I demand a Body-Swap episode (the kind where their voices don’t change but they have the other character’s speech patterns)


soooooo, I’ve been working on this Fantasy!AU right???? 

It’s still kinda in construction, but basically, Haru comes from a line of ‘water people’ and it gives him the power to bring water to life. He can’t control it, he can talk to it, but he can never force it to act against its will

Meanwhile you got Makoto who comes from a normal family, but he’s one of those who was born with the Light and that gives certain healing powers. He will be sent to a special academy later to learn how to use them and potentially become a healer. He is still afraid of water and his own powers, but Haru is working really hard to make him understand that ‘water would never hurt him’.

So anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this so you can expect more of it~ And I have like hundreds of really cute headcanons for this so I gotta find a way to share them all

I kinda disagree with fanon Yuna a lot because I feel like too often people make her out to be this very shy and introverted person and I just… don’t think that’s the case????

It’s constantly pointed out how unusual it is for someone to have as many guardians as she does, and, imo, if she’s bringing that many people along on a cross-continent journey, she can’t have too strong of a need for privacy. She’s clearly someone who really enjoys company and companionship. I think she does occasionally need time to herself, some peace and quiet to relax and recharge. But more often than not, it seems like she WANTS to be surrounded by as many of her friends as possible– the more the merrier! 

And she’s not really shy, either. She’s friendly and comes right out and chats with total strangers without problem. She is soft-spoken, but she’s not reticent or awkward (unless something is bothering her or if it’s an uncomfortable topic for her), and she easily strikes up and carries conversations with new people. She’s comfortable in social situations: warm and charming and fun-loving; making jokes, like mocking Auron and Wakka’s accent, and cheating at footraces (on the Kilika steps).

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with demure characters, don’t get me wrong!! But I guess this just bothers me because it often comes up as a critique of her supposed radical “change” of personality in X-2. So many people act like she was this closed-up nun in her shell during X, and turned into a ditzy party girl in X-2, when that’s not the case at all?? She’s always been a pretty open, cheerful person!


I was tagged by a couple people in that “Pick 10 Movies” meme, so I gave it a try… my tastes are kind of specific!! (Please watch Only Yesterday, please, please watch it.)

I tag secretalbatross, contramonster,  waverlyrowangatheringbones, rottenappleheart, carabas, defyaugury, walonvaus, em-kat, magnoliapearl, anyone who would like to!!

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another bonus chapter for It’s All Good News Now and part 9/9 of Cloud’s Birthday Week 2k15.
Author: Tobirion / Tobiroth / modeoheim
Summary: Despite moving to Midgar Cloud still struggles reconciling traditional Nibelheim values with big-city urges. His virginity should be given to someone special, not a random hookup - but the only person who fits his criteria is his best friend, who is in a relationship of his own, no less. Friends with benefits turns out to be more complicated than anticipated.
pairing: Zack/Cloud, eventual ASGZC

on [ffnet] and [AO3]

– Finally finished all nine days! I had a lot of fun this year – thank you so much!!

  • <p><b>Final Fantasy XV:</b> *literally shows us Luna sitting in a chair, touching her necklace, looking at the camera and then a younger version of her getting attacked by an adult man but she fights back and looks up at him without fear*<p/><b>Fans:</b> "Ugh I hate her already!" "Give us back Stella!" "Why is she such a damsel in distress?" At least Stella was badass." "Omg is she a housewife?" "Luna looks so weak and pathetic."<p/><b>Me:</b> *facepalms*<p/></p>
i made an art prompt

and the theme is 

fantastic creatures

i got bored so i decided to make one of these. you dont have to necessarily do them in order, and you dont HAVE to do all of them. this is just an art prompt that offers quite a bit. if you would like to, link me your finished drawing/s. i would love to see them.

1. nymph
2. dryad
3. nyad
4. fairy
5. flower spirit
7. deer spirit
8. banshee
9. dragon
10. unicorn
11. centaur
18. fawn
19. brownie
20. werewolf
21. Pegasus
22. mothman
23. ghost
24. kelpie
25. gryphon
26. basilisk
27. mermaid
28. vampire
29. wendigo
30. elf
31. alien
32. gorgon
33. ghoul
34. minotaur
35. witch
36. skinwalker
37. ent
38. willow o the wisp
39. Phoenix
40. Jersey devil  
41. Cyclops
42. hell hound
43. hippogriff  
44. sea serpent
45. zombie
46. winged lion
47. sphinx
48. giant
49. jackaloap
50. ANYTHING! :‘D 

Several people have submitted or talked about what happens to Seifer post-game for their thesuccessorchallenge entries, and while I chose to focus on Zell for that, I think so much about headcanon and don’t always talk about my Seifer headcanons. So here are a few, because why not?

–Seifer never tries to go back to SeeD. Ever. The very idea is insulting to him.

–He DOES however work for (with?) Squall secretly. Known to very few within Garden, Seifer is their “clean-up” man, who will go in and take care of things that Garden can’t officially be involved in–the good, and the bad.

–He does not regret his actions during the war. No, things didn’t work out the way he planned, and yes he has a lot of guilt, but no regret. What happened was the result of choices he made, and he will stand by those choices until the day he dies.

–This is more of a Rinoa headcanon, but Seifer understands her dark side better than Squall ever will. Squall is determined that no matter what he will be able to save her, but Seifer has been there, and knows if she ever turns, Squall will either turn with her, or kill her. For this reason she and Seifer remain close, even if they remain distant. He never forgives himself for what he did to her, even though she forgave him before they even saw each other again.

–Seifer and Squall will periodically meet in really sketchy bars and drink terrible beer they both hate, and converse largely in the exchange of snide remarks and insults. They both enjoy these meetings even if they’d never admit it to anyone.

–He listens to terrible pop music sometimes and enjoys it (and I’m talking late 90s pop. Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, or whatever the equivalent in that world would be). If anyone ever finds any of his discs he insists Rinoa left them in his possession in the short time they were together.

–He loves cats. They love him back.

Am I Weird...

I think its just my imagination or something… Perhaps its a fantasy…

But recently I’ve felt that I dont really feel human… I dont really understand how a human cant really feel human… Ive said in the past that sometimes I feel that I should have wings, Like they should be there but theyre not, sort of like a phantom limb thing…

Can anyone help, I’m very confused..
I’m an experienced witch and pagan and Ive never felt this way before or know anything about it.