text your crush "hehe what would happen if you looked down and saw me super tiny like just 3 inches tall on the floor at your feet in your bedroom? :P hehe just imagine. Be dark if you want it's just a fantasy :P Make it a detailed answer :P"

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wanna one as boyfriends: park woojin
  • as every other bf! pwj scenarios has said, woojin will be such a shy lil bean
  • i mean, im sure you knew he would be shy, but he literally just could not look at you directly for a week after you two started dating
  • even though he offers to go on a date with you every day no matter how short or long they may be
  • eye contact threw him into a fit of palm sweating, finger biting, hair fiddling, and cheek flushing
  • on your dates, he secretly loves subtle skinship in public as he was too nervous to be thAT FULL ON kinda dude
  • like when he accidentally brushed his hand against yours, grabbed the door handle at the same, etc
  • BUT in private, he’s gonna throw you around his shoulders
  • throw you on the couch
  • and koala-bear-attack you while watching your favorite flicks
  • also loves to stroke your hair absentmindedly
  • constantly takes secret candids of you
  • not really great at keeping it secret
  • eventually made a photo album of the candids for your one month anniversary
  • placed a recording of him telling you “i love you” inside so it plays upon opening
  • you open the book 2345798765432 times a day bc you love hearing his voice and because he didn’t know how to stop it (or redo it) so he ended up mumbling to himself until he figured it out how to stop recording
  • woojin rips the recording mechanism out after the third day
  • gets caught up in practice so he’s late A LOT
  • feels bad so he spends half the night winning as many claw game machines as possible
  • your bed is 83.48% plushies within a few weeks
  • “how are you mine?” “why would you pick me?”
  • needs reassurance bc he thinks you’re just that damn amazing
  • gifts you small things he notices you admiring through store windows or online
  • does that cheek-puff-air-blow thing while he waits for you to open your gift and see your reaction
  • “woojin, how did you know i wanted this?”
  • he’ll just do his awkward smile and ruffle your hair
  • will try to fix your hair when he sees he’s made it all stick out on top
  • makes it worse
  • ends up making you two so staticky both of your hairs start to stick together as you walk with one another
The unicorn frappuccino is so popular that Starbucks is now developing fraps based on other mythical creatures.
  • Dragon frappuccino: Made with dragonfruit, cinnamon, and fiery hot chiles. A shameless ploy to acquire your gold.
  • Werewolf frappuccino: Seems like a normal chocolate frap (werewolves love chocolate) but the caffeine doesn't kick in until the next full moon. And boy howdy, does it kick in.
  • Mermaid frappuccino: Extra foam and sea salt caramel drizzle. Comes with a free Danish in honor of Hans Christian Anderson
  • Centaur frappuccino: Has an oatmeal raisin cookie crumble crust. Oats for the horse and raisins for the wine-loving human. Whipped cream is actually whipped Greek yogurt.
  • Fairy frappuccino: A delightful delicate flavor of honeysuckle and lavender, it has the unfortunate effect of making you fall in love with the next live creature that you see.
  • Elf frappuccino: Made with the most important food groups- candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Keebler cookie crumbles.
  • Hobbit frappuccino: Only served in size tall. Get one for breakfast and get a second one free!
  • Ogre frappuccino: Looks green and putrid on the outside, but has layers of different flavors that will Smash your Mouth
  • Zombie frappuccino: like a normal frap, but with SEVERAL extra shots of espresso
  • Wizard frappuccino: Butterbeer
  • Witch frappuccino: You'd think it would be the same as the wizard frap, but it has eye of newt and toe of frog #everydaysexism
  • Yeti frappuccino: Tastes like a lemon snow cone, with Himalayan pink salt
  • Alien frappuccino: They actually do have this in the Starbucks at one government building in New Mexico, but it's on the secret menu
  • Ghost frappuccino: Zero calories. Probably just blended ice.
  • Poltergeist frappuccino: Hurls itself against the wall after you pay for it
  • Vampire frappuccino: Blood. It's just blood.
  • magnus: taako, wanna go to fantasy costco?
  • taako: sure, let me change and put some heels on
  • magnus: it's just fantasy costco
  • taako: if i'm not the hottest bitch there then what's the point

if I’m sad or tired from life and you happen to be the person I confide in, don’t tell me that stupid “give life another chance” shit. No. Dont you dare.
At that point nothing you’ll say will make me feel better.
So next time if you hear from me giving up, look me in the eye and say “you’re a god damn slytherin” and I swear to the devil himself, I would do a 180° flip.
My house has helped me a lot. Its more than just a fantasy. It’s where I have found my home. People with greatness and tragedy in their blood Alike.
Yes. So next time just remind I’m a slytherin and what I am supposed to do. How great I am meant to be.
Because the world can turn it’s back on me but my house will never let me down

