Horror Movie Characters

Aries: The one that thinks they can out-strong the killer/vampire/zombie/whatever in a direct fight. Somewhat recklessly confident, which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

Taurus: The one that goes into denial and repeats “it’s okay” to comfort people, but is actually comforting themselves because they cannot stand the chaos and lack of stability.

Gemini: The one that opens the book of the dead/plays with the Ouija/ goes down into the cellar even though warned not to out of sheer curiosity. 

Cancer: Jumps at everything, every shadow, every creak of the door. That character that is burdened by the first thirty minutes of a horror film where nothing actually happens yet but they are setting up the creepy atmosphere.

Leo: The one that cannot take the nuance and secretive nature of the situation so just shouts “SHOW YOURSELF.” 

Virgo: The one that looks for clues and solutions. Everyone else is sobbing in the corner and they are on their hands and knees reading a map using a torch.

Libra: When there are only two people left, and they know they are going to die, Libra are the ones that initiate into a meaningful conversation for their last moments.

Scorpio: The ghost that is scary at first, but actually just needs a listening ear, settling on no longer throwing your belongings arout the room but rather just keeping you company. (See The Sixth Sense)

Sagittarius: The one whose instinct is to run all through the film, so nothing gets solved but they evade physical danger for as long as possible. After all, there are a lot of people slower than them. 

Capricorn: The one that actually uses logic in a film often full of dunces. The audience roots for them.

Aquarius: The one that out-weirds the supernatural creatures, taking them by surprise and winning the battle.

Pisces: That one that intuitively “Knows.” They just know the nature of their torments because of some vague thing they once read in some random book or forum somewhere.

Hey Echo!!!

The lack of electric types is… disturbing.

Basic trio? Check. 

Fighting, Ghost, Psychic, Dark and Fairy? Check. 

Bug, Poison, Rock & Ground? Check. 

Ice & Dragon? Check.

Grass? It is Little Springton for crying out loud!

Normal&Flying? Maybe. 

Electric? None to be seen in a 600 mile radius multiplied by Samurott’s inability to see Ty’s affections.

There ya go @echoeternally a comment about your work :D

Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill
In Bruce Levine's career he as spoken with hundreds of people diagnosed with ODD & ADHD. An astonishing number of these people are also anti-authoritarians.

Gaining acceptance into graduate school or medical school and achieving a PhD or MD and becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist means jumping through many hoops, all of which require much behavioral and attentional compliance to authorities, even to those authorities that one lacks respect for. The selection and socialization of mental health professionals tends to breed out many anti-authoritarians. Having steered the higher-education terrain for a decade of my life, I know that degrees and credentials are primarily badges of compliance. Those with extended schooling have lived for many years in a world where one routinely conforms to the demands of authorities. Thus for many MDs and PhDs, people different from them who reject this attentional and behavioral compliance appear to be from another world—a diagnosable one.

I have found that most psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals are not only extraordinarily compliant with authorities but also unaware of the magnitude of their obedience. And it also has become clear to me that the anti-authoritarianism of their patients creates enormous anxiety for these professionals, and their anxiety fuels diagnoses and treatments.

#PayPal4Palestine campaign urges PayPal to serve Palestinians, not just Israelis:

PayPal refuses to do business with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but allows Israelis and Israeli settlers to use their digital payment service. After PayPal ignored their requests for a meeting, Palestinian activists launched a Twitter campaign on Friday to call out the company in public with the hashtag #PayPal4Palestine.

The situation is an impediment for Palestinian tech workers and journalists, who have to get by using services other than PayPal, despite its being an industry standard for paying freelancers and even full-time employees. The group behind the hashtag, Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (A4VPE), says that Israeli restrictions on information technology are undermining American attempts at Palestinian economic development to the detriment of its youth.

“Palestine produces roughly 2,000 IT graduates per year that are well-positioned to address the huge gap between growing demand for online Arabic content and the current lack of supply. Currently, however, only one-third of these graduates find work in their field. Without access to the needed services that facilitate businesses to grow, more Palestinian youth will fall into the despair of unemployment and all that it carries with it,” wrote Sam Bahour, head of A4VPE, in a press release on Friday.

