Everyone gathers around Rishid, who is still unconscious. It doesn’t make much sense to me that Jounouchi seems to be 100% fine while Rishid is approximately 0% fine, when they got hit by the same attack? You’d think it’d be more like 60%, 40%. If Rishid got hit by WORSE lightning than Jou did, then it’s even more unfair that Kaiba applied a “whoever doesn’t die” rule as a tiebreaker but whatever.

… This is a perfect mixture between “physical” and “psych” meaning I have no idea whether the doctor means the damage was physical or mental. I’m guessing physical, but this is SOME typo, lads.

OH HONEY. Maybe just leave now.

Jounouchi ascribes his and Rishid’s different reactions to their support networks or lack thereof.

No one was actually rooting for Rishid, so that’s why he doesn’t have the strength to get up. (Isis should REALLY have attended this match.) He tells the others how he dreamed they were there to help him up, which is a really sweet moment that he immediately sets on fire…


Like REALLY. What about Mai’s presence specifically in his dream is more embarrassing than either (a) anyone else’s presence in the dream or (b) anything else Jounouchi has ever done or said in public in his life.

I have never related more to Anzu in my whole life. #usefulscreenshot

So immediately, Mai identifies with Rishid: technically not alone, but with no one to rely on to cheer them on

The person who was just starting to place her fragile trust in her first ever group of friends withdraws completely to protect herself, which is VERY UNDERSTANDABLE.

She and Kaiba stand apart from the group, because they don’t really consider themselves part of it. Which is a damn shame because Kaiba REALLY needs a friend to critique his TERRIBLE one-liners.

that’s a low blow!

Meanwhile, Yami Malik starts as he means to go on: very politely

oh no wait I mean, murderously

Please note he has already divested himself of the lilac crop top, meaning he stopped off to change clothes on the way to his murder appointment, a fact which bizarrely means that Malik’s ostentatious androgynous dress-sense actually saves Rishid’s life. If Yami Malik hadn’t simply HAD to change clothes to better suit his dark and evil #aesthetic, he would have had time to murder him!

But the draw for the next pairing is being live-broadcast throughout the blimp, and yes, it’s Mai vs Yami Malik

… He’s holding up Mai’s ball (she’s number 4) and saying the name Rishid entered under, because they now know that Namu was a fake name adopted by Malik, who has now been replaced by his violent alter-ego, meaning that Isono doesn’t have the correct number, name OR person in this screencap.

Everyone heads back up to the roof of the blimp (sigh) where Mai is indignant

“What else would we do? We’re all trapped on this blimp and this is literally the only entertainment.”

Yami Malik opens with Revival Slime and the slime factory yoke that the Doll used against Yami. Yami tries to help, scared for Mai, but she shuts him down.

IS THIS TRUE?? Everyone’s been cheating like crazy!!

Anyway she turns out not to need Yami’s help, because she has Harpy’s Crazy Powerful Feather Duster in her deck, which makes short work of Yami Malik’s initial strategy

Triggering a wave of massive understatement from the watchers

“a lot of trouble” = he almost died

“creepy guy” = enthusiastic wannabe serial killer / cannibal

Wait. Cannibal??


Like I know everything’s kinda More in the Japanese, and Yami Malik is pretty fucking creepy in the dub, so he was going to be More creepy in the Japanese, but I didn’t actually expect him to go full cannibal in duel one.

So, it’s time for a Shadow Game! Everyone puts their own spin on the Shadow Games they design: Pegasus’s were all show and drama but actually very straightforward penalties; Yami’s were obviously all tricksy and the penalties were supposed to teach the loser a lesson / give them a personalised punishment; Yami Bakura’s are deliberately terrifying and the penalty is just death. Yami Malik has his own spin, and his spin is psychological torture! 

He connects his and Mai’s memories to their Monsters…

Because he’s figured out that she’s insecure about her friendships and worried about being left alone. T___T

Not that he DOESN’T include death.

Jounouchi reacts with considerable surprise to this, the least shocking thing Yami Malik’s ever said. I mean, sure, Jou doesn’t know him very well yet, but he’s been introduced as the WORSE VERSION of the guy who keeps trying to kill people at the end of duels.

And so….

Mai’s Monster gets sliced in half and so does her memories of Anzu


Because somehow, Yami Malik is better than Jounouchi / the Nerd Herd at recognising that Mai isn’t standoffish or a natural loner or too cool to care about friendship, she’s lonely, and now she’s watching her very memories of her only/first group of friends be stolen from her


You’re Like Captain Hook

CS Modern AU. A while ago, I saw the prompt “your voice sounds just like my phone sex operator’s voice” and simply couldn’t ignore it.

for @sailorkillian as a little pick-me-up

5.1k words. Rated M for My Man, this is a phone sex AU what do you expect? ~ also on ao3

Emma wouldn’t say that she’s lonely. She’s actually the least lonely she’s ever been. She has close friends and even co-workers that she likes. She prefers being single—too many past hurts and the distinct lack of need for a significant other, especially one of the male variety, keeping her content.

