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Random suggestion but maybe you could make your OC have like a literal name? So like Midori means green, and Y'know Midoriya's hair is green so you could somehow correlate your OC's name with their quirk/appearance???



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The fact that Hawkmoth is now confirmed as Gabriel actually makes the whole series 10x more awful like this is a grown ass man risking killing children including his own son bc he wants to like capture his dead wife or some shit

Right??? I honestly don’t want to hear any WHISPER from the fandom of Gabe being a good dad after this. Like, I realize in season one his behavior MIGHT have been justifiable. MAYBE you could look at his assholish tendencies and been like “oh he’s mourning. That’s why he’s being distant/unfair towards his son”. Now though? After seeing him DELIBERATELY make the choice to physically attack and emotionally manipulate his own child?

Nah fam. Miss me with that “Gabe is trying his hardest” bullshit. I’m team “Gabe is a fucking abusive villain”.

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Do you perchance know of any parental terms for nonbinary parents? I can't think of any. Maybe we could make one up? Lol Thank you in advance!!

Here are some!

  • Parent; neutral, formal.
  • Per; neutral, short for parent.
  • Par; neutral, short for parent.
  • Dommy; queer, mixture of mommy and daddy (note: sounds like Dom/me, a BDSM term)
  • Maddy; queer, mixture of mummy/mommy and daddy.
  • Muddy; queer, mixture of mummy and daddy.
  • Moddy; queer, mixture of mommy and daddy.
  • Zaza; queer, based on mama and papa/dada.
  • Zither; queer, based on mother and father. (Note, zither is also the name of a musical instrument.)
  • Baba; neutral, based on mama and dada. (Note, baba means dad in some languages and grandmother in others.)
  • Nini; queer, based on the N in NB, similar to mama and papa/dada.
  • Bibi; queer, based on the B in NB, similar to mama and papa/dada.
  • Cennend; neutral, Old English (Anglo-Saxon) meaning parent.
  • Cenn; neutral, short for cennend.

And yes, feel free to make up your own!



Every night until sleep takes me

You tangle me in warmth

It makes me feel like maybe I could move mountains

Or cross thousands of miles in a step

The object of something like obsession but sweeter

Like swallowing shredded ice

Cold and burning so vividly alive

A presence like the stars and a soul like magic

I could melt away all my doubt with just one word from you

A bizzare twist of fate where I actually had the ability to meet someone like you

With words like manic thoughts but calming and gentle

With a heart like a hive of angry bees or something like electric sparks jumping through wires



Dangerous with a tinge of excitement

Live wire dropped into my ocean and I’m ready to dive in deep and let every nerve be sparked


That’s what your remind me of

Wild ruleless godless spaces with Fires in the windows and lovers making empty promises on deaths doorstep

God you are so wonderful

You are vibrant

And you understand

And my brain is running in dizzy circles and all I want is to scream

Fuck Everyone

You are the only thing I want to pull the rip cord on my parachute before I smash into pavement

You are sensational


Absolutely full of sensation

I’m vibrating

This is a mess of thoughts

But this is who I am

And how I feel

And god damn you are the only thing that feels real at 2 am anymore

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Have you read the discussion to sams tweet whether he is gay or a boring actor,asked a fan on twitter? I dont understand that discussion, maybe because i could not seen his tweet on his public account.I really dont like it,but can you explain his answer to this fan?

The tweeter was responding to the retweet of the print shop reunion scene and said: “Mr. Heughan is one of the most boring homosexual actors out there. His acting is truly something atrocious.”
Sam’s reply: “Boring and homosexual never go together. But thank you the compliment.x”

“Boring and homosexual never go together”- and I’m boring as hell according to you, so I can’t be gay so your logic sucks, but then what could we expect from an idiot!

“But thank you the compliment.”- lol, well, at least I’m good at something in your eyes, even it is just being really good at being a bad actor lol! And, by the way I don’t consider being called gay an insult either. Many of my friends and many of Cait’s friends are gay and they are great people so, sorry, but it doesn’t really hurt my feelings at all to have you try to insinuate that I’m gay. I admire the gay people I know so much that it’s actually a compliment lol!

“x”- now kindly fuck off!

Another one of Sam’s great intelligent answers to really stupid people!

so i actually have like 20 ship doodles that i made around 3-4 weeks ago on paper that i kept in a digital file and they’re just. laying there. waiting to be completed but itll never happen

ill never finish this one drawing but it’s cute and also one of my very few ship arts that isn’t tied into some gross surreal absurdist humor. 

maybe someone else could complete it for me… who knows.. give it ur best shot


Hazel sighed, leaning against the cool glass of the window of Penelope Manor. The ballroom was too crowded, too hot, and too suffocating. What was the point of her first season if no one would ask her to dance? Maybe she could escape… no one would even notice. She looked across the room of dancing couples towards the garden entrance, ready to plan her escape.

