Okay so I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this at all, but there is a Polish song from the 60s that really fits the events of the post Grand Prix Final banquet. (the song also has a Russian version btw)

Allow me to pair the translation with the images from the show.

You- down drink by drink at the buffet 

Your eyes search the room - your heart pounding (do you remember?)

[…] (Do you remember how with me…?)

Your gaze found my eyes

And you stride forward […]

And in just a moment (do you remember how you danced with me…?)

You tiptoe up to me and above us, the music thunders

You pull me into the Grand Valse Brilliante

Do you remember how you danced the Waltz with me?

With […] the legend of those times?

Do you remember how the world began dancing?

The world that you held in your arms?


When you spin through the dancefloor, you pretend to be strong

You flex your meek muscles

You puff up your chest

I shall take this athlete, this warrior as my husband

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots


Got my first G/t Doujinshi in the mail today!

This is one of the first giant central G/t doujins I’ve stumbled across thus far and it’s pretty great. There are only 34 pages in the doujin (29 if you exclude the written section in the book). And it was collaborated by 6 people, so the art style and stories change every few page so it feels a bit shorter than it actually is but, it’s overall really good. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in a giant guy being cute and tall.

If your curious about the doujinshi or wish to purchase it for yourself, you can buy it here at Otaku Republic.

Below are a few pannels from the doujinshi I thought showed off some nice G/t momments for those curious about the product.

I really do recommend you guys check it out and support the creators if your intrested ^u^

right now, all these people are like OMG, TWO GUYS FINALLY BECAME A CANON COUPLE IN A SPORTS ANIME, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!! and yes i get their point but

don’t forget about… this, you know???

(hint: “this” = makoharu, hello, this is a makoharu blog here. XD)

just because they weren’t as blatantly physical doesn’t mean there was not a TON of meaning and depth and words and beauty and emotions and just… so much stuff. seriously!! wow!!! makoharu is mind-blowing!! i’ve been stunned and blown away over and over again by this ship. there are so many reasons why makoharu is canon and i don’t want people to think that it’s not that much, or it’s something less, or something not as real, just because it’s not portrayed/expressed in the same way as other ships that people are getting excited about and saying “this type of thing has never ever been canon before and blah blah blah”

and it’s weird because i actually like that ship and really do understand why people are saying this. but still, IT MAKES ME KINDA SAD OKAY. XD i have mixed feelings. like do you have to say it as if every other sports anime male/male relationship didn’t get very far and doesn’t mean much?

i… i’’m getting a little salty over this lol

So. I just wanna say… to my “senpai’s” that… IDK I feel inadequate and bothersome when we talk because I’m a noob but… you guys talked to me, even though I’m nobody lol. I’m too shy to start conversations and thanks to anxiety I believe that I’m not important enough or something when you don’t talk to me or reply so. I know that’s just me but like… thank you for the times you do talk to me cause I don’t have many friends in real life and yeah. I feel and think I’m not important… but! Thank you all for your company and I love you ❤️💕⭐️☄️✨💫🌟🌙🎊🎀❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

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I don't even know anymore

I have no motivation anymore. No motivation to get up in the morning. I have no motivation to go to school. I have no motivation to do homework. But, at the same time, I am scared of what will happen if I don’t go to school. I am scared of not doing my homework. I am just scared. School stresses me out so much, and I know it stresses out a lot of others too. Apparently my friends have been noticing me acting differently the last few weeks. I get questioned all the time, and I refuse to give answers, but they keep asking. My cheeks are swollen because I bite them when I’m anxious. My ankle is scratched raw for the same reason.


I’m on, Mama. I’m on. 

This is a weird one, and not something I usually do; I’m sorry.

As you’ve probably seen over the past several months/throughout the year (if you’ve been following me for awhile), it’s been an extremely tough ride and things have not been great on my end, mostly due to workplace bullshit from both jobs, but also other life situations. I mean 2016 has been a dumpster fire overall, but between the hospitalization earlier this year, the issue with my former manager at the library legit workplace bullying me (what the fuck guy? I’m a part timer! I’m no threat to you! Do something better with your life!), and the past six months of absolute bullshit that my first full-time job has been, alongside the slew of social/relationship stuff that’s gone down…yeah. ._.

So I’m posting my Amazon (I know…I know, but what can you do? I just have to live with it) wishlist here (https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1YZ45VM22D7CE/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1); in the interim between looking for another full-time job and just recovering from how terrible this year has been I’m going to try to start crafting and drawing (and writing, eventually) again as it’s incredibly therapeutic for me. If you’d like to donate to the effort to help me with replenishing my craft supplies (I wasn’t expecting for my paycheck to stop existing ^_^;), I’d greatly appreciate it, or just a reblog if that’s okay. Just cross-stitching and working on the scarf over the past few days has been great for keeping my anxiety from going too haywire. 

Again, I’m sorry - I try not to do this sort of thing (asking for stuff/reblogs), but I figure just once is okay? I hope. x_x

Thank you in general for still sticking with me/the supportive messages and comments. I appreciate it more than you could know. ^_^

Stiles would be the kind of boyfriend who blushes when you compliment him on anything, especially his looks. The type who turns splotchy red from his ears to his neck, scratching at his nape and softly uttering his thanks. Stiles is the kind of boy who always thinks he’s reaching when it comes to getting partners, that they’re settling for him because he sees them as being so far out of his league. Stiles would be the kind of boyfriend who answers with, “no… you really think so?” And it’s like yeah, Stiles, I know so.