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  • Jordyn:I just loooove when my neighbours, who are hella hot might I add, go multiple rounds of loud, passionate sex to remind me that I’m not getting laid.
  • Jordyn:The least they could do for being so damn inconsiderate is ask if I wanna join, you know?

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Request: “Can you do a FLUFF where the reader is pregnant and force sensitive and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is OVERLY PROTECTIVE & basically won’t let her do or eat anything, so she uses the force to “take whatever she wants” lol I’m a little drunk rn. And you can decide if he’s doing because of the force or willingly because he loves his wife" 

Summary: Just a few months after Starkillers destruction, Kylo is put into an arranged marriage with another strong force user (Y/N). Though both reluctant about the whole thing, they slowly grow to appreciate one another. Despite their improvements however, they still clash and butt heads constantly, especially when (Y/N) becomes pregnant. 

A/N; I couldn’t do too much fluff haha, I just couldn’t so I made it Kylo (Ben would be a lot sweeter and softer) and went from there. It’s a little more on the angsty side of fluff, but the fluff is there I promise haha. Hope you all enjoy!

Warning: Attempted assault

Peering around the corner you smirked to yourself, Kylo was nowhere to be seen. For once the Knight had finally left you to your own business, at least for a little while. Quickly darting from behind your doorframe you started strolling down the hall, your long robes flowing behind you. This was the first time in days you had been outside of your own quarters alone, let alone outside of your quarters at all. For the sake of getting the snacks you so desperately craved and salvaging your own sanity, you had to get out at some point. 

As if Kylo hadn’t been overbearing enough when you had first arrived on the base, he surely exceeded any standards he had set before. Though he was reluctant to go forth with the arrangement, much like yourself, he surely took his status as your husband seriously. He seemed to see almost everything about it much like a task he had at work, treating the whole thing as if it was another job. Much to your displeasure, he also took it as a reason to be overly possessive of you and hover over everything you ever did. It was as if he was concerned you would escape the Order, find someone better, despite his obvious annoyance with you, he wanted you only to himself.

When you found out you were pregnant months later however, the behavior he exhibited got even worse. Any improvements you had made in your relationship seemed to take a backseat as his overbearing behavior pushed you to the limits of your patience. Both being force sensitive didn’t help the matter either. You would not only see, but feel his anger towards you, the impatience both of you exhibited making the air around you thick with tension. People of every rank were sure to avoid both of you when your arguments got heated, you were both infamous for spurts of rage.

The stress of the situation was only multiplied when Supreme Leader Snoke emphasized just how significant this child was to the First Order. Though it was just one giant eye roll for you, knowing well that Snoke only intended to use your child just as he used Kylo, Kylo took the entire ordeal with great deal of legitimacy. The second Snoke finished that briefing, Kylo’s entire feeling over the situation shifted. What was once just something that was somewhat inevitable in nature, now became a great weight on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he believed you should carry that weight with him, despite your indifference to a majority of Snoke’s requests. 

Striding past a few doors you felt a grin grow larger on your face as you realized you were finally going to make it to the cantina without disruption. Just as quickly as that grin appeared however it disappeared as you saw the familiar cloud of black appear from one of the corridors.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Crossing your arms under your swollen chest you huffed. Of course Kylo was close by, the man was relentless. 

“To get food Kylo.”

He took quick strides up to you, his tone growing more aggrivated through the modulator.

“I told you the droids or maids would fetch that for you. Get back to our quarters, now.”


“(Y/N). Don’t defy me.”

“Defy you? Really? Do you understand that you’re a husband, not a keeper?”

You could hear him take a deep breath, his energy growing hot underneath the mask. In his thoughts you could hear him attempting to talk himself down from yelling. His thoughts were often blocked off from you, with the exception of when you were in an argument, he always wanted you to know just how aggrivated you made him. In his opinion, you did it on purpose, getting a rise out of seeing him so infuriated. Truthfully, you were just responding to his behavior, even if your acts to irk him were a tad satisfying. 

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