I have some pretty exciting news I would like to share with you all - I have just received my first ever book contract! I was recently approached by McFarland and Company (check them out, they’ve published some fantastic books including The Texarkana Moonlight Murders by Michael Newton) who offered me the opportunity to send through a book proposal. I have spent the past few months researching and writing my book proposal and thankfully they enjoyed it and gave me a book contract!

I would genuinely like to thank all of my lovely followers for giving me encouragement and confidence in my writing. Years ago, I wouldn’t have even began to imagine that my writing would possibly meet the standards expected for publishers. With your kind words regarding my writing, I thought I’d give it a go and I’m so thankful that I did.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of me free time hall be taken up by this, but I’m also going to continue writing for my blog and shall continue to post new content daily!

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October 29, 1989, police were called to investigate the facility. Apparently some relatives became concerned when no one answered the telephone there for three weeks. Bridget and Miranda were gone. They found not a single personal item in the house. They alerted the FBI, even the Mexican police, but the nurses had disappeared. The only thing they left behind was a word, unfinished, on the wall. “M u r d e r.”

*Must remind herself constantly that Bane would not, in fact, refer to himself as Bane in his own POV*

Thank fuck he only has about a page and a half in his pov in Chapter 2. *flops* Nothing like ctrl-Fing your way through a bajillion fucking Banes to change a handful to Cad.

CAAAAAAd. Maybe that’s why all his ‘th’ words sound like ’d’. His name is actually Cat but he’s only ever been able to say Cad, and everyone just followed suit.

Cat Bane.


(This us why I detest e-wording first drafts. I went from actually discussing an ongoing annoyance to fucking MEOWING.)

A Simple Dare

(Nursey/Dex; they go on a road trip, that Dex never intended to go on, and never thought he’d get anything out of. 2.8k words) 

Also posted on AO3 here

“I dare you to go stand under that waterfall.” Will said, and, as Nursey looked at him, one eyebrow raised, he wondered what on earth he was actually doing here. 

He’s not sure he ever remembered saying yes at any point. He certainly remembered saying no. He remembered thinking that there was no way he could afford it, and that Nursey was obviously just chirping him even by asking. Why would Derek Malik Nurse, self-proclaimed ‘chill dude’ and similar to himself only in the fact that they both played hockey and argued frequently, ask William J Poindexter to go on a road trip with him. 

It didn’t make sense. It was clearly a more invested chirp, or a prank or something. Obviously, Will had ignored the whole idea as though it had never been mentioned, as seemed sensible. 

Two things happened. 

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She smiled the most perfect of smiles,
but behind the sparkle in her eyes,
are the million shrouds of lies.
When she speaks, you’d think it’s true.
But she’s thought it all through.
When she lies, she doesn’t cringe,
she doesn’t falter nor does she flinch.
You would believe every word she says,
the sincerity in her tone that she makes.
Then you’d find yourself caught,
in her hands, in her words, in her world.
Everything perishes when you find out,
that lying is what she is about.
Take time to think things through,
You will find her words to be untrue.
There are a million shrouds of lies,
behind the sparkle of her beautiful eyes,
Each time she gives, the most perfect of smiles.
—  Perfection in her smile // MR (Megan R.)

sick me + jared in my city literally 10 minutes from my house i am so stressed = fluffy dean drabble (~700 words)

Prompt: “Do you really think I’d get shot for you if I didn’t like you?”

Dean is alarmed by how much red he sees. Your shirt is soaked with it, and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t know what to do next.

“He’s behind you!” you warn him, almost a second too late. Dean swivels and empties his clip into the asshole, satisfied when he sees the guy is now a useless pile on the ground.

Sam comes running in the room just then, blood that isn’t his own–thank god–splattered on him. When he sees the state you’re in, he quickly pulls out his phone and dials 911. As he sells the dispatcher on some bogus story, Dean turns back to you.

“You’re getting slow, Winchester.” You’re grimacing as your hands apply steady pressure on your wound. He places his on top to help, and his jaw clenches when he feels how cold they’re getting.

