@ people who menstruate (or know someone who does)

if u can, please consider buying a mooncup! they are far far far more hygienic than pads or tampons, result in little to no waste and save SO much money in the long run!! i can’t even list all the reasons why it’s great bc there are SO MANY but here are the main reasons i’m telling y’all about it

i bought mine in store for like £22 but if you buy from their online store it costs £19.99, i know it seems pricey upfront but as someone on a low income i can tell you it’s so worth it bc this thing lasts for 10 YEARS, whereas even spending £1 a month on period supplies would come to at least £120 in that same amount of time, probably even more if you have a heavy flow, but guess what? the mooncup holds more than even a super plus tampon, and can be left in for 12 hours and still be hygienic. all u gotta do after that is clean it with water and reinsert!

ik this isn’t relevant to everyone but it was also kind of a godsend for me as a nonbinary person who experiences dysphoria, because with the mooncup i don’t have to feel constantly aware of that part of my body and i don’t have to be dealing with it as often, and a lot of my trans friends have said similar things!

tl;dr this thing is amazing and from experience i recommend it 10000% so much always for so many reasons

please reblog + share this post (even if u don’t think it’s relevant to you so ur menstruating friends and followers can see it), and if u can’t buy now but plan to later please bookmark the link in the post! tysm! <3 <3


Top 10 Favorite Walt Disney Animated Films (in no particular order):
#8 - Oliver & Company (1988)

“Ain’t it great the way it all begins in New York City? Right away, you’re making time, and making friends. No one cares where you were yesterday, if they pick you out, you’re on your way to a ‘Once Upon a Time’ that never ends.”

does anyone else have a secret headcanon that han and leia were terrible, awful parents who ‘tried’ certainly but didn’t do anything great for their child

han who couldn’t figure out commitment and was trapped in this cycle of running away and coming back when he missed his family too much, and young ben feeling like he’s not good or important enough to keep his father around him

leia who was so busy with the resistance she hardly had any time to spend with her son (who couldn’t be brought with her into dangerous missions and had a constant target on his back and must be kept mostly isolated for his own safety).

ben growing up feeling lonely and abandoned by the people who were supposed to love and care for him. who literally handed him off to his uncle as soon as he was old enough because, let’s face it, they don’t want him, he is a liability and a burden to them both. young ben with so much rage and hurt inside because if he was better somehow he wouldn’t be left alone like this.

and what does the light side of the force encourage? Calm, control, do not feel things too deeply, ignore your own pain and misery as they are not significant and without purpose. accept it, understand it, the reality of who you are, unwanted. your feelings alone are and can not be valid. Also, lets face it, just how good would Luke be at looking after a large number of children?

and then Snoke comes along, telling him it’s okay to feel angry at his parents, at the world, that this is a good thing. It’s okay to hurt and be mad because that is something you can turn into thrilling, terrific power. Look at your grandfather, look at what he achieved. Is there really any point to the Resistance? To the light? It’s taken away the mother you should have had, it’s decades of dedication without achievement, with nothing. What has the light side ever accomplished for anyone?

But the dark side, oh the dark side. Look at how the First Order thrives. Look at their achievements and their accomplishments. Look at the legacy Darth Vader left, just waiting to be continued. Look at who you can become.

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ASOIAF & “I Love You”

One thing I think about a lot with regards to ASOIAF is the lack of any true love/romance stories (at least in a “traditional” sense) and how rare it is that characters tell each other those three little words “I love you”. 

So, I went back through the text to find instances of this phrase and made note of who said it to whom and in what context. Here be my findings!

“Damn you, Ned Stark. You and Jon Arryn, I loved you both.” - Robert to Eddard (AGOT); why the past tense, Bobby B?

“Such a beautiful child. I do hope you know how much Joffrey and I love you.” - Cersei to Sansa (AGOT); I think we can all agree on the lack of sincerity here.

I love you as much as I ever have, my lord. Though I do not relish being played for a fool.” - Littlefinger to Tyrion (ACOK); obviously being facetious.

I love you, Tyrion,” she would whisper before they went to sleep at night. - Tysha to Tyrion (ACOK); we come to find out later that she was actually being sincere.

She kissed him. “I love you for it.” - Cat to Edmure (ASOS); sib love, y’all!

“My giant of Lannister. I love you so.” - Shae to Tyrion (ASOS); after banging in the dragon skull dungeon; suuuure, we believe you, Shae…

And I love you as well, sweetling. - Tyrion’s response to Shae (ASOS); only in his head though… why not said out loud?

