Dinner Somewhere Nice
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This is totally what Iain and Liz meant by a spag bol dinner, right?

ayyyyy the inevitability has occurred and thomas and vaska have chemistry verse iterations now

i ran through like four different possibilities for both of them (i was really attached to iodine for vaska for a while) but here is the end result: vanadium nitride

vaska is vanadium and thomas is nitrogen– she got some definite color tweaks to fit the profile for a nitrogen atom but most chemistry characters have different colors from their human versions so //shrug 

anyway i don’t really feel like doing much with them in that setting right now, i just wanted to have it designed ^^ 

anonymous asked:

If teen!Will and teen!Hannibal were youtubers, what kind of youtubers do you think they would be? I think of Hannibal like "My drunk Kitchen" bc, come on! he's always drinking wine! but Will ¿¿¿¿¿

Hannibal would do some sort of cooking show segment, then a pretentious segment on “art” (aka teaching the masses the elite culture)

Will, would be that person who uses their phone just to film their dogs doing goofy thing or just being cute.

And one late night (you know that time of the night when you end up on YT vids you would have never had if the light of the sun was there), Will would stumble upon a vid by Hannibal on the “art of fishing/insect” (whatever) and Will would brave up and leave a comment which question some sort of opinion Hannibal has on this “author”.

Then boom Hannibal looks at all the dogs vids trying to catch a glimpse of this person who happens to understand what he is talking about.

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Fruzsina Pittner – better known online as Ryn – loves “art, hugging trees and books and all sorts of other stuff.” Born in Hungary, she moved to Scotland about two years ago to study computer arts and game developing. She draws on anything and everything – including post-it notes and walls.

“I have been into reading ever since I was very little – the first serious book I can remember getting through was The Lord of the Rings,” said Pittner. “Magic and swordfights and adventures get me really, really excited. If I had to choose favourite books - I’m not very good with favourites - I’d say the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore and The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, also Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – I just love the characters and the world building and that all three are very graphic and visual in writing. The description of spaces and characters are very rich and so easy to get into.“

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and now i want to see their embrace without blood. i want it to be cozy, warm, sweet, full of love. (please, s4, come soon as possible)

I guess that’s what fic and fan art is for? 

This is where I get sort of lost since I really don’t actually want to see this turn all domestic and stuff. 


Spent the better portion of today sorting my photobucket so future commissioners can see examples of the art types all in one place. I left the crayon ones in the main folder and sorted the rest. I can’t believe I’ve done that many honestly, but it’s super cool to see them all. (Hint hint, I’m reopening next week cause boy do I need dragon monies).

Also for those of you who haven’t been following me for the two + years I’ve had this blog, that dragon on the left was the first crayon commission I ever did. They were made differently at the time and it’s hard for me to look at those ones xD. The one on the right is my most recent crayon art, for comparison.