That’s when she saw him. How could she miss those piercing golden eyes as they found her in a room of people, as if reading her inner most thoughts and desires. She blushed at the thought, her bosom straining against the tight constraints of her bodice as her breaths came in sharp, quick inhales. Mr. Holms was walking towards her.

He reached her then, bowing and taking her hand in his. “Miss Grove,” he said, taking her hand to his soft, warm lips and pressing a kiss against her skin.

“Mr. Holms,” she curtsied, lowering her eyes to their hands, marveling at the heat radiating there.

He looked up then, a gleam in his eye. “May I have this dance?”

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Leverage superpower idea where all the characters have fitting superpowers - for the wrong profession. Nate is invulnerable the way people think Elliot is. Stuff like that.


I definitely see Nate being invulnerable, Sophie being able to speak every language (even binary and thus has long conversations with Hardison’s tech), Elliot can do like a bubble of NOTHING TO SEE HERE that a thief would give their eyeteeth for……Hardison maybe could be a forger like Eames from Inception?  And Parker of course would have a brain like a supercomputer with which she can multitask running simulations of possible outcomes (”guys this is a 32% chance of success, I say abort”) as well as perfectly recall relevant information (”I saw a car like this being sold on ebay in 1997 and I have the address of the person who bought it. let’s go.”)

But my fave part would be that each of them would like have super Issues with the kind of things their gift brings them. Like….Nate always talks his way out of fights because he actually feels it’s an unfair advantage that they can’t hurt him. And when they try to punch him he’s always like, “aw, thug, no” and pouts about it for days because he wants to beat them Fair And Square. 

And Sophie would fake bad accents rather than switch languages because it’s too big a tell and she would hate to be the Grifter who cheats with a special skill. She’s proud as fuck of getting by without any superpowers, thankyouverymuch. (But she does have like a billion running jokes with the neighbor’s dog and Hardison’s ipod.)

And Elliot sometimes accidentally does his NOTHING TO SEE HERE aura in the middle of a fight and he’s like, “FOR FUCK’S SAKE” and has to meditate for a hot second to make it go away before he can get back to kicking ass. It’s actually more annoying to him than anything. It’s also why he’s so zen most of the time but also simmering just under the surface: he’s constantly annoyed and also constantly fucked by his own annoyance. 

And Hardison used to never use his superpower for his work because like how would it be relevant? He’d actually play with it while sitting at his computer back in the day and his grandmother would walk in and smack him upside his head like, “BOY STOP BEING YOUR PRINCIPAL” and that was it’s entire use. Nothing else. It never even occurred to him that it could be useful for anything until Sophie sat him down one day. 

Meanwhile Parker’s supercomputer brain just made it that much harder for her to connect with people in real time because she’s always running like a billion other processes at the same time and how’s she supposed to do that AND figure out the configuration of facial expression this rando dude wants her to make for social niceties? Stab ‘em in the thigh and bounce, she’s got Things To Do. 

And then of course there’s the fact that all of them have these superpowers and none of them have mentioned them for aaaages after they start regularly working together. This is some personal shit for some of them and very fraught with anxieties/neuroses. You don’t just TELL your new coworker that their ipod thinks they have the woooooorst taste in music now do you??

I think Elliot would crack first because he’d just be That Peeved at Hardison that he’d just….vanish. Right in the middle of the room, everybody eating pizza around the table, and him in the middle of a sentence about why pineapple should never be a pizza topping. And then he reappears a minute later in lotus position on the floor basically vibrating with annoyance at having fucked this up again. 

And he’d be like, “SO NOW YOU KNOW MY DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET” and then he’d be prepared to punch someone (anyone) who gave him shit about basically have the Invisible Woman superpowers. But instead, Parker says something like, “Oh good, we’re sharing superpowers finally. I had calculated it would take at least 1.3 more years for you to feel secure enough to discuss them.” Because she had calculated this, of course she had. 

And then they all have a weird show and tell and then they all slowly begin to laugh at how they have mismatched superpowers. And they go back to the pizza and the job.

But a couple of days later, Sophie and Hardison start working on his grifting skills. And Ellliot shows Nate some disarming tactics that don’t involve people breaking their fists on his jaw so he won’t have to pout about it so much. And Parker and Nate start playing chess and he beats her the first time and she’s fucking shocked that he could, no one has ever beaten her at chess before. (Of course he was cheating, but she’d actually calculated that he would cheat and accommodated it and he still beat her.) And she and Elliot start casing art museums and banks so she can test his bubble thing and he can work on his calm while she jumps off high buildings. 