“And you’re an idiot,” he responds. “That guy was gonna miss me by a mile. You didn’t have to jump in front of the damn bullet.”

You chuckle weakly, “He h-had you in his sights. Someone n-needed to save your ass.”

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Doting Demons

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Pairing: Dean, Reader, Ben
Word count: 694
Request: Anonymous. Yay! Thank you! I’d really love some Crowley x fem!reader x Cain polyamorous fluff! I love those two demons. Maybe they are taking care of the pregnant reader (Or she could be on her period, you decide)? Or something like that?

Cain came in, bag in hand. You were currently 15 weeks pregnant, and sent him on an ice cream run. Thankfully, Cain didn’t sleep, so going out at two in the morning, and driving the hour to the nearest twenty-four hour supermarket didn’t bother him. He could have snapped there, but you’d started to sniff about him taking the easy way out. Seeing you upset killed him, so he sighed, grabbed the keys to his truck, and left the cabin.

You’d been cuddled against Crowley, and you’d set him a few days before to get apples. And then he got the wrong kind- red delicious, when you’d wanted Gala. That time you let him snap to get the right ones. He chuckled when he saw your face light up when you bit into the first apple.

He found you napping against Crowley, who was currently reading. “I’ll put this in the freezer.” Cain smiled over at you, your hand resting on your belly that looked more like a few extra pounds at this point.

Crowley nodded. “Probably the best idea. She’s been asleep since not long after you left. So, she might wake up at any moment.” He looked down at you as you shifted, trying to get closer to him. None of you knew who the baby’s father was, but none of you cared. You were all in this together. Of course, that also made it more difficult to agree on things.

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He hears you swear~5sos preferences

Luke:You were on your phone with your best friend.She had mentioned that some girl you guys went to school with is now pregnant"Girl shut up the hell up,are you serious"you immediately stopped folding clothes.Luke stared at you with widen eyes as you hung up"What"you sat down beside him"Since when did you swear"you rolled your eyes and continued to fold clothes"Don’t act so surprised Hemmings"

Calum:You stormed into yours and Calum’s home furious.You threw your keys on the table,mumbling under your breath.Calum poke his head from the kitchen to see in your furious state"You okay"you shook your head"My boss was being a bitch today.All she did was yell at me"Calum was taken back by your words.You had realized what you’d said and blushed.you mumble ‘Sorry’.Calum had kissed you"Don’t be,I thought it was kinda hot"

Ashton:You were making dinner before Ashton got home and things were kinda getting out of control.You tried multitasking but things weren’t exactly going as plan.You too busy cooking and didn’t realize that Ashton had came in.You reach up for the pepper when your hand came in contact with the stove"Fuck"you loudly shouted and rushed to the sink.Ashton rushed in to see what the problem was.He kissed your hand a million even though it wasn’t really helping"You got a bit of a potty mouth there babe"you couldn’t do nothing but blushed

Michael:You and Michael were playing this new video game that released less than a hour ago.You were getting feed up with the robots killing you and Michael wasn’t helping you at all.You finally killed one and got up"Haha who looks stupid now,take that you little piece of shit"Michael paused the game and looked at you"Sorry I got caught up in the moment"he smirked and resume the game"I thought it was hot"

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Prompt: You that one part where Naekusaba kinda got dented? Well, consider: Muku trying to bluff Naegi out of harm's way (cuz she'd think Junko would totally stab his arse if she knew she was crushing on him) [btw Junko does know, but decides to let Muku keep her HOPE a little longer... before tearing it apart :D] Alternatively, despite her words, Muku is having conflicted feelings over this 'loser' (sweetheart)

A/N ok fine so what muku said about naegi in dr3 is canon but hear me out, I have this believable headcanon wherein muku was just “acting” when she said that. I mean if we’re going to talk canon then it’s also canon that she could be a good actress if she wanted to. 


Lies - Naekusaba

“Isn’t he just some loser?”

