Oops my hand slipped

Last night I filled a page with drawings of Fresh from my Momma CQ fanfic, The Sleepless Wake. I’m so happy with how they turned out~

While these don’t really depict specific moments, they could be considered a little spoilerish, but I figure it’s not bad enough to hide under a cut or anything? I’m worried because I hate spoilers—I’d especially hate to spoil one of my own stories for someone who hasn’t read it yet but wants to.

Regarding my progress on the next chapter:

I’ve written some of it, but I got stuck after deciding one scene just didn’t feel right. I finally got around to reworking it, but I’m not entirely sure how this next part will go, so… Sorry, it’ll probably be quite a while before I finish.

For now, I hope you enjoy these drawings!

@alainaprana in case you want to see. :D


Remember Seventeen’s first dark concept?

The moment where you look at the Queen and you know she has done some really evil and cruel stuff but…there is still so much pain in her dark eyes that you just want to hug her. She just wants to be loved to be wanted and goes about it all wrong.

But you see it in this ep…she isn’t proud to be a monster she doesn’t want to be the Evil Queen

She just doesn’t want to be alone anymore

Bokuto, Akaashi and Tsukki never realized how easy it is to get swept in Kuroo’s pace until they started living together. Kuroo sits on their old couch, his knees drawn up to his chest, and every blanket in the apartment covering him head to toe as he watches foreign movies without subtitles.

Bokuto comes home, raises an eyebrow at him and says: “Bro.”

Kuroo replies by opening his blanket. “I built a fort. Membership is opened.” Bokuto grins, grabs a pack of yogurt and makes himself comfortable next to Kuroo.

When Akaashi comes home, he tries to pretend he doesn’t see two college students with yogurt on their noses, huddled closely together under five blankets. That is, until Bokuto calls: “Akaashi~” Just like that, Akaashi finds himself warm and content, with a blanket over his head and Bokuto’s hand around his shoulders.

Tsukki comes home last and smirks, “You look like rejected ghost extras in a low budget horror movie.”

“Want to join us?” Kuroo pushes two blankets open to reveal a spot next to him that’s always reserved just for Tsukki.

Tsukki’s already lost the moment he met Kuroo’s eyes and he crawls into the makeshift fort. Three seconds later, he says: “I sat in something sticky.”

“It’s yogurt,” says Kuroo.

“Don’t mind,” adds Bokuto.

The four of them spend the evening like that, just because Kuroo has build a fort and they all wanted to be a part of it.

anonymous asked:

hello, i'd like to just tell you that i love reading your thoughts on dan and phil and fandom stuff, as i feel like you take effort to make all of your thoughts very reasoned and thorough. thank you for that! you're also so positive about so much, but i'm wondering if there are any aspects of the phandom that annoy you or upset you?

thank you so much–i do try to very hard to make this a positive space and, ultimately, in almost any context, i think rudeness and hostility accomplish exactly nothing in communicating a point. disagreements are never resolved that way, and generally being aggressive and hostile only serves to alienate the person you’re speaking with even further. but of course there are things that have irritated me in the course of becoming involved with this fandom. i don’t really want to have an immense ramble about them because there are so many here, but feel free to send another ask if you want to hear more about any of them. just a small collection of irksome things:

-the constant use of over-inflated and aggressive language when calling someone out (disgusted, sickening, hate, toxic, etc.); also call out culture in general
-the conflation of disagreement with personal attack
-the baseline assumptions and stereotypes attached to certain subgroups (e.g. shippers are all 13-year olds and invasive stalkers)
-the moral righteousness that people assume when they indict other fans whom they perceive as overstepping boundaries (honestly this is just another way of saying call out/policing culture, i’m sorry for being redundant). the way those doing the policing tend to tag dnp themselves in their callout posts which only serves to alert them to the potentially harmful behavior that they may not have otherwise seen. it feels like small children tattling to overlords that literally do not give a fuck, and the air of moral superiority attached to it makes me so annoyed. hardly anything that a small group of fans decided to do (and it’s always a small group or even just an individual) will actually harm dnp. it’s literally absurd the level to which people feel the need to protect them and fight battles for them that i guarantee they would not even give one iota of attention to, were they to somehow see or hear about it.
-the apparent controversy in criticizing how much money dnp make. i understand that youtube is their job. i live on my own and know how much money matters. in all other areas, people in this space almost universally claim to be progressive and even radical in their politics–anti-capitalist, interested in closing income gaps, etc. i wonder why the same people tend to find it so taboo to criticize entertainers for making exorbitant sums of money, especially when those entertainers have the surface level privileges of being white and male and conventionally attractive, etc. etc. i think dnp and all youtubers get paid way too much for relatively little work and, while they do certainly work hard within their frameworks, and endeavor to keep innovating in the content they create, i will continue to be critical of this forever. lol, most recently the decision to move younow streams to youtube. younow streams,. where they already get paid in the hundreds of dollars to sit and just talk for an hour, by fans who would literally fork over money to get them to shout them out, will now have double or more income bc of ad revenue on youtube. nice.
-relatedly, the idea that voicing criticism of them means you’re a less valid fan. what does that even mean tbh
-people who treat “the phandom” as a monolithic entity without acknowledging that it entails hundreds of thousands of individuals across a broad age spectrum from all different parts of the world
-the continued notion that dnp are heterosexual (especially dan) and the idea that claiming that they are not in fact heterosexual is some sort of derogatory insult
-discussions that hinge on binaries: dating or not? gay or straight? persona or real?
-anything that remotely accuses dnp of fan service or queerbaiting. bye
-general myopia: there’s a fucking enormous world outside of this fandom and too many people seem unable to step back and recall that perspective