This is a Bad Day for America

You can say it was racially motivated.  You can say it was a hate crime.  All crime - that phrase is so stupid - all crime is hate.  No one stabs someone in the face and is like, “I did it because I love you.”  All crime is hate.  And someone’s skin color or lack of pigmentation doesn’t elevate one crime to a heinous level than another.  It’s all based in hate.

This what we are witnessing, is the result of year after year, and headline after headline, and news program after news program…and we see it in movies, and we see it in entertainment, and we see it on TV, and we see it in magazines - it is a perpetual racially charged provocation.  This is Frankenstein’s monster.  Society has created this.

Watch this only if for the #blacklivesmatter tweets at the end.  Unbelievable.


German Speaking Practice (Even though the thumbnail doesn’t work for some people, the video definitely does)

At the start of this year I began making videos in (mostly) German and (some) Norwegian to work on my speaking skills, since speaking is the one component in language-learning that I severely lack in. I would really recommend this; it helped me- and continues to help me so much. This is the first video I’ve made since 5 months ago, and I can already see the huge amount of progress I’ve made since then, which is of course incredibly motivating. As someone who already gets nervous trying to speak to people, let alone in a language I’m learning, I find this experience really confidence-building, and also very cathartic, as I’m forced to let go of the obsessions and anxieties I have about perfectionism and accept that mistakes are human.

Now usually I always welcome corrections, however in this case I can already see a lot of word order and phrasing mistakes, incorrect gender use and incorrect articles, etc. which are things I’m already aware of and working on :)

I can’t believe I put off making these videos for such a long period of time. What inspired me to get back at it was my friend swedishramblings, who today posted her own vlog in Swedish, which she’s trying to learn. You should go check it out!

P.S. Sorry for looking around so much. It’s a habit I have when I’m thinking hard - and I was also trying to think of topics I could talk about!

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maedhros as a raccoon

Fingon morosely tossed Maedhros some garbage to eat. Even Maglor seemed displeased by Maedhros’s latest transformation, as the Maedhros-raccoon had bit when he tried to lift him for a cuddle. 

“Do you think Maedhros will ever get to stay himself?” Fingon asked. “This is worse than when he was turned into a baby.” 

“I do not think his looks have changed much. The dark eyes, the very pointed nails… I heard that some of the Edain wear raccoon penis bones as fertility talismans.” 

Putting his head in his hands, Fingon ignored how Maedhros-raccoon was pawing at his leg for more trash. “What sort of awful creature has a bone in its penis?” 

“Most mammals, actually,” Finrod said, looking like the only person who did not mind having a raccoon for a cousin. “Elves and Men are the true freaks for lacking one.” 

Oh Lord
I’m a mess
A damsel
For sure in distress
Sinning with poisoned blood
Enjoying wrapping my lips
More than I ever should
Wasting away zeroes and minuses
Hoping no one sees my mistakes
Or my lack of balance
Grace knock these drinks from my hand
Mercy make me sober
I can’t feel when I’m drunk
But that’s no excuse
Oh my Lord
Make me a recluse
From my nemesis.

Phira’s OUAT Fic Appreciation

An anonymous reader recommended The Naked Truth by brooke-to-broch. You can read it on FFnet, AO3, or Tumblr. It’s a Modern AU in which Emma is a journalist and Killian is the mayor of (AU) Storybrooke. It’s Captain Swan, it’s rated M, and it’s a multi-chapter work in progress. (If you typically do not read WIP stories, please consider giving it a shot.)

In this story, Emma Swan is trying to covertly investigate small town corruption in the quaint Maine town of Storybrooke, and she’s highly suspicious of the incredibly sexy, charming mayor, Killian Jones. Meanwhile, Killian seems to be doing some investigating of his own. Sparks fly from the start, even though Emma is not-exactly-single-although-kind-of-not-for-lack-of-trying.

This story is one hell of a lot of fun. In terms of the characters, it’s so much fun to read all the different interactions, with Emma and Killian constantly sizing each other up in a way that really reminds me of “Tallahassee,” and what can only be described as season 1 Snowing (and y’all know how much I love season 1 Snowing, okay?). And with regards to the corruption plot, it feels like a very clever game of cat and mouse, except there’s one mouse and two cats, and both cats are dressed like mice. That’s the best way I can describe it, and I might even be wrong.

I highly, highly recommend this story. Give it a read, and send some reviews and reblogs in the author’s direction!

Have an author to recommend? Guidelines here!

Other story recommendations/reviews for this hiatus project here

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
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7pm doors. $7. Over by 10:30pm.