The words smoothly flowed out of her mouth as if they were her own. They weren’t. She was just bluffing her way for him to get out of harm’s way. Out of Junko’s way. Because she knew for a fact just how destructive her twin could be especially once she has taken interest in someone. So she wanted to divert her attention away from him. Far far away from him. And so she bluffed. Her acting skills were getting better and she could have easily believed her words to be sincere but she doubted that her sister was fooled. Nothing gets past Junko but still, Mukuro tried.

Those words that she blurted out? She didn’t mean it.

She didn’t mean to fall for him either.

All Mukuro expected from Hope’s Peak Academy was to be reunited with her sister whom she loved dearly. There wasn’t much going on for her. Aside from being a soldier, all she has left was her sister. And choosing to attend Hope’s Peak meant choosing one over the other. Naturally she chose her precious and only family. She’s not interested in school at all, she’s just here because her twin was here. As long as she could be near Junko then that would be enough for her.

It should have been enough for her until…

“Ah!” Someone yelled as they tripped– someone whom she’d been eyeing on all this time.

With exceptional speed, she was able to dash to the scene and catch the person’s back before they even hit the floor. With her other hand, she swiftly took the box from their hands and meticulously caught all of the falling contents in it. All of this happened in just a blink of their eyes without any untoward incident. Crisis averted.

The person blinked a few times until it dawned to them that they were safe and fortunately, not crushed by a pile of tools. “That… was a close one.” They let out a sigh of relief and then turned to her. “Thanks for saving me, Mukuro!” And he gave her a grateful smile.

That same smile he gave her the first time they met.

The smile that got her thinking of other things for the first time. The smile that made her see more than just her sister and despair. The smile that gave her feelings which she still couldn’t understand what they meant. That same smile he would always give her even though all she did was take. It was a smile that she found herself looking forward to seeing more often than not.

Makoto’s smile was a force to be reckoned with for Mukuro.

“No problem.” She replied as she reluctantly let go of his back. Any more of this contact would be too much for her especially since she already felt a blush creeping on her cheeks.

But she didn’t want to let go of him just yet.

“Need help?” She asked as she effortlessly raised the box she held with one hand.

“Ah, yes actually. It’s kind of embarrassing for me to admit this but it’s a bit heavy for me.” He sheepishly scratched the back of his head and laughed lightly. “It looks like I’m going to rely on you some more. If that’s okay with you?”

Laughter also suited him, she thought.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” She shrugged and then they proceeded to head towards the storage room.

They walked together in amicable silence for the most part. It was nice if not awkward although that might be just on her part. He looked absolutely oblivious as usual but that just added to his charm. He always had this positive aura surrounding him which was infectious. He was ridiculously optimistic which should have been a weakness. But instead it became his strenth, it became their strength. Whenever someone had their doubts, he was always there to help them get back up.

And no matter how unbearable it was, he would still smile.

“Hey, Mukuro.” He spoke up. He was also smiling right now but it was more of a bittersweet kind. “A lot of things has happened, hasn’t it? It feels like it was only just the other day that we were hanging out with everyone without a care in the world.” His face then twisted into a grimace. “And then yesterday… that tragedy happened.”

The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History. The tragedy that Junko had set up.

“And now all of a sudden, we’re locking ourselves up in school until things calm down. It’s almost as if the world has ended and we’re the few  survivors left.” He chortled but there was no humor in his voice only sadness. “When I say it out loud, doesn’t it all sound crazy?”

No, not at all. It’s not crazy. It’s just absolutely despairing.

“Actually, that’s pretty much what’s happening.” She stated matter-of-factly. It hasn’t even been a week since everything started falling apart. It was just like he said. It happened literally just yesterday and the state of the world had plummeted just as quickly.

“I guess there’s no other way of looking at this, huh.” He solemnly commented. And then just like he always did, he got back up with his ridiculous optimism. “Well it can’t be helped. After everything’s that happened, this had to be done. This was for the best. We made the right decision.”

If only she could tell him just how wrong it was.

“Everyone’s entrusting their hopes onto us. And I want to answer their hopes.” He said with unflinching resolve. “And I also believe in this. In us. We’ll surivive this, I’m sure of it.”

