Jensen and Jared love Misha.

Dean and Sam love Cas.

Jensen and Misha love Jared.

Dean and Cas love Sam.

Jared and Misha love Jensen.

Sam and Cas love Dean.

They are friends. Please stop propagating hate in any form.

Ya know what’s great is that Varric is the reflection of every novelist who got lucky even though their writing is shit and now they think they’re a fucking gift to the world and just the biggest creative genius when honestly they piqued at one or two good sentences out of the most awkward and unreadable work ever created

but no oh my god this is literally the most genius thing because “tell them your darkest secret” and everyone’s gonna jump to like really terrible things like oh god he’s killed a man oh god he’s moriarty oh god he did this or that unforgivable thing, but it’s literally just. “I love you”. he’s just in love with john. his darkest secret is that he’s always had a heart. he’s never been dark, he’s always been soft, and now we’re finally seeing it.

Heya! i feel like people dont do this stuff anymore BUT i just wanted an excuse to wish y’all a v happy holidays, i hope you have a fun time however you celebrate or even if you dont celebrate at all! I hope you have good ending to this shitshow of a year and i hope 2017 is everything u wish for! I havent been that active this year but ive been on this hell hole website for a lot of years now and i met some wonderful people here so i just wanted to wish you all the v best and shoutout your blogs so there, okay thats all i have to say, peace out x

(ps. if we’re mutuals and youre not here i still love u v much, i just follow a lot of people, u can curse me out if you want, and if we’re not mutuals but youre following me i love you too and i wish the very best for you aswell, also hmu, be my friend i want to follow more ppl lmfao k bye) 

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Baby gay throwback: 16 year old me losing my SHIT meeting the princesses at disney world and having ….. no idea why … because i was TOTALLy straight right!!!!!!

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Sanvers + Hot Chocolate

“You call that hot chocolate?” Alex looks up, sees Maggie eyeing the packet of chocolate powder she’s pouring into a mug of hot water, and scrunches her eyebrows together.

“What do you mean?” She asks, turning to face Maggie fully, and Maggie just smirks at her.

“Nothing, Danvers. Just that, well,” she gestures to the packet still in Alex’s hand, “that isn’t real hot chocolate.”

“And what is real hot chocolate, then, Sawyer?” Alex plays along, still not quite understanding where this is going. Maggie beams, dimples on full display. She turns away from  Alex, grabbing her helmet, and starts walking towards the door.

“I’ll be right back. And don’t you dare drink that,” she says, throws a wink Alex’s way, and heads out.

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ok but consider this: kageyama shigeo is autistic

- sticks very strictly to rules, which become guiding principles of how the world works/should work (“you’re not supposed to use psychic powers on people”)

- was ostracized for being unable to read peoples’ emotions/perceive the mood/understand implications (“Mob… can’t you read the atmosphere?”)

- flat affect (“Why do you look so bored?” “But I’m not bored…”)

- extremely oblivious to lying, deception, and bad intentions (see: reigen, onigawara, the LOL cult, etc)

- generally always takes what people say at face value (“but, see, it says it’s a girl” “a girl wouldn’t write that they’re a girl!!”)

- his difficulty with recognizing/feeling/processing his emotions. arguably this is related to him trying to control his powers, but he says he’s been this way since birth - “this way” being unable to show emotions or respond to other peoples’ emotions the way they expect or want him to, often rendering him alone. i don’t know about you but That’s Highly Relatable As An Autistic Person Gee Huh

- finally: literally never knows what’s going on (like. same)


tfw ur school is falling apart so u gotta quickly update ur status before everything collapses :v