Signs as things said in my band class
  • Aries: if I could be a musician I wouldn't, but that's just because it's a fantasy. I would do it in real life.
  • Taurus: every time we stop playing music an instrument dies
  • Gemini: I was thinking so hard I forgot how to count
  • Cancer: you don't know music like I know music because I am music
  • Leo: haha, you thought I could play but in reality it's just my corpse doing all the work
  • Virgo: see I know what I'm doing but I don't in anyway know how to transfer my reading into noise
  • Libra: I wish I could be a perfect musician but I'm just a high school student who can't play an instrument
  • Scorpio: do you dare me to eat a piece of the reed? No I'll do it anyway, I'm hungry.
  • Sagittarius: you wish you were cool but nothing will be cooler than me and my sax
  • Capricorn: I just want to curl up under a chair, if you need me I'll be playing sad trombone tunes under here
  • Aquarius: you just have to feel the music, like get into it *hits head on a drum*
  • Pisces: sometimes I wish I could sleep in this class and feel the music

Yo guys,,,,Maia did That. She fucken said “ i already get stopped and questuoned by cops because im black, i thought the clave would be past this.’ she fucking did that. And also Shadowhunters did that. They aknowledged that just bc its a fantasy world inside the mundane it doesnt mean racism doesnt exist and She called them out!!!

sure, x-2 threw in a lot of random stuff but you can’t tell me that yuna’s character development wasn’t some of the best in the franchise

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Do you think Fantasy Bakugou would get jealous really easily of normally Bakugou spending time with kiri or others being to friendly with his ua bf

nah i think he’s a little more mellow that UA Bakugou, maybe even like? a year older? same guy same temper but for the most part he’s content to let kiri go around with his daily life as long as he gets to stick close, and to be fair anyone would want to stick close to their most familiar person if they were in another dimension.

he’s a little less tolerant of UA Bakugou but that’s because he’s making fun of him lol

hope that makes sense. here’s a doodle for you!

I read a post where someone said “Its just a fantasy and in a fantasy, a child could consent and it could be legal.” And let me explain how fucked up that is. If you could imagine a world where it’s not illegal for a child to have sexual or romantic relationships with an adult and they actually enjoy it, you’re sick and demented and should be locked the fuck up. If you willingly think about fucking a child then you should be shot.

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Is there a chance to turn a bad guy into a good one if you truly love each other? Or it's all just movie fantasies we should not believe in?

I don’t know and it’s not worth your time; let that fucker be bad with someone else.

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i'm aromantic so like,,, when i marry someone in a game (such as sv) i always have the thought of "okay, we are married, but pLATONICALLY" tbh in the end i just ruin the character for me bcause seeing their romantic said makes me hella uncomfortable rip

things that need to exist in stardew valley 


-ability to be poly 

-ability to be the friends cast with other stardew valley bros(dont ask me why its just a personal fantasy) 

-linus can live on your farm in a nice tent 

Just a Little Bit on Sakura and Sasusaku

You know what I think about Sakura? This is less about Sasuke and more about herself. See, as person who dislikes Sakura, I actually think that because I’m not biased with fanfiction interpretations that I have a better grasp of Sakura’s character than some people who love her. Sakura, despite her bravado, is not a person of real confidence. She has low self-esteem and very little self-worth. I think that part of the reason she is so hung up on Sasuke is its a sense of validation for herself. She was shy, friendless, unpopular, and overlooked as a child. She liked Sasuke, but even better, to be acknowledged by someone everyone likes, everyone admires, that would make her special. That would make her somebody worthwhile, right? Of course I do believe that Sakura does have feelings for Sasuke, but is she really in love with Sasuke the person, or is it the idea of him? That he doesn’t notice her or pay attention to her only makes this insecurity worse. Sakura is constantly angsting over not doing enough, not fitting in on her team, not belonging or being someone of necessity. As stated (in the only time she ever elaborates on her feelings) she is attracted to Sasuke because he’s attractive, talented, and “cool”. A person who personifies, in essence, everything she believes herself not to be. God, there’s so much to say about this really, but I’ll save it for later. 

