This one time in like 7th grade my friend liked this dude and he was on my brothers baseball team and so one night I was all texting her saying I was at their game and she was all omg take a picture of him for me and so I tried to be all sneaky but I freaking forgot my phone made a quak sound every time you took a picture and I just froze and wanted to die but this fucker who was talking with a friend goes oh should I pose and then started posing

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FOR UR DRABBLES (im so keen im ready) Bucky Barnes x "Can we pretend that we're in love" (from the song 'Is there somewhere' by Halsey

Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky was sipping on a cup of steaming coffee as you slipped your hand into his, squeezing it tightly as he turned to you inquiringly.

“Can we pretend that we’re in love?” you asked, pouting.

A smile appeared on Bucky’s lips. “Why?”

“Because Tony just hired one of my ex-girlfriends as an assistant and she looks absolutely stunning and I'm… I’m single and it’s fucking embarrassing. So, can you just-”

The door burst opened to reveal Tony and his new assistant. Sure enough, there she was: your first love. She froze momentarily before regaining her composure, following behind Tony’s footsteps.

You were about to whisper a plea into Bucky’s ear, but he was ahead of you. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pressed a tender kiss to your lips. The gesture made Tony stop in his tracks.

“What the hell did I just see?”

“For a man who professes himself as a genius, you’re downright daft,” said Bucky, prompting you to laugh as Tony looked scandalized.

You couldn’t help yourself, your eyes falling on your ex. She seemed suddenly embarrassed, looking down at her feet as Tony and Bucky bickered back and forth.

“You know what, Stark?” Bucky spat out, grabbing your hand. “I don’t know why I need to be here hearing you spew bullshit when I can be making out with my girl.”

Leaving behind a stunned Tony and your mortified ex, Bucky pulled you out of the room with him. 

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Okay, now I'm curious about this pairing. Do you have any Maruchika HCs?

Here’s a follow-up edit of the one that was behind this ask :)

  • Maru bought a motorbike specifically for Chika. Chika’s not really into that, but he does occasionally joins an insisting Maru for a long ride on a cold night. 
  • Maru’s gifts for Chika include expensive wrist watches and ties. He wears a smile the entire day if Chika shows up to work wearing any. 
  • Chika gives an angry Maru a neck-shoulder massage after CCG meetings. Maru is always on edge and is easily triggered in the meetings. He visits Chika’s office to complain. Chika seets Maru on a comfortable chair, and as he grabs his shoulders, Maru’s anger suddenly vanishes. 
  • Because the two are always sitting next to one another in meetings, Chika slips his hand under the table and caresses Maru’s thigh. Maru’s too embarrassed to do anything, worrying that someone might notice.

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Ooooo a 6 and 14 with Sammy would be cute! Could I request that please?

Originally posted by frozen-delight

The weather app on your phone had called for a storm; you’d seen it coming five days in advance. However, the cartoon cloud with animated lightning forking from it didn’t seem to quite do justice to the wall-shaking thunder the bunker was being rattled with now. Keeping your back to the wall, you made your slow way down the hall, your bare feet padding quietly toward the library. With your left hand half outstretched in front of you for extra measure, you continued on in the pitch black of the place.

Another crack of thunder froze you in your tracks, but you’d only made it another couple steps before there was another, and the power flickering back on just long enough for you to make out a figure in the doorway only feet to your right. 

You swung your arm towards it instinctively, hand balled into a quick fist, and elicited a sharp grunt from the figure.

“Sam?” you asked, eyes wide.

“Yeah, it’s me. Bruised me,” he amended. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I just saw your shadow when the lights came on–I didn’t…”

“Hey. Y/N. It’s alright,” he said, and you could hear the gentle smile in his voice. “What are you doing wandering around right now?”

“I was hoping to find some candles.”

“Not a fan of the dark?” he asked.

“Not a fan of storms.” 

As if on cue, there was another quaking roll of thunder, louder than the last. You reached out, unthinking, and gripped Sam’s forearm, taking a step closer to him as the thunder rumbled away low and long. Thankful he couldn’t see the blush in your cheeks, you moved to return his personal space to him. He found you before you got far, though, taking your hand in his and lacing your fingers together.

“I think I’ve got some in my room,” he said, voice low. You nodded, though he couldn’t see it, and let him pull you gently down the hall. His feet were sure and steady and he made his way by memory. You followed him easy through the blackness, feeling your focus laser in on the feel of his hand in yours. You turned in with him, through the doorway of his room and he gently pulled away from you.

“Hold tight,” he said. You heard him walk from you in the direction of his desk, the sound of a drawer opening, his fumbling hands searching by touch.

