Escape The Night - Prologue (Upcoming Series)

My dearest friends,

I have acquired an illustrious estate through the death of a distant relative who I’ve never met. I thought it only fitting that I invite you all to attend a dinner party on its grounds.

However the estate is like no other. It only exists in the year 1920. To enter its grounds, you must be dressed entirely with clothing of that era. If you are carrying anything from the modern world, the house will simply not appear for you.

And not only your clothing, but your attitude must reflect the time. I have included your unique characteristics and roles on the back of this invitation. My driver will pick you up tonight, driving you down roads that can only be revealed by his mysterious time-travelling automobile. Then almost like magic, the place will appear.

It all sounds crazy but trust me, it will be a night to remember.


Archie Andrews.

12 strangers will enter the estate.
By the rise of the morning sun…

11 will be dead.

A/N: AAAAA! I’m so excited to write this. It’s heavily based off of Joey Graceffa’s: Escape The Night as well as Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.”

Basically, it’s a murder mystery! There’s going to be angst, fluff, probably a little smut, lord knows! There will obviously be descriptions of death, however I’ll always put warnings before parts. This will also be the first story I publish on A03 as well as tumblr. 

Disclaimer: You can bet your ass there will be Bughead sleuthing 

NOTE: Also, the order of deaths will not reflect the show, and a role from the fic may not die the same way the same role from the series died.

Let me know who you want to be in this fic as well as who you’re rooting for/If you think this is a good idea <3

Rejected from society due to a relapse in alcoholism, Lieutenant Killian Jones wants nothing more than to be worthy of his brother and captain’s approval. After falling into his shameful darkness, he gains a companion who too lives without a home and approval of others, and finds the light his life was denied.

I live in a continuous bubble of Killian Jones being a dog person, and when Colin confirmed it a few weeks ago, I had to paint something. The inspiration for the dog was Buckley. He’s the pirate dog Colin said he was xD 

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The important stuff is down, now I just have to do the lighting and add some “accessories”. This was actually inspired by a fanfic. I’ll explain it all when I post in full (hopefully tomorrow).

Sorry, guys, I lied. It’s not really smutty. It’s like… passionate? Passionate Bughead fanart. There we go. But there’s more to this image…prepare.