In an open letter to PayPal CEO Daniel Shulman, penned by A4VPE and signed by dozens of Palestinian advocacy groups, A4VPE said PayPal’s should not be concerned about doing business with Palestinians given it already operates in 203 countries around the world. More than that, Palestinian banking services have close connections with the U.S. Dept. of Treasury, which is responsible for ensuring U.S. cash does not flow to untoward activities abroad.“

We have been told that PayPal is concerned about the compliance investments required to enter the Palestinian market. We believe such costs have been greatly overestimated.
The U.S. Treasury Department has spent a great deal of time working with the Palestine Monetary Authority to strengthen safeguards against abuse. PayPal currently operates in over 203 countries including places with major problems of corruption and terrorism like Somalia and Yemen. We are confident that Palestine will prove a much easier place to profitably do business than these and other markets that PayPal has already entered,” the group writes.

“Where is Our Gravity?” (FMA/HG AU)

Hello! This is another one shot in @pahndah and I’s Hunger Games AU. These are assorted drabbles and one shots that aren’t necessarily posted in chronological order. This one takes place at some point after the first installment. (In the Mockingjay timeline). <3

There’s a certain energy wafting through the compound’s rec room that makes Ed feel as if he’s stepped through a portal. He can’t say it’s reminiscent to the still purgatory characteristic of the Victor’s Village back home, but there’s a similar timelessness. It’s easy to forget what awaits them aboveground, or even on the other side of the door. While one lacked gravity, the other is comforting – to whatever degree that’s possible during times like these.

Alphonse, clad in 13’s gray garb, sits across a small table from Riza Hawkeye playing chess. She shivers in the oversized sweater that swallows her, though, Ed has already grown accustomed to her perpetual tremors. After chewing on her bottom lip for a thoughtful few seconds, she moves her piece and takes Al’s knight.

“Wow,” says Al as she rolls the small white horse between her fingers. He smiles at her. “You’re really good at this.”

“I played a lot to pass the time back home,” Riza says, setting the piece down. Her eyes fix on the board while she speaks. From what Ed’s seen, she doesn’t make eye contact with anyone who isn’t Roy, and even so, that’s fleeting. “My grandfather taught me how. It’s…easy. I like being able to concentrate on menial things.”

Ed isn’t certain whether or not to approach them until his brother lifts his eyes and gives him an encouraging smile. There’s a free seat at their table, so he pulls it out and sits down.

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The Warrior Code, Clan Laws, and How to Determine Discipline

One thing seriously lacking in the Warriors canon is a structure of discipline. Yes, cats get put on apprentice duties for being bad, or they get exiled—but that’s about it. There’s no inference of set punishments for anything, something’s just thrown out there and everyone goes with it.

That just isn’t how a society would work, real or fictional. So what can you do to make your clans have a good structure of discipline and punishments?

That’s what this post is all about!

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          A genuine laugh pours forth— a sense of humor is so often found lacking in these sorts of SITUATIONS. Perhaps she’s judged this one too soon, there might still be some fun to be had. That was always the peril in choosing random victims. There’s no telling how they might react, and while it usually ends the same ( pathetic begging, screaming, and silence ) there’s some variety to the lead up. No, she doesn’t think she’ll rush this one. Instead she’s carefully running a whetting stone over the edges of her blade— one of her personal favorites not often brought out to play.

                     ❝ No, I don’t suppose that you are— ❞ A pause, a smile as she tilts the blade, inspecting it before she’s slowly dragging it back across, more thoughtfully now, each stroke determined in its purpose. ❝—but the night is still young. Perhaps you’ll prove me wrong. In any case I’ll make sure we have a very EVENTFUL night ahead… so… do you have a name I can call you by?? ❞

Some Custom Commander Cards!

I got a little excited and made a bunch of cards. Some are other people’s concepts, I just added a name and stuck it on a card.

First up, Dragonlord Kazadhar! Design goes to @olivia-mobilised-for-memes , I just added flying and came up with the name. I figured it could be some sort of AU dragonlord, or maybe the Kolaghan brood becomes Mardu again, or Alesha turns into a dragon or something. Idk.

Next, we have Durkhar, Shaman of Souls. Design goes to @moxperidot , I just add a P/T and name. I felt a lack of cool Mardu Orcs, so here one is!

