Ohhhhhhh~ my! (-O wO-) i know i’ve done some fantasy/fairy tale AU type pieces before, but i just LOVE this kind of AU! XD i don’t know why! hahahaha!!! I also relished the idea of doing fire lighting! <3 <3 <3 this weeks winning micro fic comes from @moonwalkingcrab :

“I thought Knights were supposed to slay dragons, not work for them.” The prince lightly hopped down from his horse, hand running through his hair as he approached the man in shining black armour. “And I thought Princes were supposed to rule kingdoms, not burn them to the ground.” The knight dropped his helmet, advancing on the man. The prince smirked, “What can I say, I’m not exactly traditional.” The knight reached to cup one pale cheek, “How do you feel about princesses?” “Not my thing.”

EEEP! love it!!! <3 <3 <3 i know this can be interpreted as a meet-cute kind of scenario, but in my mind i see it as these assholes just teasing each other and being ENTIRELY too self-congratulatory - eager to devour one another - totally high on the thrill of crushing their enemies! HAHAHAH!!! XD But only @moonwalkingcrab can say what they had in mind when they wrote it!!! ahhh… this one was fun! LOL! i actually meant to keep it really simple… but then i got carried away! LOL! 

Anyway! thank you all again for taking part! every week is a joy! <3 I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and that i’ll see you all tomorrow at 3:30 PDT for this weeks MFM!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)


So that new episode has me pretty excited for the game. Looks like an interesting cast so far! But I had to try one little thing… I wish I could get a tiny bit of DLC that does something to the cast so I can stop worrying about them falling out of their tops every five seconds. That would be nice, right? …No? Okay, I’ll go back to my corner.


17.08; Happy Birthday, Jack~!

you guys still alive? it’s really good move from vixx not to put up the mv the same day as the song. we’ll have time to focus on just the songs and streaming. but like fantasy is just really beyond generic kpop and i love that vixx is taking such great risk to show that they have more side to them. some would’ve wish that vixx promote love me do instead (i think more fans would want sth that sounds like it ngl) but FANTASY on it’s own is already an out-of this (kpop) world experience. it’s really cool and the variations of sounds is surprisingly pleasing to the ears. i love that vixx is showing us such different sound to them but still you’d have the feel that “THIS IS VIXX!”. i am pleased to see that vixx is trying to go out of the box and provide starlights sth that we would’ve not experienced on a daily basis as kpop fans plus FANTASY is a very-theatrical sounding song that it makes it UNDENIABLY VIXX.

It’s Just a Fantasy

Imagine a pocket-sized you shouting “someone help!” passionately as you prod towards your dollhouse, a small cup in your hands full of your clothes and other unmentionables. Just as you’re about to open the door, Jimin runs into the room with fists up and ready to go. You don’t give him your time of day. As Jimin surveys the area and perceives that there is no threat, he brings his fists down.

“It’s just a fantasy~!”

He hears you singing along to VIXX’s new song and shakes his head, muttering to himself about how BTS needs to make another comeback soon so you don’t keep scaring him with VIXX’s alarming lyrics.

Clive had just caught some poor human trespassing the forest. Now, they were getting what they deserved.

Currently, their body was halfway down his throat. Clive struggled to get them down, pushing them further in. He felt them enter his first stomach, and then being forced out.

Slowly, they slid into his second stomach, reserved for larger prey. (Since Clive only really ate humans, his second stomach was the one he used more) After he felt them completely enter his stomach, he slithered off, towards the place he called home.

He started to sleep off his meal, until he felt his branch begin to crack. Clive was taking no chances. He let go and fell on the ground.

It still hurt, but not as much as what would have happened had he kept holding on to it. He slithered well away, now needing to find yet another tree.

Maybe he was gaining weight? He didn’t know.