A collaboration sort of with [PBYUM] . 

He/she have so many sketches, its a shame not to have them coloured (permission was granted)~ Testing waterfall effect and its….hard…….Even the lining process from the sketches were difficult……

You know at first, I didn’t notice GrM’s sneaky hand until I started lining it eue;;

Full size [PIXIV]

Original Sketch [PBYUMSketch]

anonymous asked:

Hey, you have tonnes of vagina art on your blog, and while that's not a bad thing in itself, I feel like a lot of this art is equating vaginas/ovaries/etc. to womanhood, and that's... really transmisogynist. And cissexist in general. And dyadist. I'm messaging to check with you if this kind of vaginas=women is an intentional thing you're standing behind?


First of all, I would disagree that I have “tonnes” of vagina art on my blog; there’s some here and there but it’s certainly not a majority of what I post. I even looked back through a few pages and didn’t see much of it.

Also, I disagree that the art I post equates vaginas/ovaries/etc. to womanhood…many of the posts are just art with no sort of “yay womanhood” sort of commentary attached to them. I don’t think a crochet vagina picture translates to “I’m a gender essentialist.”

I also am not intentionally equating vaginas automatically or exclusively to womanhood. But, one thing I do feel like needs to be pointed out and addressed not just here but in general is the fact that for many people, vaginas do inform, define, and shape their gender as a woman. Society also very much equates those organs and anatomy to women, which is a huge reason why those types of body parts are hardly ever shown or given positive representation. So, also as a cis person, part of my womanhood is my vagina. I feel like expressing that is a good thing. But I don’t think every woman has a vagina or needs one to be a woman and for many, vagina’s aren’t a part of their gender identity as a woman. Womanhood is multi-faceted. I think talking about them in the context of womanhood is okay, granted it’s within certain parameters and isn’t reinforcing gender essentialism. 

This is a complicated issue that I think needs to be more addressed in the feminist community and a lot of it goes back to developing language that doesn’t exclude or assume

SPN Hellatus rewatch: 1x04

The, uh, apparently long-awaited re-watch. I’m kinda glad the episode they were most excited about was only episode four. Imagine if they’d been like, “I can’t wait for you to re-watch 9x06!” and I’d have to be like, “Hon, I might be dead by the time I’m up to season 9.”

(I am not even in the habit of saying “hon” but in this case I think it would be necessary.)

Anyway I dedicate this re-watch to you.

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im so FLIPPIN excited for metrocon

like??? hot damn. artists. nice people. being able to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE about art and media i love????? 

making people happy with art???