It’s part of why Sasusaku is such an out of left field idea to me. Sasusaku shippers portray the ship as the exact same way that leads Sakura’s problematic behavior. They ship it because they love the idea of Sakura being the “special one” who is the exeption to Sasuke’s personality and his greatest weakness and is the “fangirl who’s different from all the other girls”, which is so irritating because she’s not. Sakura is the antithesis of these concepts. There is nothing different or special about Sakura’s love. There is nothing different or special about her as far as relating to Sasuke goes. As I detailed in my previous posts, she doesn’t know him, she’s doesn’t understand him, she doesn’t even have a basic grasp on the concepts that are necessary for those things. Sasuke has not singled her out. She doesn’t appeal to him or interest him. She doesn’t challenge him in any emotional, mental, or physical way. They’re not even close. What does Sasuke even know about Sakura, or understand about her? Sakura, as far as Sasusaku goes, has nothing different or special about their relationship or dynamic that couldn’t be done by any other generic fangirl. Absolutely nothing. Nothing that transpired between them is anything that wouldn’t have happened had any other fangirl been placed on his team. That’s really the only thing Sakura had going for her or that seperates her from, I don’t know, Ino. Do any of you Sasusakus honestly think that if Ino was on his team that he wouldn’t have saved her life? That he wouldn’t have grown to care for her as a teammate? That he wouldn’t have thanked her for caring about him? That he would have left her to die? Or treated her like dirt on the bottom of his shoe? Do you really think that these “Sasusaku proofs of love” aren’t just generic shit that would come with virtually any other teammate, and is actually something unique that would only be there with Sakura?

‘Cause see, that's my whole thing. Can’t say that about Naruto. I can’t say that if Kiba had been his teammate, everything about their relationship would be more or less exactly the same. Or Shikamaru. Or Chouji. Or Neji. 'Cause you see, the manga has shown me this. Its shown me the depth, the reason, the relationship, the uniqueness between the two. In fact, while reading this I bet you were thinking of how different the dynamics would have been between Sasuke and those male characters, because, surprise surprise, there is actually something substantial there that can’t be replicated and receive the same results. Seriously, replace Ino with Sakura and think of what would change in regards to Sasuke. Ino would have cared. Ino would have tried to stop him. Seeing as how there are no substantial moments of bonding or exclusivity between the two, there is nothing that would have happened that Ino couldn’t fill in for. Sasuke waxed lyrical about Naruto and how much he’s always loved him and the ways in which he enriched his life for two straight chapters while Sakura got no mention (except, of course, in the Team 7 picture where he refers to them as such). Sakura was just afforded the opportunity of being the closest girl around and female main character with her legs always wide open and ready with basically no standards or expectations. 

For fucks sake, Sakura literally has nothing to do with Sasuke’s character or story arc. Seriously, delete Sakura from the manga and tell me what about Sasuke’s person or journey as character throughout the story changes. Please. Tell me something that would have affected his plot if some other girl with healing powers were on his team.

I’m just saying, there is nothing inside of Sasusaku. Nothing at all. Kishimoto doesn’t give a fuck about this pairing (lol I don’t know how they got together I don’t want any SS in the pairings movie there wasn’t gonna be any in the Bolt movie either but the SS fans are complaining so I guess I’ll come up with something here have a family pic of Sasuke looking like he’s about to run away as soon as the camera flashes and a Karin lookalike child who feels neglected), and it cannot become more apparent how little actual thought goes into this ship. Its just a vicarious fantasy ship where Sasuke is standard shoujo angsty bad boy bishie and Sakura is “independent, normal girl who’s different from all the rest” which is pretty much the antithesis of these characters. 

But I think the worse part, the really bad thing about it, is it supports a Sakura never growing up. It takes all those things (the potential for self-reflection and learning to be a person who doesn’t need others to feel worth something) and throws it in the garbage as the blind quest for Sasuke’s dick goes on forevermore. All the pathetic shit will forever be apart of her as she dusts a house for a husband who comes home twice a year, who has a child who feels neglected, and she is happy with her dysfunctional family because Sasuke-kun’s anything is enough. I don’t even fucking like Sakura, but that anyone is defending that anything about what her character turned into is satisfactory and good is honestly some disheartening shit. 

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You Kaylors get a great amount of hate because you treat other fandoms like shit. You are the only fandom so deep in your theories that you truly believe Kaylor's real, when in reality, it's just a fantasy. Have you ever seen a Sweeran act like they are together? NO. They ship it, but they know it's not true. Kaylors always shove their ship down people's throats. Yall need to learn the difference between fanfiction and reality, and then who knows, maybe you'll get less hate. Bc u're annoying af

you know for sure that Kaylor does not exist? I mean, are you Taylor? Do you know her personally? Do you know Joe? You know for sure they are together? Have you ever seen them act as if they were together? This happens every time Taylor has to release an album or there is some shit about her. Coincidence. She shows us just what she wants. If I’ve ever seen Sweeran act as if they were together? Yes! There are a lot of theories about them, Haylor and Tayvin, but you obviously come to us right away. Every time Taylor is dating someone you suck his cock more than Taylor should do lmao

can’t tell if I feel better not performing femininity because I’m ignoring beauty standards and valuing my body as a tool rather than an object or because of internalized misogyny and a feeling of superiority over other women by aligning myself with maleness

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I've had a fantasy of dressing cute and skimpy and going to this sketchy store in town to let the old men play with me like a little sex doll and use me as a cum dump but for now it's just a fantasy...

Many things are good to keep it as fantasy…