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(Petey. Petey, listen, was that a polka dotted speedo that you wore in Super Mario Sunshine? Look, this is important I need to know. What was that?)

“Yeah man I use em’ for swimin’ in places people tell me I can’t parade around naked. What? You think I got some hydrophobia goin’ after Mr. Italian Stallion or Pretty in Pink tried drowin’ me? Fat chance! I need them liquids to grow big and strong. Ain’t no one gonna stop my thirst.”

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I agree with you about the suicide-baiting on tumblr- for so many people it's just this go-to insult for anyone they disagree with or who makes stuff they don't like. I just. *hands in air* But! I really just wanted to say I feel you, and I like you and your art and your words and just. You being around is great. You're cool and smart and the world is a better place for you being in it. *fistbump*

Thank you for this. TuT  It has been a very emotional, weird, stressy night and it’s shaping up to be a really LONG one and this is just really sweet of you. <3


I have alot of comic ideas right now but instead I’ve done these doodles… Ah well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything haha, right.

Oh yeah, I saw another picture of Fidds on a unicorn but I can’t remember who did it sorry! It should be a thing anyway ehehe!

@everyone who started following me because of those deadpool leggings pics, I’d like to take a moment to warn you all that this blog is hella gay.


{{ How many of you would be interested in interacting with Robert Jekyll and or John Utterson if I made account for them? }}