Here is Juriah, Soul Manipulator. Tariel’s sister, Juriah prefers to take a more active role in events, actively moving souls between worlds to achieve her goals. This is a combo of Ayli and Alesha’s mechanics. I wanted to add Crackling Doom somewhere too, but I decided against it because I ran outof space.

And last but not least, I was thinking about the Hamilton versions of the Founding Fathers and determined that Aaron Burr would definitely be black. I tried to capture his advice in his ability (talk less, smile more, don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for), which was pretty hard. I’m still not sure on his first ability; it feels a bit wonky.

anonymous asked:

I don't know why he would be buying a new house in the UK, he lives most of this time in LA now. Also, there is no indication that his London house has sold recently so I think that whole story is just a rumor

Yeah could be. Though I’m pretty sure he’d want to keep a house in the UK too. He can afford it and that’s his home country. He does spend time there too even if he now prefers LA. The lack of privacy in his London home could be one of the reasons he spends so much time in LA. But yeah I’m not sure if I believe it because as far as we know he’s in LA now and I do think his London house is nice. Too bad everyone knows where it is :/

Dale Steyn Says Neil Wagner Lacked Courage In The Middle
South Africa's great fast bowler Dale Steyn has ingited a war with Black Cap Neil Wagner, suggesting he lacked true courage while batting during the second
By Hauraki

On one hand, Dale…please…that is brutal af…do you have no sympathy for your fellow angry-eyed saffa pace bowler…maybe you are angry because you see yourself in Neil… (omg someone write a long lost brothers fic) 

But on the other hand I am totally here for Dale being grumpy on behalf of his IPL buddy, Kane, because he would have stuck around so Kane could get a century

 "He gives his all but I would have tried to hang out there and even get 10 of 50 balls and see Kane through to 100, rather than walk off with 30 and think I’ve done my job.“ 

I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff

so there’s this guy who volunteers on the same floor as me but for a different department. i didn’t notice how cute he is until last week when he came over and asked me if we have a broom. and then i proceeded to say, “no, but we have this rolly thing,” which i realized later is called a sweeper. smooth. and when he was leaving, he past by me and said, “see ya.” hurhur.

but since then we’ve really been getting to know each other. i mean, on monday he asked me if we have a copier. this is what i call making progress. i might actually get to find out his name one of these days.


