents might say. It only really became difficult in driver’s ed, when I was sitting there trying to figure out what in tarnation everyone meant by “traffic circle.”

anyway, so it remained. I met new friends and they drove me lots of places, and whenever I told them that my house was “a right turn past the tortoise” they blinked and asked me to clarify. which I did, forever wondering why no one else seemed to understand the term. “you don’t call it a tortoise?”



“why do you call it a tortoise?”

“because that’s what my mom called it?” I said, wondering if I’d stepped into the kosher alternate reality of cutting the end off the ham. whatever. it wasn’t an issue. I just figured that it, like so many elements of my secondhand, ridiculous bastardization of my parents’ dialect, must be normal somewhere. right?

well finally one night not long ago, I, at the age of 23, was drinking wine with my mother (one of our traditional family pastimes). we were chatting about this and that, and dialects came up. I’d been interviewing around for jobs, and was quickly realizing how different my speech had to be with family, with friends, and then with people I intended to impress–so much enunciation! so many grammar changes! just to make people understand and respect me in a language we both spoke! 

“it’s like,” I said drunkenly, “kind of like how you and I say ‘tortoise’ and everyone else around here says ‘roundabout’?” I stopped to refill my glass, casual-like, because I had No Idea what was ahead of me. “like what is that, a southern thing? a rural thing? no one out here seems to do it.”

and my mom kinda smirks and giggles, not maliciously or in hilarity, but in a mom way. that maternal, ‘aw, you kids way,’ when you know they love you but? they’re judging you? yeah. and she tells me, aeron. that’s not FROM anywhere. we just called them that when you were a kid.

I just. I didn’t get it at first. I did that ridiculous ‘what. what. WHAT’ thing while she repeated herself. I couldn’t believe it. not only was this whole thing weird, it was a FICTION created in my CHILDHOOD. and she took noooooooo responsibility for it. none at all! as a kid I had a plastic sandbox in the shape of a tortoise, and I guess I thought they looked similar, so she called them that because “it was easier than trying to teach [me] a new word.”

jesus. I just. really??? I had a GREAT vocabulary. I was a fantastic reader, once I actually sat still long enough to look at a stack of paper longer than it took to draw a tree. I’m 23 now, mom. I have a college degree. that was A LOT of reading right there. I know more words than you do at this point!!!!! explain transhumanism to me, why don’t you! describe this dichotomy! elaborate upon the discourse! 

like, you could’ve fixed this at any point, mom. preferably earlier. I don’t fault you for the easter bunny or santa or jackalopes but wow, how long did you expect this to play out? that I would go on never questioning this? that it would carry on to my expected progeny? did you want THIS to be your legacy, mom and dad? a LIE?

(my dad helpfully chimed in at this point to say he never contributed to this, but I have the reciepts, okay? he definitely did)

most of all, I haven’t just sounded different and quaint and but somehow validated by vocab choices being normal somewhere else, wherever it might be. no. I was just Weird. the only other place that reality existed was INSIDE MY OWN HEAD.

anyway, I’m honestly still not over any of this and I feel Betrayed and Distrustful because to this day I look at a fuckin traffic circle and my brain says ‘tortoise’ and I say “tortoise” and other people say “haha, did you find out that’s not a REAL WORD” and that’s the point when I strangle people. not because this has messed me up to that degree, though. I just have anger issues. they’re unrelated, but they come into play from time to time.

tldr: my parents called traffic circles ‘tortoises’ all my life and I assumed it was just regional slang but apparently they made it up and never corrected me. it’s funnier and more dramatic than it sounds