kimberllyhart  asked:

concept: trini getting really worked up when her little brothers talk about the yellow ranger and how they love HIM so much and zack is just laughing his ass off and saying that the pink ranger loves HIM a lot too

first of all: yes

second of all: Zack probably dies after that comment

third of all: consider this… Kim being over for dinner at Trini’s house (as a friend), the whole family and her just sitting in the dinning room, eating and making conversation. One of Trini’s little brothers then cuts in to ask which Ranger is Trini’s favorite and Kim suddenly is VERY ATTENTIVE until Trini mumbles something like “they’re all cool I guess, I don’t know, this is lame” before hiding being her glass of water because Kim is looking at her and narrowing her eyes like “rude”. Her brother goes “you’re lame. Kim, which one is your favorite?” and Kim deadpan answers “the yellow one” not blinking once while looking straight at Trini who spits out what she’s drinking all over the table