“What were you doing up?” you asked, rocking to the balls of your feet. 

“Couldn’t sleep.”

“And you ended up getting a fist to the jaw,” you said, laughing as you shook your head. “Bet you’re glad you ran into me.”

“It’s never a bad thing when I get to hang out with you, right hook or not,” Sam said, that smile back in his words once more. You barely flinched with the next crack of thunder, so wrapped in his words as you were. 


“Found it,” he said. There was the familiar sound of a match being struck and there he was, your savior in the soft glow of the flame. He brought the match to the candle’s wick before shaking it out. He walked to you, those kind eyes creased some in amusement as he handed you the candle.

“So you’re scared of thunder,” he said. You laughed and took the candle from his hand, opting to look down at it rather than him.

“I’m always scared. Always. It’s my default.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think you’d have started hunting with me and Dean if that were true. You’re probably a lot braver than you feel.”

Your heart was hammering in protest at his words, picking up its pace just at his proximity to you now.

“Maybe I’ve got my moments,” you said. He grinned down at you and you watched as his eyes moved from your eyes to your lips, and then continued down, his head tilting a bit in curiosity.

“Is that my shirt?”

You brought your free hand to the collar, your eyes wide.

“Ah, it…might be. I may have grabbed it on accident when I threw that last load of laundry from the hunt in the dryer. I’ll give it back as soon as–”

Sam cut you off by stepping even closer, bringing his thumb and forefinger to grasp at the fabric near the top button.

“It suits you,” he said, his words nearly a whisper. You swallowed hard and made yourself look at him, golden in the candlelight.

“It makes me less scared.”

His gaze softened at the confession and his lips turned up as he moved his hand to run gently down your arm, down the too-long-for-you sleeve. His fingertips were light over the back of your hand, your wrist, and the world outside of the candle’s small perimeter of light ceased to exist for you. Sam took another step toward you, impossibly close now, and somewhere in the back of your mind you registered another crack of thunder, but Sam’s smile and his words came in so much stronger than the storm raging outside. 

“Then it’s yours.”


“I came as quickly as could.”

“Oh Cassius. I’m so scared. They look like my mom did, the day she died. I couldn’t do anything I just froze.”

 “They aren’t dead, just sick. You need to calm down so we can help them. I was trying to find Cassandra, but she doesn’t seem to be in the palace. No one has seen her since last night”

So Long, my dear...

But it came to a moment,
I woke up remembering nothing.
Even my own heart beat,
Felt like it stopped from pumping.

I broke down by surprise,
A surprise of no sweet message;
No morning calls that woke me
And I saw no glowing smile
to reflect on my mirror.

I just found myself solivagant.
Tryin’ to freshen up my mind.
But what I am seeing
is a reality of me - in a silhouette.

You said “hello” from behind,
I froze, didn’t try to look back.
Yet my tears rushed down from my face
It’s as if your voice passed by my ears,
Stuck in my brain for a sec,
And went through my eyes that caused me teardrops.

I tried to run away,
I tried to escape.
But you tried to hold me, didn’t let me go.
I just wish to be strong that time
As I think of you as a memory - a buried one.

I could hardly breathe
As you hug me tight.
I guess you didn’t get me
that I am tired, too tired.
Then finally you let go;
Yet I broke down deep inside me.
Saying “please, just hug me till I die.”

“I’m sorry I broke my promise.”
“I’m sorry I hurt you.”
“I’m sorry I’ve caused you pain.”
“And I am sorry I let your tears fall.”
Those words came out of your mouth,
Shrunk in my mind.
They’re painful but true.

“Yes, we’ve been together,
but we both know we don’t have forever.
I’m so sorry for you.
I’m sorry that you just let me go.
But for the last time, let me kiss you
I love you.

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Ian was walking down the halls of Freddy's in his human-looking soul form. It wasn't midnight yet, which meant he had some time before he got sucked back inside Foxy. Suddenly, the little boy froze upon hearing someone. Or someTHING. "H-hello?" He asked in a small voice.

There was a groaning sound, coming from the employee room. Clawing sound can be heard behind the door as it creaks open. “hurts..” a animatronic slowly walks out of the room.

Betrayal- Part 7

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1400

“She’s missing.”

Kyungsoo froze at Chanyeol’s words.

He waited for Chanyeol, for Jongin, for either of them to start laughing and say “Ha! You should’ve seen your face! We got you so bad!”

No one said anything, and time continued to tick on.


“She’s gone!”

“What do you mean ‘she’s gone?!’”

