okay so list of things in the general ‘wip’ category:

  • with love, ladybug
  • we were victims of the night
  • heatwave (smut)
  • don’t trust a— (smut)
  • my first kiss(es)
  • dirty daydreams (maybe smut)

a small list of things that need a sequel, if not continuation:

  • tell me what you want so we can do just what you like (maybe smut?)
  • kitty buttons (smut)
  • love bites (smut)

looks like i gotta figure out how to write smut ;;;

I was thinking about WWDT, and then Dreamswap… and then this somehow happened.

man, almost makes you forget about how messed up they are as adults


Remember Seventeen’s first dark concept?

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Do my eyes deceive me or was dan wearing actual blue jeans before they changed???

omg …. i def thought they were his pokemon trainer sweatpants but … you might be right … (though it’s still hard to tell if they’re rly dark wash blue or just faded black lol) 

if they’re blue jeans it would also explain why he was so keen on being hunched over so that no part of his lower half was in frame … good detective skills i am impress

There's news about the future of Doctor Who spin-off Class
The eight-parter, starring ex-Coronation Street favourite Katherine Kelly as alien teacher Miss Quill, was the BBC’s most high-profile attempt at a teen show in years
By Nicola Methven

Long story short: Nothing is decided yet, but cancellation appears pretty damn likely.

while i’m on the topic of successful interactions, once i wanted to get away from a guy at the sf library by claiming that my mom had texted me to say she was waiting outside said library, so i like… waved my inert phone around! to show i had the technology to receive texts. and he seemed more baffled than offended by the transparency of this lie, because as an (assumed) connoisseur of women hoping to get away from him, he’d i think heard a lot of really GOOD lies—and so for a few minutes while i got my stuff together he kept, like, gently prompting me (“your mom? outside?”) in the expectation that if he gave me enough encouragement and support i would come out with a really believable fabrication

but it at no point occurred to me that he had any right to doubt me, based on the evidence of his senses, because i had forgotten that other humans don’t keep their phones on silent all of the time.

god i’m an asshole.

It would be so cool if they were making all those C/imon scenes so overtly touchy and kissy on purpose just so they were going to revert the “shy and nice boy gets the girl” trope to “we’re not really in love, we just feel like we should be because that’s what is expected of us”.

Because as of now, all those scene are written like a badly written romance. You know, when someone doesn’t know how to portrait a good, meaningful romance, so instead they just have the couple kissing and hugging and showing the Love™ by being physically affectionate.

If that was on purpose and done just so, at the end, both Clary and Simon realized they were forcing things to make up for the fact they actually love each other as friends, it would be so cool.

Bonus: No love triangle needed. 

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What are some of your favorite vore tropes? (You and I seem to have a lot of favorite things in common, so I just want to hear you ramble on about vore hohoho)

Oh! Vore tropes… let’s see. I really like foodplay! There’s nothing like being teased as a giant hand chases after you when you’re trapped inside a bag of chips, scooped up with pieces of cereal, or a fork jabbing right front of you as you’re raised with the piece food you’re standing on to a waiting open maw!

I’m also total fearplay trash, so I really like those moments where a trembling tiny is trapped in the palm of a Giant/Bean, and they look down at them with such hunger in their eyes! Suddenly, they give the tiny a slow lick all across their minuscule form, taking in the whimpers escaping the tiny’s lips as they try to push themselves away as far as they can against their fingers. Then when the Giant/Bean is all done teasing them, they dangle them over their open mouth, showing the tiny exactly where they will end up as hot breath washes over them, afterwards, they slowly lower them in despite the fact they’re begging them to let them go and just aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Another trope I like is swallowing tinies in order to comfort them! They’re having a bad day, slumping onto their Giant/Bean’s hand they ask the little one what’s wrong. When they don’t respond, they assume it’s been a long day for them, so they slide them into their mouth, and with a gulp, they look at their belly as the tiny settles in the stomach. The Giant/Bean giggles at the little movements the tiny makes as they adjust themselves for a nice rest, then the big friend gives their tum a nice rub for the tiny to feel inside!

Heck, another thing I like is when the tiny gets themselves swallowed up so they can give their big friend a nice massage from the inside, mainly to help remedy any belly aches!

I’m not sure if I should go on, because dang I’ve written plenty enough already!