Blank Spell

**Questions? Answers. Will@UTPhilly.com**
****Happy Birthday Jake Lafferty****

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omg maybe i'm the only one but don't you think we are lacking one shots where kookie wants to ask tae to marry him but he doesn't know how to do it bc he thinks tae deserves the best proposing idea but he comes up short all the time but one day tae it's being his adorable, fluffy usual self and the question comes out so natural to kook he's just like "marry me?" and tae freaks out a little but screams "yes yes yes!" and jumps into kook's arms?? *sighs* who knows maybe i'm a lovesick fool lol

OMG *screams like a crazy* yes yes!! this would be perfect! and what if jungkook is so shy to ask taehyung too?  so he tries a lot of ways to ask taehyung and because taehyung is dense or something, he never have the good chance to said that. And in the end, jungkook just give up and one day when they are cuddling in the couch (because, they are boyfriends a long time ago ~hehe), jungkook runs his fingers through taehyung’s hair and end up saying, —damn hyung, i want you, be mine, marry me??? (with his low sexy/cute or something voice) So yes, taehyung stay chocked for a while but then he smiles (that damn taehyung’s sunshine smile) and obvious he accept, giving jungkook a tight hug!! oh yes, let’s back to the reality now. i’m getting crazier now. Hey, someone, someone who writes!! write this Please???
btw, you are good in create storylines, why don’t you write it?

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Messing with trim styles for Evan.

No style - Just flat out let’s it all out.

Ponytail - Current one, just hangs over shoulder.

Full Trim - He lacks a mane and it’s neatly trimmed and short, lacks that major chest hair most have.

Double pony tail - What’s one number higher than 1.

Mullet - Pac’s having a field day.

Template - In case I (or you) want to doodle another.


Small Cut - Short but tidy hair

Long - over the shoulders, not in a tie

Curly - heh heh

Neat and curly - Nahh.

Bushy - Stay away Pac

??? - How even

I love JMAC, but blaming the Goblins? Cmooon. 

JMAC is leaving coz of lack of his social game. He s one of my favs and even I can accept that. Like I caa accept that if the Goblins will leave it will be for their lack of strategy.  It s a game, the thing that sucks is that all of the players lack in some aspects, but for some reason the only one s leaving for their mistakes are our faves :/ 

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Adele is Taylor's only competition in terms of album sales, gaga's last album under performed and rihanna can't even get her album out she's apparently had to re-record it multiple times after the singles under performed, Katy sells singles but has mediocre album sales. In terms of singles, album and touring Taylor has all 3 the others lack in one catogry: Adele touring, Katy and Rihanna albums and gaga singles/last album.



worried starters (x)

There was a far off look in the young
boy’s eyes. A longing. Emptiness.He
was determined to find his brother, no
matter the cost. Even in it meant many
sleepless nights.

I will find a way to get him back…”
He hardly heard what the other said.
Al was far too gone to even hear
anything outside of his own thoughts.

          I know you will.” he has no doubt of that. Not pity or condescending thoughts of ‘poor thing poor thing’ the fact of the matter is, he genuinely believes in Al. But he’s also genuinely concerned, he knows what obsession can to do a man. A lack of caring for oneself for one. He doubts the boy has been eating properly either. 

“But do you think he would be happy knowing you’re doing this to yourself?” he inquires, pointedly, it’s a bit of a low blow to drag him into this but at this point, babying Alphonse isn’t going to do jack shit. “Let’s get you something to eat. And then maybe you can nap. Just for a little while.” how many times has Riza said the same thing to him?

Either way he doesn’t like the thousand yard stare in Al’s eyes and he knows that stare too well. 
“If you don’t want to go out and get food I’ll make you something myself. But you have to eat something.” he exhales softly, barely audible, a sigh. “And you have to rest. Your brain doesn’t work at full power unless you take care of yourself.”

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Oh and dip is a broke student who tries to get a job as a server, but doesn't really understand what kind of place it is until the interview starts. Queue Bill showing him the outfit (or lack of one) he's expected to wear.