And within a few years, there’s one of those times when they have to switch tasks for a minute….only this time it’s no biggie. They just wipe the floor with the mark and his team of wannabes and then they go out for pizza. 

Without pineapple. 



Summary: A swift stab to the heart, that was all it took. It should be a simple task, but dealing with Kylo Ren was anything but simple. People called him Lucifer, because it was said that he grew bored in hell and came to terrorize the humans instead. You didn’t believe the tales. Yes, he was an extremely powerful vampire, strong enough to unite the clans under his rule, despite this you believed for every vampire there was a hunter that could take them down. And just maybe, that could be you.

A/N: One more chapter left of this au! Thank you all for reading, enjoy!

Warning: NSFW/Angst

Word Count: 4.5K+

Tagging: @inumorph + @kurinhimenezu

The idea haunted him, the fact that you’d one day pass away filled his nightmares. It had been long nights of this, his mind reminding him that someday you’d leave him behind, passing on no thanks to your mortality. And he hated it. Every single day, the more he looked at you, the more he looked into your eyes, he was reminded that you truly couldn’t be his forever.

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can you make a secret admirer changkyun where he sends notes to the reader happy ending please ? thanks !

• this sounds cute let’s goooooo
• he didn’t tell anyone abt his idea bc he KNEW it was CHEESY but he’s rlly shy when it comes to you and he has no idea how to talk to you?
• so he writes lil notes
• mostly they’re random things
• i don’t see changkyun as being the type to complement someone a lot but i see him showing affection in other ways
• for instance,,, you’re the first to know about his new lyrics bc he always give you lil papers w them written in the margins
• or sometimes he tells you abt his dog at home
• like yes “hello i have a dog! she’s rlly cute and fluffy. maybe you could meet her one day!”
• and tbh you think all the notes are rlly cute
• they weren’t exactly romantic but they were soft and friendly and it lowkey made you crush on whoever’s writing to you
• you want to find out who it is
• but you don’t know how
• you’ve already stayed late to peak and you’ve arrived early but?? you never seem to catch him??
• tbh changkyun is just super good at avoiding you like he’s practically a ninja at this point
• but one day you and jooheon are partners for a history project,,, and so you’re sitting w him and his friends
• aka changkyun basically everyone else has different lunch periods
• and you explain your situation to the both of them,,, completely oblivious to the fact that changkyun is sweating in fear of you finding out
• but then you go,,,, “whoever is sending them is rlly sweet. i kind of want to ask them out.”
• changkyun chokes on his grilled cheese and jooheon has to slap his back a few times before the cheddar gets unstuck
• a few days later you get a note in your locker
meet me on the roof? i have orange soda :)
• you’re so excited like you can’t wait to meet your secret admirer or whatever you should call them
• and when you get up to the roof, changkyun is sitting there, scrolling through his food, two cans of orange soda beside him
• “changkyun?”
• he jumps like lol you scared me i forgot why i was up here
• but you sit beside him like “it was you?”
• nd he’s like “yeah i sort of rlly like you but i didn’t know how to talk to you”
• and up there on the roof the two of you have your first date
• with songs playing from his ipod and orange soda flavoring your tastebuds
• you ask him if he’d like to go out again
• and of course he says yes :)
we could go see my dog!

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Hi Toni! I saw in one of rodger's tweets someone calling them a "she". Have they anywhere mentioned who they are? Maybe the person tweeting them could be guessing, just wanting though to ask you if you know anything about them. They sure seem a great zayn stan and friendly ot4,but there's always a question if they are more than that due to their tweets. Also the grimora gringe worthy moment was akward just for us or for gp too? Haven't dare to seen it.

Hi anon,

I don’t think it’s a ‘she’ - I also don’t think it’s just a fan and I also don’t think it’s management.  Just check my tags for Rodger and you’ll see I’ve said that from pretty much the start and see no reason to change my mind at all. 

I have made other observations but I’d rather enjoy having them there as a positive thing and that he can be a voice for Zayn to a point.

As for Grimora (lmao that made me laugh) well Daily Mail mention it but the comments are mainly about ‘Oh she’s got 2 kids rather than just 1′ and ‘he’s so immature’  which is just so annoying plus ‘He looks so young’ among many others.

But I did laugh at this bit in light of Liam’s video saying ‘we’re about to watch a film’  less than half an hour before X factor started and she was on first.  +

Also, lol @ ‘the wonderful Mr. Cowell’   Just made me think of the MITS in 2015 +

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Hey there! There's been quite a few other people doing some great Undertale musical projects that I've seen get dislikes for seemingly no reason other than the fact that they probably think the other projects are copying you guys. Any chance you could maybe, I dunno, tell these people to give the other projects a chance as well? Or at least not have them be jerks to others' creative endeavors?