She’s not so sure about that. Not with what Junko had planned for them. There was no survival, only despair.

“Don’t you think so, Mukuro?” He smiled at her once more and it was his most hopeful smile just yet.

Makoto’s smile weighed heavy on her conscience.

“…I think so too.” She lied through her teeth.

Mukuro wanted that smile to last longer.

sometimes i’d think you weren’t real but we’re just two chapters in the same book with pages apart so what keeps me up is writing poetry of you, of us,with a wish in-between words; maybe we’ll get closer, closer
darling my words are stained with the love you have for me and I for you; you’re in everything, you’re everything
I hate that i can’t have you, maybe in another universe we’d have a future, maybe we will, maybe we just aren’t meant to be now
and maybe in that universe of us with a future, I wouldn’t need to turn us into poetry because it’d be so beautiful, beautiful- words won’t understand it
maybe in that universe of us, You’ll show up everyday and the only wish leaving your lips would be a forever- you and I. So don’t find it strange when I call you up to say I thought about you today, all day

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Saying the f-word here is a big deal :'D

:’D we just call each other the D words

and thats the least offensive word

when we have mother f- which is somehow the most offensive word :’DDDD 

im clapping for you georgia 

Your Fault

Neil had to stop walking for a long moment, and Andrew drew to a halt at his side. Their road trip had brought them long and far but Neil had expected to be setting foot on that beach again. In his mind the beach was black sand and fierce waves not the golden paradise with a gentle ebb and flow in front of him. Andrew normally wouldn’t have held his hand in public but still Neil felt the familiar warmth in his palm.

“This is where my mom’s buried,” Neil said slowly. Andrew was quiet at his side almost waiting for what would come next. “I miss her.”

Neil never thought he’d actually say those words aloud but there they were for Andrew to hear and judge. But he wouldn’t judge he’d take it in and accept it. Because though Neil knew his mother had stood by him there was a different feeling to having Andrew by his side when he came back to the beach. Andrew said slowly, “What was she like?”

“Awful,” Neil admitted, “Absolutely horrid, between her and my dad I shouldn’t be standing here let alone standing here with you about to join a professional Exy team. She’d probably castrate me for even considering it and then patch me back up because I was her son. It was a hard life knowing she cared enough to keep me alive but it was by her rules. Her conditions.”

“Then fuck her,” Andrew muttered, “If she saw you were happy and was still a bitch then you don’t need her in your life.”

“Andrew,” Neil whispered. He turned to see the rigid set of Andrew’s jaw and the look in his eyes.

“Are any of the scars from her?” Andrew asked his eyes raking up and down Neil. For a moment Neil felt very vulnerable, and very aware of the scar on his cheek. It was the most obvious one but Andrew knew that story, he knew most of the stories now of Neil’s damaged body. Every detail of how his Kevlar vest had saved his life from a bullet. The way his father had decided that an iron to the back was most appropriate punishment.

“One,” Neil admitted but it was a scar Andrew hadn’t known he’d seen. One that no doctor would fix but a counselor could give it a good go. A mark that Andrew had been repairing since the day he handed Neil a key to the Colombia house. His lips tugged up in a small smile at the memory and Andrew’s face fell into a quizzical look. Neil added, “But that one is fading.”

Andrew narrowed his eyes slowly, putting together the pieces of Neil’s words. It was in Andrew’s nature to find the details and when he did he rolled his eyes. With a deadpan expression Andrew replied, “You are sentimental aren’t you?”

“Only recently,” Neil said pretending he couldn’t see the twinkle in Andrew’s eyes. “Your fault of course.”

“My fault?” Andrew questioned.

“It’s always your fault,” Neil said dropping his head, “It’s your fault I stayed when everything she taught me was screaming at me to leave. It’s your fault that I’m still alive today because you said you’d have my back and you did. It’s your fault I’m happy because no one else could possibly make me smile when I feel like shit. I blame it all on you, every last thing.”

“Except one thing,” Andrew amended, “It’s your fault that I’m still here.”

“And is that okay?”

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”