I love you too, sweet sister.“ - Jaime to Cersei (AFFC); this is from Cersei’s POV, so it’s hard to gauge, but we can definitely sense a hint of resentment, especially since it occurs during an argument.

I love you too, sweet sister.“ - Tyrion to Cersei (AFFC); again from Cersei’s POV; interesting that both Tyrion and Jaime have identical responses to Cersei’s shade. 

Jaime raised his eyes. ”I love you too, sweet sister. - Jaime to Cersei (AFFC); aaaand again! And once more from Cersei’s POV. 

I love you. I love you. I love you.” - Cersei to Jaime (AFFC); contents of her letter to Jaime begging him to help her; is she really being sincere? This is the first time she’s actually said it to him that we’ve seen in the text… and she says it THRICE; is she merely trying to play on his emotions to manipulate him into helping her? Seems likely considering how shabbily she treated him when he returned (maimed) to King’s Landing…

“I would have you live. I love you.” - Qarl the Maid to Asha (ADWD); no reason to believe he isn’t sincere; however Asha does not return the sentiment.

“You are my brother’s daughters and I love you, but I have learned I cannot trust you.” - Doran to the Sand Snakes (ADWD); more familial luv.

I love you all.” - Arianne to Sand Snakes (ADWD); contrary to what D&D would have you believe, the Martells are a pretty loving family.

I loved you once.” - Dany to Viserys (ADWD); speaking to him in a vision.

I loved you.” - Viserys to Dany (ADWD); same vision; lots of resentment and bittersweetness here.

And…. that’s it. 16 instances of someone telling someone else “I love you” in some form or another in some 7,000 pages of text. Only half of which that can be construed as sincere. 

That’s not to say that love doesn’t exist at all in this story, or that it hasn’t been expressed in other ways (ahem “No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them”…), but coming right out and saying the words (and meaning them) does indeed seem a rarity. I wonder what GRRM’s intention is here – the closet romantic in me would like to think that he is selective about using the phrase so that, when and where he does use it, it has greater impact. 

(Which, again I’d like to think, might be commentary on our own real-life contemporary world where people throw that phrase around so much and so blithely that it’s almost lost all its meaning…)

It must have been so hard for her

amitds that’s what I’ve been talking about. When I read Sarada never met him my heart literally broke into pieces.

Twelve years.



We all now she was always about Sasuke and even though she married him and they have a child, she had to be alone for 12 years. Even though her friends, her parents and her daughter were there for her, it must have been so hard for Sakura to spend those 12 years without Sasuke. 

She truly must have been lonely. And it breaks my heart so much.
You deserve the world Sakura. All I want is for you to be finally happy.

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You know Donghae’s laughing face?

…Yes, that one. I probably don’t need an illustrative gif, but a primitive gif in these posts has become tradition. So, with no further ado.

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werebearbearbar and crabsandlobsters both asked for living quarters of musketeers.  I am not known for my amazing scenery drawing, but I gave it a shot.

I added to details from the book that I love too much to not put in- Athos has a portrait in his room (I think it’s above the hearth, in the book) that shows a certain family resemblance, and he has a sword on his wall that he refuses to sell no matter how bad things get.  I also headcanon that he has some furniture leftover from his finer days, but those pieces do not include a bed, which came with the room or something.  I also like the idea that he chose a place up high, with windows that couldn’t be looked into.  In this case, he made the mistake of picking a room with East-facing windows, so they glow with the wrath of God every morning whether he likes it or not.   And I prefer his room spartan rather than totally decrepit, which I’ve read in fics a few times.  I figure he doesn’t keep a store of alcohol- he goes out and gets it every night and brings it back, so it doesn’t stack up to extremely.  

Book Athos would have a much nicer (or at least cozier) place that TV Athos, I think.  The book also has a large chest in his apartments, full of relics from his past.  I don’t think TV Athos would allow that.  And separate rooms for his lacky Grimaud, who does not appear in the show.

I should do Aramis- his rooms are super awesome in the book.

Finally watch the latest ep of ML and this happen.
I was laughing so hard at the part where the parody the street fighter move and so this was inspired by that! xD
Also this ep filled with so many Adrinette fluff that it almost made me gear toward it! (but there’s ChatMari snippets so SAVE!) www

BTW the ML merch preorder period will end tomorrow! Some of them are almost out so grab them fast! You can check it out at storenvy or tictail.
Note that I won’t be printing them anytime soon as I wanted to focus on other merch. :)