The Flash 3x21: a summary
  • Amnesia Barry: Get away from me, you evil kidney-harvesters!
  • Iris: We're your friends, your family...
  • Amnesiac Barry: A likely story! And the guy who gave you that big-ass rock? Is he my *friend* too?
  • Iris: He's you.
  • Amnesiac Barry:
  • Amnesiac Barry: We can't let a little thing like amnesia spoil our wedding plans.
  • Amnesiac Barry: Where are we going for our Honeymoon, again?
  • Amnesiac Barry: I heard kissing is recommended in situations like this.

anonymous asked:

If you were in charge, how would you give homes to the homeless? Like you said there's a ton of empty houses. Would you consider subletting them/ dividing them into sections and making homeless people pay rent? Because obviously some homeless person shouldn't get to live in a repossessed mansion all by themselves when there's people barely scraping by to rent a one room apartment, right? Am i looking at this the wrong way?

You’re looking at this the wrong way.

- Mod A


Remember Seventeen’s first dark concept?

okay so list of things in the general ‘wip’ category:

  • with love, ladybug
  • we were victims of the night
  • heatwave (smut)
  • don’t trust a— (smut)
  • my first kiss(es)
  • dirty daydreams (maybe smut)

a small list of things that need a sequel, if not continuation:

  • tell me what you want so we can do just what you like (maybe smut?)
  • kitty buttons (smut)
  • love bites (smut)

looks like i gotta figure out how to write smut ;;;

Just wanted to share a small headcanon…asexual service top/service dom jack. Like, he wasn’t really into sex or masturbation, maybe a bit it was the meds or maybe it was just how things were, but it never bothered him much. He did always like pleasuring others tho. So one day he and Bitty are making out and without thinking about it he holds down his wrists…and oh, Bitty seems to like it. So they start experimenting and now Jack absolutely loves holding Bitty down, maybe tying him up while he sucks him off and he fucks him either with his cock or a dildo and makes him come two, three, four times………anyway. Just thought it was worth sharing xx