“I mean that she’s not here. Not in the room, not in the bathroom, not in the kitchen or the living room or the backyard or anywhere! She’s not in the house, Kyungsoo!”

“Then where is she?”

“How do you think we would know?”

“We wouldn’t be freaking out if we knew where she was, Soo,” Jongin tried to say calmly but panic was showing in his voice.

“Then call her!”

Jongin lifted your phone out of his pocket. “She left it here.”

“Kyungsoo, what are we gonna do?” A worried frown was planted on Chanyeol’s face, and it was one of the rare times that Chanyeol was unable to hold a smile.

“How long has she been gone?”

No one answered.

“You don’t know?”

Jongin shook his head and gingerly wrapped his arm around Kyungsoo’s waist in an attempt at consolation.

“No…no idea at all?” Chanyeol shook his head in response.

Silence sunk over the room and ‘What do we do?’ continued to hang ominously in the air with no answer. Not even an idea of a possible first step.

The door chimed.

The three of them glanced at each other in confusion before rushing around the corner to the front door.

You stood there, frozen in surprise, as your friends rushed at you yelling at the tops of their voices at the sight of you.

“I went out to go meet up with friends…” you said slowly, trying to find some sort of fault in your actions that would cause such a reaction as this.

Three pairs of eyes blinked dumbly at you.

“Look, guys, as much as I love you, I need some time to be with girls. No matter how much you try, you just won’t ever understand pregnancy.”

“It’s not that…we uh, thought you ran away,” Chanyeol muttered, realizing how stupid it sounded.

“When I’m pregnant,” you deadpanned.

“How were we supposed to know where you went?” Jongin asked.

“By reading the note I left?”

No response.

“On the fridge? You know? The really stereotypical, super cliché, post-it note written in Sharpie?”

Within seconds, Chanyeol was shoved to the floor and wrapped in a headlock. Jongin helped Kyungsoo by pinning Chanyeol’s arms behind his back to stop him from struggling.

“You giant shit,” Kyungsoo hissed out from behind clenched teeth, “I almost had a panic attack because of you.”

“Why don’t you hit Jongin!” Chanyeol choked out.

“Because you were the one that told me that she ran away, and I believed you, dammit!” Jongin cursed.

“Guys, guys stop, let him go,” you protested, attempting to suppress a smile. Chanyeol was released and Jongin trailed into the kitchen to retrieve your note. The look on his face when he returned didn’t bode well.

“What’s wrong?” Kyungsoo asked, concerned by the icy air that was suddenly burning off of Jongin. The note was passed to him.

‘Hey! I’m going out to meet some of my friends and to leave the three of you with some time to each other. I’m thankful that you guys are so willing to help me through this, but I know I’ve been an invasion on your privacy and you’ve been resorting to sucking each other off in the shower. Dammit Chan, you’re way too loud.

I’ll be gone for about 3 hours so that should leave you guys plenty of time right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’

Kyungsoo flushed.

“What’s up?” Chanyeol asked, glancing between the two of them in complete and utter confusion.

“You’re a dead man, that’s what’s up,” Jongin glowered.

“Jeez, I didn’t know you’d take it seriously,” you piped up, light-heartedly waving your hand at them as you walked towards the bedroom. “I can leave again if you want,” you joked, ignoring the frozen fear pouring out from Chanyeol’s poor soul.

“She’s been getting out of the house regularly now,” Kyungsoo said with a small grin of pride for you. Several months had passed since the first incident that resulted in household panic, and now you were beginning to enjoy yourself more. You seemed much more excited about the things that made you happy. You were on the mend and Kyungsoo was beyond joyful.

Jongdae had a huge grin painted on his face. “What does she do? Do you know?”

“She usually goes to hang out with her friends, sometimes to just go on a walk for some fresh air, you know, normal stuff.”

“That’s great, I’m so relieved.”

“Me too man, I was so worried that she’d pen herself in for months until the baby-”

Kyungsoo cut off short.


He nervously glanced at Jongdae. His gaze had fallen to stare hard at the table. Wild, unpleasant emotions once again masked the smile, the sweet genuine smile that rarely graced his face anymore.


“No, it’s okay. I’m okay.”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to-”


Kyungsoo flinched at his raised voice, caught off guard by its sudden flash, and a long silence followed to shroud the apartment.