But she has been a little… hard up, lately.

It’s not difficult for her to convince someone to take her to bed. It’s pretty damn easy actually; all it takes is something short and a come-hither smile. What is hard is finding someone that doesn’t repulse her and, even harder, finding the desire to go out in search of someone.

She’s been working hard lately—bills don’t pay themselves and all that. What started off as a desperate need to keep herself afloat became a steady job. So, while she’s stable enough to not need to work herself to death, she still feels the need to prove herself worthy and maintain her position. And the harder she works, the more responsibility her boss gives her, leading to her total exhaustion. The only free time she has she tends to spend watching Netflix or going out for the occasional drink with friends, not looking for someone to hook up with.

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Matriarchy and Infrastructure

Let’s get a brief intro in to what I am talking about. The physical infrastructure of our world shapes our culture and our everyday lives. As an example, one of the biggest ways this contrast can be seen would be the American car culture infrastructure vs. the European walking oriented culture in the way cities are planned. 

In American cities, streets are wide, sidewalks are narrow, and there’s a good distance between residential areas and commercial districts. Cities are planned with the expectation that every home will have at least one car. There is a lack of emphasis on efficient public transportation because car ownership is seen as the default while public transport exists for what is assumed to be a minority of the poor who can not afford this necessity.

European cities are organized where walking is the default for people of all social classes and cars are a luxury for the wealthy. Sidewalks are wider and there are many “roads” which are for walking only between buildings. Public transport is viewed as something used by the middle class rather than by the very poor, city infrastructure is not built with the car owner in mind.

How Does Infrastructure Affect Matriarchy/Patriarchy?

Our current residential infrastructure is built to house nuclear families, the ideal home is the suburban 2 story with a 2 car garage built to house the patriarchal family with the wife and 2.5 kids. Some homes have a downstairs room for an elderly grandparent who can not use stairs, but otherwise multi-generational living is not taken in to account when these homes are built–we place our elderly in old folks homes and forget about them, while we build cul de sacs so overprotective parents can keep a close watch on children.

If we want to have a matriarchal society, we will need to organize our residential structures to house small communities/larger families.

This suburban ideal type of infrastructure isolates families, giving the father more control over what goes on in the privacy of the home–hence why “what goes on behind closed doors is private and not political” has been used to silence feminist critics of domestic violence for centuries. Our modern infrastructure is built on these types of societal ideas, the suburban home is the ideal environment for a man to exact control over the wife and children.

The suburban home environment is also great for capitalism. Now you have these sets of five people–father, mother, and 2.5 kids rounded up to 3–and for each of these 5 people, there needs to be a car, tools, supplies, etc.. however if we lived more communally, goods could be shared among more people. Not every man would need to own a set of tools individually if people lived communally and shared with each other. A household of ten people could share the same hammers, screwdrivers, and other basic necessities just fine. Consider how much waste is produced by the capitalist nuclear family model and how much more unnecessary consumption is created because of the idea that every man must have his own of something.

What are the Benefits of Reorganizing Infrastructure?

Children and the elderly compliment each other’s needs; old people have wisdom, and ideally, free time; they also are often neglected in our society by their children (now adults) who are busy with the middle of their own lives. Children need guidance, and can provide the elderly with company. Homes that are multi-generational reduce the burden on the mother of the child. 

Multi-generational living could not be the only benefit, either. Groups of friends could live together in a communal residence, sharing the burden of child rearing with each other, and providing each others’ children with friends their own age, much like siblings.

Resources could be shared more easily and without as much stigma, as housemates could rely on each other for mutual support.

How Can We Reorganize Infrastructure for Matriarchy?

We need to reimagine the idea of what a home looks like and how many people it should be built to accommodate. We need to reimagine what types of rooms a home should have, how homes should be physically placed in the context of our cityscapes, and how many people these homes should accommodate.

There is room for a whole new branch of feminist thinkers here, women who can imagine and redesign homes to have new types of rooms and communal areas to accommodate larger groups of people.

Ideally, homes should have private bedrooms, as having a place of one’s own is a healthy way for a person to seek solitude and recharge. But homes should have larger gathering areas for everyone to interact and promote group solidarity. Perhaps a room or yard for children to gather in and play together.

Homes should be organized with the freedom of mothers and women in general in mind, rather than organized for the purpose of isolating women from each other to supplement male supremacist and capitalist goals.

