ok but ive been thinking about this ever since i saw the vid of mark kissing hyuck’s cheek and

am i the only one who noticed he pulled away a lil bit faster than he did with chen and doyoung??

like maybe im just imagining it but

i just think that’s honestly so cute??

like, some of you may be like “oh he probably wanted to kiss him the least or maybe it’s awkward” but i dont interpret it like that

i interpret it as some kid playing spin the bottle and it miraculously ends up landing on their crush and when they kiss it’s quick and small because even if they dont want it to end, they dont want it to last for long because if it does, even for a nanosecond, their heart will burst and everything will suddenly come pouring out

and the way mark curls up and crouches down like he’s about to kill himself trying to not scream is sososos cute to me it’s just



he kept subtly looking at mark’s lips and maybe im just imagining this again but omg??


honestly i just love markhyuck so much fml

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ive honestly been pondering this "dean will have to face something a lot of people are afraid of that's not a monster" thing for so long. the only thing i can think of other than being bi etc. (which is my theory, but im hesitant to accept it bc spn) is something like self harm or suicide, which doesn't really make sense since they've established that dean's in a good place. do you have any ideas about what lots of people are scared of? spiders aren't monsters. maybe it's a spider.

Hmm, well they already did that one episode with the Arachne back in s6… those were spider monsters. Dean seemed okay.

Crap, the whole point of the show has always been about facing stuff that people are afraid of… THERE IS SO MUCH!!! :P

Um. I’ve literally been sitting here for five minutes going over stuff that people commonly fear, and for everything I’ve thought up I’m like, nope, they’ve already done that.

Clowns: check. Airplanes? done that. Sharks, boats, snakes, performing in public (karaoke demon dean anyone?), getting caught with his pants down (PUDDING!), embarrassing himself in public (like, at least three or four times a season, right?), car accidents, furries, open spaces, enclosed spaces, caves and mines, body snatchers, possession, monsters, ghosts, and demons, and really practically everything I could think of that people are even a little bit afraid of… They’ve already done it.

Ooh, wait, I know! oh… nope. they’ve already done it.

But yeah, a common thing a lot of people fear is coming out of the closet (or being dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet) or somehow being “outed.” And yeah, that’s definitely a possibility here.

I honestly have no idea what else he could be talking about. I mean, it could have to do with Mary finally toppling off that pedestal he’d had her on for 33 years, but that’s more like coming to grips with reality and letting go than it is a fear per se, so who knows?

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do you have any advice on how to make internet friends

im probably not the best person to ask my only friend is my girlfriend and she hates me 90% of the time

Not a confession, but sometimes I feel like we can see your opinion rather…obviously in the tags. No offense to you, I love your blog but sometimes it’s just something I’ve noticed. It’s perfectly normal to have an opinion to things, but as a confession blog maybe try to look on things a bit more neutrally? Feel free to ignore the message if it annoys you or you think you’re being fair enough! It’s great enough having a blog like this around. :D

Im trying to figure out what you mean by it…..is it the actual way I tag stuff or is it when I blatantly add something to the tags. If its the later I didnt think I did it that much. I went through a lot today and only found one, and usually they are only on positive ones that I agree with or something with Nephenee haha. I dont think Ive ever mentioned something on a confession I didnt agree with.

But I’ll try to cut back.

A Little Rant.

I know that admining a group rp , especially a gay smut rp group is hard. One that you’ve brought to life with your graphics and your plot that shines like there is no tommorow, but you will never succeed without Patience, you wont get members instantly, it takes time. if you think that you’ll get a rp open in two days then you’ve set that bar pretty damn high. Im not calling anyone out really because i have respect for people, but if you are that person whos had about like 7 roleplays and it only lasts a week or less.. please stop and gain some patience and maybe some friends/admins before you “run” a game again, its a waste of time to put effort into a character and see an admin just give up cause it didnt go their way. Dont do that, think of others please!

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I am sure Iris has her own place. I don't know why they just didn't go there. But for real, Barry's grown ass needs to move the fuck out. I guess the show only has the budget to build one new apartment set.

Maybe because Iris moved out in season 1 there like okay let’s make Barry move out…?? i got no clue the reasoning but im still happy he got his own placeeee

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hi im freaking out am i the only one because everyone in my system is freaking the fuck out and they're all trying to front because???? and that's like five million fucking people there should only be three at most people fronting at the saem time but no everyone is freaking the fuck out because of all different reasons and it;s hell and im at school and i cant do this

oh my gosh?? i’m not entirely sure how to help i’m sorry just try and keep everyone calm i guess?? i am literally the worst person to come to in this situation

if you can think of a way i can help let me know though? and i gladly will?

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 


 sasstrick-stumph asked: SP Patrick or SRAR Patrick

Anonymous asked: Save Rock and Roll or Folie a Deux

what being an intp feels like
  • me:*does 5 mbti tests, always ends up as intp*
  • me:*reads 30 articles about intps, 99% is accurate*
  • me:*reads about other types and consider intp the one that describes me the best*

“And do ya’ wanna know what’s so funny about this whole thing, sixer? What the real kicker is here? He still loves you! No matter how many times you kick him to the curb, he comes crawling back to you every single time! Isn’t that hilarious?”

not everyone makes it back

guess what i just played