“She…” Jongdae’s voice broke, “she hasn’t even talked to me about…” Jongdae swallowed before spitting out the terrifying word, “about divorce or what to do when her- my, no, I mean our. When our baby girl is born, and I’m getting so scared. She’s due anytime by now and…and we don’t even know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know, and I’m certain she doesn’t either and she’s probably as worried about it as I am and, God Soo, I wish I could just talk to her. Even for just a little while. I want to. I need to. We need to. Kyungsoo, if I come to see her at your house do you think she’ll let me, I just-”

“Hold on…Dae, I really, really do agree that you guys need to discuss this but I don’t know if she’ll-”

Please Soo! Just for a few minutes, I just want to know what she wants to do and I’ll do it. Anything to make her happier, to let her live a better life. I’ve messed up, and I know that it’s not gonna get better. I’ve accepted that. It’s just not gonna be the same ever again, but I need to hear it from her, Soo, please, please, please!

Kyungsoo looked into Jongdae’s eyes. He didn’t have to look very hard to see that there was nothing he could say or do that could take away the desperation and the panic and the fear from Jongdae, let alone change his mind. He broke eye contact and blinked nervously at the ground, eyebrows furrowed together in confliction as he tried to figure out what to do.

“Fine. I’ll let you see her, but I don’t-”

“Thank you, thank you so much Soo, thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t even know how I’ll be able to repay you after all of this, for everything you’ve done for me and for her.” Jongdae gripped his shoulders, bowed his head out of immeasurable gratitude and began to sob.

Kyungsoo swallowed thickly as he pulled into his driveway and glanced at Jongdae. If he thought he was nervous himself, compared to Jongdae’s behavior, it was nothing. Jongdae was frantically threading his fingers together and his leg shook at a violent speed. Kyungsoo reached over to gently place a hand on his knee to let him know what he was doing. His leg stilled.

“Just breathe, Dae.”

Jongdae nodded resolutely and got out of the car.

Kyungsoo rang the doorbell to his own house. He didn’t know why, but it just felt right. It felt wrong to just walk in with Jongdae trailing behind. He felt like a stranger. Distant, foreign, detached from everything and nothing at the same time.

The feeling only worsened when he saw your vague, shadowed figure approach the door.


Not Jongin or Chanyeol like he had hoped for.

“Soo, why’d you ring the bell, did you forget you have a-”

You could feel that something was off.  

Kyungsoo could see it in your face and he quickly braced himself.

“Why the fuck is he here?”

When i found out, all actions froze. I JUST HAD TO!!! Besides, i was already planning ta give this to ya. :)
No coincidence, it was a gut feeling and really wanted ta give it to ya because of the beautiful art ya gave us. :D
Hope i’m not too late!! Have a blushe dork and a chibi Leo on his shoulder!!!
Again, happy birthday @sakycchan !!!!

Sorry it’s not shaded, i was afraid i was too late!

Finally read the Framebook ONS

Read the Chinese translation of the original novel. It clarified TONS OF things. I’m not saying what they did in the show (1x06) was justified. What went wrong was the TV adaptation failed to present how two confused but horny teenagers sorted things out. From the standpoint of the author, Framebook’s first encounter was NEVER a rape. Let me make a list of what actually happened in the novel.

  1. Book initiated the hookup. He stated his name, identity (a student) and booked a hotel room on his own. Frame was shocked by his hasty moves.
  2. Plenty of description how they both thought each other was cute before. Book sort of had a secret crush on Frame since the first day they met at school.
  3. Book said no repeatedly when Frame forced himself on him first. He froze when Frame unbuttoned his shirt. It’s when Frame licking his nipples and whispering “I love your body, so beautiful.” that Book finally gave in, he stopped fighting, reaching out and holding Frame. I’d put a dub-con tag on this part if it’s my writing.
  4. Book also kissed Frame back and touched his private part. And the rest of the chapter was censored shortly after it’s posted online last night, which gives you a general idea how explicit it went. It’s VERY explicit, going as far as dick size comparison (8-inch for a 17-year-old, really? It’s almost like gay porn at some point lol), blowjob (initiated by Book, surprisingly), masturbating, fingering (with lube), and Frame asking for Book’s permission for the penetration (with a condom, which was specified to exaggerate Frame’s size). This part was totally consensual. I’m glad the author wrote it this way and absolutely enjoyed the smut.

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Can I request one?! I love your page! One where Conor gets to meet another YouTube singer at her show and is really nervous and awkward because he likes her? Maybe some of his friends tease him and they end up together?? XO

Anything in italics is Conor’s POV.

“How we feeling tonight, London!?” I screamed to the crowd, hearing a roar fill the venue. “So just as I was coming out on stage tonight, a little birdy told me that a certain someone that I might look up and aspire to be like is here tonight. Have you guys heard of Conor Maynard?” This time a scream filled the arena. “Yeah, he’s pretty cool and apparently he’s here tonight so,” I faked a mad laugh, “no pressure!”

