It can’t protect, it only destroys.

fantasy femslash aus
  • I am the alpha of a pack of werewolves protecting this cityand you are this journalist who started investigating us and our secret crimefighting and i am way too attracted to you to tell you to fuck off AU
  • I am a witch’s apprentice and have trouble keeping my magic a secret and you are my neighbor and one of my spells went wrong and now my radio keeps blasting lovesongs whenever you walk by my apartment and i think this is sending embarassing signals AU
  • I really like surfing and this one time i had an accident out on the sea and for a moment there i thought a shark was going to eat me but it was actually a shark mermaid you then saved my life and now my life is the strangest thing bc i think i fell in love with your sharp teethed grin AU
  • Since i was in a coma a few years back i can talk to animals and now I work in a vet’s office and you keep coming in with your cute golden retriever who keeps telling me all those adorable stories about you and i fell in love but how the hell am i going to tell you this AU
  • I was out in the garden planting some tulips when you practically fell out of the sky and your big wings kinda freaked me out and now i have a winged supernatural creature living on my roof who has no idea how the human world works AU
  • I always come to your bakery bc you make the best brownies and cupcakes in town and i swear your bakery smells heavenly and excuse you is that a tail showing under your apron AU
  • I am a magic tattoo artist and my shop is supposed to be guarded against nonmagical humans and people who are not supernatural creatures but you are definitely not magical or superhuman so how the fuck did you end up in my shop requesting a wonder woman tattoo AU
  • I wanted to smuggle myself on board this airship to escape my abusive family but i accidently hid on a pirate ship and now my life is a total mess and you as the captain def should not be flirting with me and oh my god i just stare at your boobs all the time AU

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So I imagine Lexa just like bored as fuck in Polis having meeting after meeting with boring old generals...

and just trying to act all tough like she didn’t just rip out her own heart

but inside she’s just a sad little raccoon

but then clarke shows up

and you better believe there ain’t gonna be no holding her back this time folks

(It should probably be pointed out that I see the little birdy in this scenario as what I have taken to calling lexa’s ‘Commander Conscience&#8217 Correction: it has been pointed out to me that flit is Indra. And that is so true)


Favourite Abigail scenes1x09, Port Haven Psychiatric Facility