peter was a marauder, too.

i think that’s important to remember, when you think of the marauders. peter was there too. it wasn’t just james and sirius’ pranks, remus’ slightly more reticent nature. peter was alongside them in that time, no matter what he would go on to do later.

when you imagine the marauders, remember peter. remember the meek boy who idolised james and sirius, who learned under their wing. remember that he was there too, the child who would later break them apart, laughing and joking along with those who would later be crowned as heroes. it is easy to write him out of this history, to minimise his presence to a skulking hanger-on. but he was wormtail when that name wasn’t linked with evil; one of the three who learned the most difficult magic to help out their friend, who mapped an unmappable building, who achieved more than their teachers had ever suspected. peter was there, and he was in the middle of it. it is easy to imagine him as being a traitor before he betrayed them, but the truth is that it could happen to anyone whose will is not strong enough. peter snapped under the pressure, but he had the same promise as any of them. peter was a marauder until he made the most vile of mistakes.

four boys, together under the golden sunlight. tomorrow they would be separated - one dead, one imprisoned, one a traitor, one left alone. but when they were the marauders they were four, and we would do well to remember that.

People keep looking up to the sky and asking
“Why do you not help us
when we need help the most?”
They are lost, and alone,
and feel their faith was blind.

They do not realise yet,
That if heaven exists,
it is empty.

All the goddesses and angels are all here,
They see our earth is bleeding,
hemorrhaging innocent lives
and have been born again as human
to help keep us alive.

—  Nikita Gill, Heaven

anonymous asked:

what is your opinion on polyamory?

I support people doing whatever (whomever?) they want however I don’t think that polyamory is inherently revolutionary / anti-patriarchy / incapable of creating abusive situations or whatever discourse the weirdos on here are cooking up these days. it has its own pecularities / upsides & downsides for different people just as monogamy does.

& “monogamy culture” definitely isn’t a thing lmfao, to the extent that such an expectation exists it’s contained w/in heteropatriarchy & not a separate force. I’m wary of people who use that kind of rhetoric in order to deflect criticism in cases when (& this certainly isn’t all of them) people, esp. women, are manipulated into situations that they’re not comfortable w/ and so this basically becomes the trendy new way to have harems