It must have been so hard for her

amitds that’s what I’ve been talking about. When I read Sarada never met him my heart literally broke into pieces.

Twelve years.



We all now she was always about Sasuke and even though she married him and they have a child, she had to be alone for 12 years. Even though her friends, her parents and her daughter were there for her, it must have been so hard for Sakura to spend those 12 years without Sasuke. 

She truly must have been lonely. And it breaks my heart so much.
You deserve the world Sakura. All I want is for you to be finally happy.

werebearbearbar and crabsandlobsters both asked for living quarters of musketeers.  I am not known for my amazing scenery drawing, but I gave it a shot.

I added to details from the book that I love too much to not put in- Athos has a portrait in his room (I think it’s above the hearth, in the book) that shows a certain family resemblance, and he has a sword on his wall that he refuses to sell no matter how bad things get.  I also headcanon that he has some furniture leftover from his finer days, but those pieces do not include a bed, which came with the room or something.  I also like the idea that he chose a place up high, with windows that couldn’t be looked into.  In this case, he made the mistake of picking a room with East-facing windows, so they glow with the wrath of God every morning whether he likes it or not.   And I prefer his room spartan rather than totally decrepit, which I’ve read in fics a few times.  I figure he doesn’t keep a store of alcohol- he goes out and gets it every night and brings it back, so it doesn’t stack up to extremely.  

Book Athos would have a much nicer (or at least cozier) place that TV Athos, I think.  The book also has a large chest in his apartments, full of relics from his past.  I don’t think TV Athos would allow that.  And separate rooms for his lacky Grimaud, who does not appear in the show.

I should do Aramis- his rooms are super awesome in the book.