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This is just one site, so it could be wrong, but the Wikipedia page says that "Nihilism (/ˈnaɪ.ᵻlɪzəm/ or /ˈniː.ᵻlɪzəm/; from the Latin nihil, nothing) is a philosophical doctrine that suggests the lack of belief in one or more reputedly meaningful aspects of life." I'm pretty sure it's not mainly pessimistic or apathetic. I think it depends on how you look at it.

You’re right, it does depend on how you look at it. I choose to believe that nihilism is not pessimistic or depressing. It gives me strength to know that my mistakes are meaningless, but it doesn’t bring me down knowing that my achievements are also meaningless.

“Mama! Daddy! I did it! I hit the ball and I got to the base!" 

 Claudia smiled at her son; his one size too big t-ball jersey nearly falling of his shoulder. She leaned down, her yellow skirt puffing around them as she pulled him into a tight hug, peppering the giggling child with kisses. 

 "That’s my boy, my little Mischief!” Claudia smiled, ruffling her son’s hair. 

John evaded her space to pick him up and settle him on his hip. Claudia made a face at the way Stiles’ cleats smeared dirt against her husband’s shirt. 

“I’m so proud of you, gimme some knuckles kiddo,” John grinned and their  boy gave him the biggest fist bump he could mutter. 

Across the way Melissa was trying to calm a very upset Scott, it was obvious to Claudia the lack of Rafael was the source of his agony. One day Claudia would work up the courage to tell her friend to spare Scott and get a divorce or at the very least set the drunk straight. For Scott. 

Stiles, due to his excitement was oblivious to his friend’s sobs, went on, “I wanna play on TV like the big boys! Like the Mets!" 

Claudia laughed, knowing her boys were obsessed with American baseball.

John kissed his son’s forehead, "you’ll get there one day. When you do you mom and I will be in the crowd cheering you on." 

"Really?” Stiles asked, brown eyes wide. 

“Of course mój słodki chłopak, every game!” Claudia reassured the tyke, pinching his side only to have the ticklish boy cry out with laughter. John’s free arm wrapped around her waist, hand settled on the curve of it as he pulled her in close. 

“I think your game calls for ice cream. What do you think?” John asked Stiles who shook his head very sternly. 

Claudia grinned, “oh my…someone is in a curly fry mood.” 

“Curly fries! Oh-oh and the honey mustard stuff too!” Stiles said, flailing with excitement before adding, “then ice cream.” 

She traded a look with John, chuckling lowly before shrugging, “we’ll see sweetheart.”

I just have been really into Stiles as a small child playing t-ball, and of course instead of lacrosse he was kind of a baseball player throughout his childhood and high school years. 

P.S: I used Google Translate for the Polish, sorry if it totally doesn’t say what it’s supposed to mean. (Translation:  mój słodki chłopak –> my sweet boy)

Bill Gothard talks about a connection between lust and gluttony. So men who shamelessly overeat, tend to also have a problem with lust - a lack of self control. As bizarre as his teachings are, this one I tend to agree with. When I look at fat fundie men now (eg pa Keller), I assume they must also be looking at porn etc. And look how fat Josh is now, he clearly still has issues.

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What would it take to get you to go on a date with me? :3

Basically nothing. You’d need to intend to meet me in a place close enough to me that I can reach it, I’d need some way to contact you should anything come up, and you’d need to not do any of the gendered dating things that might make me dysphoric. (Feel free to go the opposite way and treat me very female. This is basically always a plus, but isn’t a requirement.) The when may be a bit hard to decide on, because I’m currently in an anxiety bout that makes doing things hard, but scheduling can occur.

I’m not sure what other advice to give, though, due to lack of experience. I think I’ve only gone on one first date before? No one I wasn’t already dating has ever asked me on a date (obviously). I almost never ask other people to go on date-dates, because the dating ritual is very gendered in a way that would make it either gender dysphoria hell or gender euphoria heaven, and being the asker is already a large shove toward it being hell.

(But, for the obvious reciprocal reason, being asked out would be too gender euphoric for me to turn down.)

Experience tells me not to expect anyone to take me up on this (unless you’re not like other anons?), because lesbian sheep syndrome, but just for reference, everyone now knows I’m a sure thing for a first date. Anyone interested can drop their card in this bowl.

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Ohhhh that Yuri screenshot for the 'he lacks confidence' one^^ My heart! Knowing what we know now with Victor looking at our boy and deciding that he is going to give Yuri the confidence he needs omg!!!

Yes! Yuuri realizing that people believe in him and that it’s okay to rely on others is so wonderful. As he himself says his is a ‘dream too large to bear alone’, but now he’s realized he doesn’t have to do this alone and he never had to (and he has Victor, who will carry as much of it as Yuuri needs), and he’s finally learning to believe in himself.