-Dan likes to wear skirts, dresses, heels, thigh highs, and makeup. He wasn’t sure how his punk boyfriend Phil would react to his fashion preferences, as his last boyfriend wasn’t too fond of it. So he just stuck to his pastels and wore jeans instead to be safe.
-Dan and Phil were cuddling on the couch watching Buffy, and Dan got really cold. Phil removed himself from Dan’s sleepy grasp and went to go get him a hoodie or something. He went into Dan’s closet to look for something to warm Dan up, but he didn’t expect to see so many dresses and skirts hanging up next to his sweaters. Phil felt like he was invading Dan’s privacy, since he has never worn those around him, so he just grabbed a hoodie and went on his way.
-But Phil couldn’t get it out of his mind. Was Dan embarrassed of his love for dresses? Did he not think Phil would like his style? Did he not trust him? He didn’t know how to go about this, but he knew he had to try something. Plus the idea of Dan in a skirt or dress was turning him on immensely.
-He knew they were both kinky shits, so he thought he could bring it up that way. He did have a feminization kink anyway. Dan was sitting eating his breakfast at the table, and Phil went and sat next to him. “Hey, Dan, can we talk about something?” Dan instantly got nervous and fidgety. “U-um, sure..” Phil put his hand on Dan’s and laughed lightly. “It’s nothing bad, trust me. I just wanted to ask about a kink I have.” Dan’s eyes widended and he relaxed a bit. “Sure, what is it?”
-Phil crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. “What do you think of feminization? Like you wearing dresses and skirts and me calling you baby girl and stuff like that..” Dan gulped and nodded a bit too excitedly. He noticed and tried to stop himself, trying to appear chill and nonchalant. “Uh, yeah, we can try that. I’d like that.” Phil chuckled and kissed his forehead. “Good. Let’s try it tonight, yeah? Maybe when I come home from work.”
-Dan was a man on a mission and wanted to be completely ready for when Phil got home. He was so excited that Phil suggested this and that he could finally show off his dresses and skirts to Phil. He was already stretched and prepped in that area, so he just needed to get ready. He put on his makeup (mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick) and put on his favorite dress. It was baby blue and was fitted at the top and flared out at the bottom. He loved to twirl around in it and it made him feel so pretty. He heard the door click, which meant Phil was home. He immediately sat on the edge of the bed, eagerly waiting for Phil to come in.
-Phil was just as excited as Dan, and practically ran to their room. His cock twitched in excitement when he saw how pretty his baby looked. “Come here, baby girl. Let me see you.” Dan got up and spun for Phil, giving him a full view. Phil licked his lips hungrily and his eyes clouded over with lust. It was even better than he imagined. “You look so pretty, princess. So pretty, just for me.” Dan blushed and put his hands behind his back, waiting for Phil’s instructions.
-Phil crossed his arms, getting into his dom headspace. “Why don’t you help me get hard, yeah? Come do what you do best, you little slut. Suck my cock, get me hard.” Dan scrambled as Phil walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.
-Dan unbuckled Phil’s belt and shoved his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He eagerly got to work and licked a stripe up the underside of Phil’s cock. Phil shuddered and ran his hands through Dan’s hair. Dan kitten licked his slit and took the head into his mouth. Phil gripped his hair harder and shoved more of his cock into Dan’s mouth. “Come on baby girl, we both know you can do better than that.” Dan moaned around Phil’s cock, making Phil groan at the sensation. Dan was bobbing his head, taking more and more of his cock into his mouth with each bob. Phil was now completely hard and leaking precum, so Dan pulled off and licked the precum from his slit. Phil’s hips bucked a little, loving how good Dan was at sucking his cock. “Come on, princess. Lay on the bed for me, on all fours.”
-Dan complied and got on his hands and knees. Phil pushed the dress up, exposing Dan’s pretty pink panties. He slid the panties down his thighs, but didn’t completely take them off. He was too desperate to care. He took one finger and inserted it into Dan’s fluttering hole. He found that Dan was already stretched, but he still wanted to make sure he wouldn’t hurt his baby. He took the lube from their bedside table and lubed up three fingers. He inserted two this time, scissoring and stretching Dan out. Dan was whimpering and moaning, wanting Phil to just fuck him already. “Please, Phil, I’m all ready for you.” Phil slid in the third finger, and hit his prostate once before removing his fingers completely. Dan rocked forward when Phil touched his prostate, not expecting the sensation. Phil lubed up his cock and slid into Dan. Dan tried pushing his hips back, wanting Phil to bottom out faster. Phil took his time, and eventually bottomed out. He started to thrust his hips, and Dan was in heaven.
-Soon, the headboard was hitting the wall and the bed was creaking with every harsh thrust of Phil’s hips. Dan was moaning with every thrust, his face scrunched up in pleasure. Dan was getting close, so he reached down and tried to stroke himself. Phil smacked his hand away and replaced it with his own. “This is my clit, you got that? Such a small clit you have, baby. But it’s all mine. Gonna cum deep in your pussy, baby. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Dan moaned at Phil’s words, getting even closer. With a few more strokes, Dan was cumming hard and fast, his cum getting all over his stomach and the sheets. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and he was chanting “Phil”. The sight of Dan so fucked out and the feeling of his hole clenching around him put Phil over the edge, and he came deep inside Dan’s ass.
-Phil slowly pulled out and put Dan’s panties back up and his dress down. He laid down next to Dan and wrapped him in his arms, Dan almost asleep already. “We definitely have to try that again, babe.”


clexa gang au

growing up clarke had been warned about the badlands. newspapers emphasized turf wars, children turned warriors for rival gangs, the leaders cold and lacking empathy. “no one goes into the badlands and comes out.’ her mother once told her, as if retelling an old tale. however, despite constant warnings, they simply failed to warn her of lexa woods. everything became noise and the badlands suddenly became paradise.

so, peridot and lapis always believed they deserved better than what happened to them… and jasper didn’t. this just confirms to me more than ever that she needs a support system. her lack of one just. tore her apart mentally, by letting her perpetuate and reinforce her toxic ideas about herself without any real outside input from someone who knows her issues and still accepts her.

@ the entire show, please help her.