I changed from my sweat-soaked stage clothes into more comfortable ones and tied my hair up just as a knock came at the door. I froze on the spot when I saw who was on the other side.
“Hello,” I managed.
“Hi,” Conor said, timidly waving before clasping his hands behind his back again. “I just wanted to say I thought you put on an amazing show tonight, like your voice is amazing!”
“Wow, thank you!” I said, grinning and not quiet believing what was happening.
“I’m planning on recording a new cover tomorrow and Anth, don’t know if you know him, was meant to be helping me but a family issue came up…”
“I saw on his twitter…”
“Yeah, absolute tragedy… but if you’re free and up for helping with a cover, I’d love to have you feature.”
“That sounds great, I would love to! Have you got your phone on you?” He handed to it me unlocked and I quickly saved my number to his contacts. “Text me tomorrow what time I can come round.”
He text me five minutes later, joking that it was to make sure he hadn’t been hit with a fake number.

“So tell me who do you, who do you think of,
who do you, who do you think o-of,
who do you, who do you think of,
when you’re lonely-y.”
When we finished the end of the song, Jack, who stepped in as cameraman, gave us a thumbs up.
“This is going to be an awesome cover, you sounded incredible!” Conor gushed.
“Not too bad yourself, Maynard.” He pretended to hide his face and blush, muttering “stop it” under his breath. “I’m gonna go steal one of your bottles of water, you guys want one.” Both of them nodded and I slipped out of the room.

I watched her go, and then turned to Jack.
“Thanks for filming for us, bro,” I said, holding out my hand for the camera. Jack held it behind his back. “Jack, give me the camera.”
“Not until you admit you like her.” I was taken aback. Surely I hadn’t made it that obvious?
“Excuse me?”
“Admit it! The sexual tension when you two were singing was unbearable!”
“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.” But I could feel the blush rising in my cheeks. He could see right through me as though I was made of glass. “Okay, she’s… she’s cute. Now give me the ca-“
“What else?” I could think of a hundred words to describe her; breath-taking, beautiful, a light in a dark room.
“She’s gorgeous and funny and sweet, I would quite happily delete all that footage if it meant I got to sit across from her and hear her voice for another three minutes.” Jack dropped the camera into my palm. “Okay, now turn around and say it to her face.” He sauntered out of the room with a smirk on his face, and my eyes followed him until they met her’s.

I don’t know whether Jack had meant for me to hear all that, but it made me sigh in relief to know that Conor felt the same way I did. I shuffled to him as he tried to stammer out an explanation, becoming flustered and far too adorable, until I had to shut him up somehow.

I had another idea where Jack would invite her to stay the night and then constantly flirt with her until Conor was like “fucks sake, Jack, you know I like her” because that would be such a Jack thing to do, the lil shit.

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✴ -Savis

Miki froze, watching from the hallway as this…this BITCH…kissed her mate. HER husband.

Her eyes became fully red, diving over her mate and knocking the slut to the ground, pulling at her hair and clawing at her eyes.

Call The Loyal

Asked. Asked. Something had to be done about the tone around here. Even Tarn, his most loyal weapon, was beginning to blur the lines of respect. He had commanded Tarn to the bridge through his communications officer, not asked him in for a friendly chat. Where was the sense of propriety of his soldiers?

At least Tarn had enough respect to kneel and surrender to his presence.

“Tarn. I no longer wish to have your talents idle in the hunt for traitors. You have served me well but with what is to come…I need more of you. I’ve come to the conclusion that my trust may have been displaced.

Which is why you’ll be serving as my Second, from this moment onward.”


Tarn froze in place, trying to process the news. Shock reverberated through his field, before he got a control on it. Making him second… he’d been expecting an order to head down to the planet, or maybe another interrogation about Soundwave, but this was…

“I understand,” he said levelly, before the pause got too long.

This was everything he’d dreamed of, since rising from a lowly soldier to one of Megatron’s most trusted officers. He’d been hinting it all the time through the years, about letting Starscream and promoting someone loyal but… Tarn wasn’t sure what kind of circumstance he’d been expecting. To have this happen so suddenly was like a miracle, packaged in the disguise of a casual briefing.

His shock melted into elation. Tarn was still the image of model officer, though he wanted to whoop. Megatron hadn’t even given a hint that he was thinking in such a manner, but here he was, being rewarded for millions of years of dogged, loyal service.

“Will I assume the same duties of the previous second-in-command, my lord?”