A lot of those same people are usually the same types that get blocked from my channel by saying “DO MEGALOVANIA AND YOU STOLE THESE LYRICS FROM JENNY.” I don’t think they can read with their head that far up their ass.

- Alex

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Hello! I’m totally in Love your agent au series! I’m thinking maybe you could do a drawing of the first photo they took as they merged, and they put Thomas and Alex together in front of Washington and everyone’s smiling except them (if looks could kill lol)... just that haha, keep your amazing work up! Hope you have a great day<3

Oh that’s such a good idea omfg <3 If I have time I’ll try to do it, it’s a lot of people to draw but I love them 

and THANKS <3 I hope you to too

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Jack brought Kelly back from the dead when she died in the bathtub. So by Mariam the angel from 13x01 saying Jack cant bring Cas back, do you think this an inconsistency? Or perhaps she was lying?

Well it was different as Kelly hadn’t actually died yet in the tub - he/his powers/not him but a side effect of being him like Jesse - stopped her from dying. 

Jack didn’t bring Kelly back from the dead in 13x01, maybe he could have once he harnessed his powers but at the point where he’s a day old it was implied he couldn’t and Kelly was happy in heaven anyway. It was through Kelly’s death and her non-resurrection that is clearly easier than Cas’ (cos Kelly is in heaven and we know people can come back from that ie. Mary) that we know that it is impossible for him to bring back CAS (who is the one we care about really) because we know Cas’ death is more “final” than just popping upstairs to heaven like a human does.

So no it’s not an inconsistency it’s proving the point that if he can’t resurrect Kelly in 13x01 he sure as shit can’t resurrect Cas.

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"I'm not going to let you out of my sight."

Theron had only looked away for a few seconds.

The controls for the door hadn’t been responding, so he was attempting to plug in to the ancient system to force an override. He had ignored her smirk and the amused suggestion that maybe the Force could open it, seeing as the temple ruins had been built by Sith eons ago. It was one of many scattered about the Pelath-Ri Marches on Voss, and the third they’d crawled through today in search of the artifact Sana Rae had seen in a vision. At the second they had nearly been decapitated by a trap triggered by Force telekinesis. While Theron could have been accused of being a thrillseeker, he still preferred his head where it was thank you very much.

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Hi there. I am a new follower, & probably a lot older than most of your audience (48yo). I have suffered with depression, anxiety & ptsd since my early 20s. I appreciate your art & interpretation of depression. Many professionals, family, friends have suggested to me that I should get a pet to help me with my depression, but I struggle to look after myself (live alone) & would feel guilty for neglecting a pet. Maybe this is something you could explore in your comix? -Andy🐝

Thanks for your comments, and you’re only slightly older than myself, actually. I  won’t be exploring pets because of all the attention of what a pet can do for the owner, there’s very little on whether it’s good or not for the pet. Also for those who have severe depression, taking care of yourself is hard enough, taking care of a pet on top of that may lead to neglect.

Also, the comic itself does not talk about therapies. Everyone’s condition is different, and everyone has a different path. To talk about therapies or remedies would imply that I think some are better than others when honestly I believe that the best advice is not given from a comic but by a qualified professional.

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Hi! I was going to re-read some of your percy Jackson fics and I was wondering if you could recommend which ones to start with? (they're all great so it's hard to choose), so I thought maybe you could help me out if you have a few favourites or ones that you're especially proud of? Have a great day 😊

this is old bc I’m in my senior year of college so things are crazy BUT YES I DO HAVE RECS FOR YOU. I’d recommend you start with these bc they’re my super favs:

1. Property of Percy Jackson– AU. Punk!Percy and Girly!Annabeth best friends to lovers

2. All That Glitters is Gold–  Swimmer!Percy. Percy and Annabeth are best friends, and this is how they fall in love. 16k

3. Blue Lily Tattoo– florist!Percy and tattoo artist!Annabeth. 

You should also read these one bc I am really super proud of it even though it’s unfinished and essentially abandoned 

We’re Starting at the End–zombie apocalypse au. [this fic is percy/reyna btw]

And then there’s this one that I might finish someday too

Somewhere in My Dreams–percabeth werewolf au

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So for my first campaign I have an idea for the final enemy in the dungeon to have some attacks that do ability score damage. Is this a good idea? The players are going to be about lvl 3 once they reach them

It’s good as long as it’s not permanent. Maybe they could get 1 point back everyday until it’s back to normal, otherwise it’s gonna suck