…damn it, Dax don’t give me something ELSE to write. XD

Magical Otoge Ciel

Download Link

(((No Walkthrough Needed)))

Magical Otoge Ciel is an otome game completed just this month by Batensan! I immediately loved the art style for this game, and even though the characters, backgrounds, and CGs have a slightly unpolished feel to them they’re still gorgeous (I especially like the artwork for Anton, even though he’s not my favorite character). I also only have good things to say about the plot and writing – although the premise isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it was a lot of fun watching the protagonist go off on her adventures and the storytelling really does manage to pull me in. The writer even manages to pull off humor well in the game, without making it feel forced or awkward the way it sometimes works out in otome games. If I have one complaint, it’s the lack of consequential choice in the game – beyond choosing your love interest, the few options you have only lead to slight deviations in the immediate dialog. To be completely fair to the creator, though, she makes it very clear that this is the case at the start of the game. And, of course, Magical Otoge Ciel is 100% free, so any whining I do is tempered by the fact that Batensan was kind enough to gift her gorgeous game to the community!

The premise of the game is that the protagonist, Ciel, is a princess. She has big dreams about travelling the world, but her father is terrified that harm will befall her so he forbids her from leaving his domain. After countless failed attempts to convince him to let her go on a journey, she finally resolves to simply run away, bringing her guardian knight Florien with her. Ciel manages to evade the search party her father sent out for her, and travels throughout the world meeting people and having adventures.

This game is so fluffy it could be an angora rabbit. There are a couple mild depictions of blood, though.

Florien: Best Friend Type

Florien is Ciel’s body guard and personal knight, assigned to her since he was just 7 years old. Although she technically commands him, Ciel has a very close relationship with Florien, regularly sharing her honest thoughts and feelings with him. And although Ciel can theoretically issue Florien commands that he is required to follow, she instead chooses to simply make requests and allow Florien to do what feels right and comfortable for him. Florien is generally a fairly cold individual, but he’s softer around Ciel because they are so familiar and he cares so deeply about her. However, he has a habit of getting stuttery and excessively formal when he gets nervous, even (especially) around her. This is largely because he’s been in love with her for years (of course), but has kept it a secret out of fear that the feelings aren’t reciprocated (OF COURSE).

Anton: Mysterious Type; Responsible Type

Anton is equal parts awed and feared around the castle. However, even as other residents gossip about how his hair is dyed by the blood of his enemies, Ciel knows that Anton is a good guy at heart despite his cold exterior. He is kind to Ciel, although never very talkative, and he takes his duties very seriously. Because Anton is so busy (and for another, super-secret reason), Ciel doesn’t see Anton around the castle much. It is only when Ciel goes off on her adventure that she manages to really get to know Anton. Although he’s initially very formal and expressionless, she gradually cracks his hard exterior and he grows to see her more as a capable individual than a responsibility to be protected (not that he . Of course, like almost every mysterious type character, Anton has his big secret that he keeps guarded until the end of the game.

Yvin: Friendly Type

Yvin is probably my favorite character, which is very rare for someone of his archetype (especially with a responsible type in the party)! Yvin is a drifter, constantly travelling from town to town and often leaving without so much as a goodbye. Although he has no close companions or family, his energetic and kindly demeanor constantly wins people over. In his very first encounter with Ciel, he helps her and her knight out of a tight situation with her search party by pretending to know them, then escorts them to their destination without asking for any sort of compensation. However, Yvin could hardly be considered dependable, and his original intentions when he begins watching over the party are not truly pure. Over time, though, he develops a fondness for Ciel and her guards and on his path Ciel manages to tame Yvin of his lone-wolf fantasies.


OC Sex Meme Vol. 4.1

Sorry for the lack of art with this one….

A great opportunity for me to introduce some of my other Inquisitors!

- For those who do not already know, Hanal’Ghilan “Ghila“ is my Elven Mage, and she’s with Solas for the time being…
- Cernunnos is a Qunari warrior, She’s with Sera at the moment.
- Epona is a human mage, She is going to top Cullen, if Maker allows.
- Tyr is a Human Rogue, still wondering who he will want. Perhaps Dorian would like his ruggedy charm?
- Mahaa’Las is my pissy Elven warrior, He’s gonna ride the bull someday.

22. 1 being the most experienced and 5 being the least:

1. Cernunnos (she’s fooling around with Sera for Maker’s sake)
2. Mahaa’las (Little fucker knows his way around)
3. Tyr (Experimenting with ladies, bit confused tho)
4. Ghila
5. Epona (Virgin)

23. 1 being the most embarrassed about sex and 5 being the least:

1. Tyr
2. Cernunnos (Bit Stoic, likes to have rules….Sera doesn’t listen well)
3. Epona (Wants it alrd)
4. Mahaa’Las (I guess he goes to the bottom after bull :P)
5. Ghila (Likes to experiment with baldie)

Thanks afleainspace for the questions!

Part 4.2 can be found from here

Link To the Meme in my main blog